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My 3 Stone......going....going......gone!

Hi everyone, this is my 1st post!

I am starting CD (ss) tomorrow morning :eek:.
Have not done the whole ease yourself in gently by not eating carbs, so I hope the next few days are not going to be too rough!

I thought I would keep a diary to try and keep me on the straight and narrow, also its really lonely being on a diet (all my friends and family are skinny ninnies!) and I am not telling them I have started this diet because i know they will give me loads of flack- the last thing I need right now.

I have been reading the forum for a couple of days, so am preparing myself for a life of constipation, honky breath, no booze, :) but hopefully amazing weight-loss!

The stories on here of everyones weight loss is incredibile, really inspiring.

So tomorrow I will be posting the weight I need to lose ( I think it will be about 3 stone to get me comfortably in the healthy BMI ) and will prob be up-dating the diary all the time to keep me focused.

Onwards and downwards!!!!

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Welcome to Minimins Whitesheep and to your CD start tommorow!!! :D:D:D


Must do it this time
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hey there and welcome to minis and cd,a fab choice you have made!!
we all know on here of the people who aqre only too willing to put the diet down,but you cant argue with the results!!
as for the constipation i suggest that if you are ok with the water intake then drink 2 litres in quick succession and you should be able to go no probs....well it works for me.
best of luck to you hun and post often,you`ll find that it keeps you sane!!!!
elaine x
Thanks Isis and Elaine (amazing weightloss!) for your support.

This morning WI 11 stone exactly! :eek:
I am a real shortie so want to be 8 stone so I dont look like a balls on legs, all tits and tummy!

I am feeling really positive today, am going to be home alone pretty much all day, its raining so I am just gonna minsmins watch telly and catch-up with some paperwork. Oh, and drink some serious amounts of water!

I have taken some 'before' pictures so hopefully in a few months I can post them here, together with my 'after' pics of a skinny new me, of course.
Wish me luck!!! And good luck to all the newbies!!!
Good luck! The best advice is dont even think about trying to 'beat the system' the best results come if you can follow it 100%. 3 stone will come off in no time - I have already lost over 1 stone and I'm only at week 3. You can do it! There are hard days (weekends are worst for me) but each day comes and each day goes and you'll feel so much better going to bed each night knowing you stuck with it and that in the morning you'll weigh less than you did the day before!


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Hiya Whitesheep - I've started today too (2nd attempt) and have the same amount as you to lose. It really does work, just like Mellie said - don't cheat, the only person you cheat is yourself, and if you knock yourself out of ketosis it's hell again trying to get back into it.

Also, I know people say you shouldn't, but I would weigh myself each day, and the thrill I got from seeing half a pound fall off every day was worth much more than any cake, biscuit, sandwich, glass of wine I might have craved etc...

Good luck and I look forward to reading your diary, and seeing your after photo's in three month's time!


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Hello Whitesheep
Good luck to you on this diet, it does give amazing weight losses, i am on the Lighterlife diet which is very similar and have lost 15lbs in 2 weeks! The longer you are on the plan, the easier it gets so just make sure you stick with it and dont cheat!

Diane xx
Welcome to MM and the best of luck when you start CD, they have amazing weightloss and hope you stick to it and lose those pounds!
Thanks all, everyone is so lovely here, and its so great to see everyones tickers and how much you have lost (esp for a permanently failing dieter like me!).

Yummy, the CD is the Cambridge Diet which basically you drink 3 shakes per day, drink loads of water and nothing else should pass your lips. You have to be over BMI 25 and it cost about £38 pw. Google it for more info, it is an extreme diet, but it does work v quickly!:)

Yo-Yo-dieter, I weigh myself everyday too! I have copied the speadsheet from the cd forum so I can plot my progress too:) I am really looking forward to moving my ticker along too (sad I know).
I know I took some before photos, but I am not sure I will be brave enough to post them!:eek: How has your day been? I am doing ok, feeling crappy but I am working from home today so I dont have to speak to anyone (not sure I have the energy to be nice today!) It feels abit like a hangover, which is something I usually eat my way out off....which obviously I cant do today. The tennis yesterday was a great distraction!
Great post melliepigpog, and thanks to saraian24, dorcas and jellybabie for your support. :)


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Yayayyyyy well done hun! I lost 3 and a half lbs on my first day or 2 but it did slow a bit after that (I originally started last Sunday but had a planned break on Fri and Sat for my hol to Butlins), so don't be disheartened if it doesn't continue at that rate... but week 1 losses are usually good so I hope its motivating for you too! :D

Have posted on your other thread as its my 2nd day of CD since my break so we are in this together. If you fancy buddying up, I would like to lose 2st to get to BMI 25 and hopefully a further stone after that, so we could try and lose 3 stone each... I am doing this 100% to goal now and have no intention of coming off til then, and if you feel the same perhaps we could motivate and support one another.

What do you say?

Hi wannabslime, would love to buddy up! Sorry about the slow reply, have been busy today, but it has kept my mind off food!
I want to 100% ss to goal, as I cant cheat even a little, it just leads to full on stuffing my face:eek:.
How are you going, do you think you are in ketosis yet? I feel ok, I was starvin late night, but not really today, just got a headache and feel alittle spaced out:).
Let me know how your doing
Day four and so far I have lost 6lbs! :)
I am feeling really cold (went to bed with a hot-water bottle later night) so hopefully I am ketosis. Have had a pretty permanent headache since starting CD, but hopefully that wont continue.
Have been trying to get out walking- have borrowed my mums dog to make me get my butt off the sofa, and it def works! I defy anyone to resist her sad puppy-eyes, even with this crappy weather.
Have got a couple of mates coming round tonight, hopefully can stay away from the old vino and still have a good laugh.
Hope everyone else is doing well and I had better get back to work :(
Well done you 6lbs in 4 days thats brilliant. Sounds like the diet is working for you so far. Keep the good work. :)

Having a dog does really help you get out and about, our Mac gives me the puppy eyes when he wants to go out too, even lays his chin on my knee, just can't resist him, lol.
Day 6 and still SS 100%! am really pleased as this hopefully means I am firmly on the diet. Have had bad news this so am going home to visit family, nightmare I as dont want to have to explain my diet to anyone. I am staying with my bf sister and her family, hopefully they will just accept what I tell them about the diet and not ask too many questions. Was thinking of saying that its similar to slimfast ans that I have already eaten my meal that day, but I dont know how long I am staying. I dont really mind telling them, but my BF is abit of a control freak and he does want them to know! Ahhh the joys of CD!
I have really honky breath so I hope I dont make their baby cry when I give her a cuddle!

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