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My 50 Day Challenge

Hurrah for new beginnings!

In around 8 weeks or so I am going away for a couple of weeks to visit friends. Since I will have to go clothes shopping a week or so before... a 50 day challenge seems appropriate! I only have one goal for the next 50 days:

Eat healthy food and exercise regularly

I will use this diary to record my diet, exercise and weight each day!

Wish me luck!
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Day 1




Calories: 2244.6


Walk: 1.07 miles, time: ~23mins 40s
Light bag work: 2mins x 5 (1 min rest periods)


Fairly easy and straightforward first day! Feeling a little rough though could have really done with an afternoon nap!

Diet was fine - lean meats & fish, perhaps a little too much bread , tomorrow.. rice!

Exercise - walking hurt (shins and calves), which is unusual since I didn't go very far and certainly didn't go very fast! Ah well tomorrow I will aim for 3miles (if I wake up on time!)

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Good luck!
I am doing a swim in 7 weeks time - so am trying to go for a fifty day challenge too :)
Day 2

Hello everyone! Many thanks for your support and kind comments!

PCF = Protein/Carbs/Fats



C: 228
Calories: 2415


Walk: 2.76 miles approx 1 hour


Oops ate a couple hundred calories more than I really intended, but no matter! Ran out of time and had to cut my walk short grr (must get up earlier!!).

All food was good and healthy :)

Excited about tomorrow - the first weight lifting day (the first in many years in fact).. Hurrah!
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Day 3




P: 257.62
C: 258.08
Calories: 2511


(Forgive my notes - it’s just a good place to put them, also: [reps] x [weight in KGs], was aiming for 6 or 8 reps depending on the exercise.

• Stiff-legged Deadlift (Barbell) – Warm Up 6x25, Workset(s) 6x45, 6x45 – A touch too light, add 5kg next time
• Behind Head Shoulder Press (Barbell) – 6x40, 6x40 – a little light, add 2.5kg next time
•Push Press (Barbell) – 6x50, 4x50 – Aim for 6 on second set next time
• Lateral Raise (Dumbbell) - 8x6, 8x6 – up 1kg next time

This was a fairly fun and easy workout but it was always going to be as I chose exercises that I used to really enjoy and purposefully took it easy. However, next week I will add some regular deadlifts to this workout - probably heavy triples (3sets perhaps) from just off the floor and try to reduce the amount of time resting between sets.
Having decided to do only two resistances sessions per week the next session will focus on chest, upper back and triceps.

Following this I did some light bag work: 4x2.5mins with 1min rest breaks – this was hard after all that shoulder work!


Had a really good day (with respect to diet and exercise) but I was very tired after my workout and had to resort to a two hour afternoon nap. This was a little annoying because I felt too tired to get much work done – I may try lifting in the evening or late afternoon in future. I also have the same problem if I go for a long walk (haha -I mean 4+miles). Sadly, it’s a little unsafe to go walking at night around here :(

Hopefully this will pass as my fitness levels improve – but I guess that will take more than 50 days!
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Day 5

Day 5

Yikes 10% of the way there!




Calories: 1995.3
210.5 163 55.7 1995.3

Another forced "Rest day"


It was a really tough day today - in more ways than one. I finally gave in and was a little naughty... and had two sugars in my coffee - oops!

I suppose it isn't really big deal but still..

Bad Lifty *slaps self*
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hehe enjoying your diary even if i can only understand half of it :) I want to get into weights after I'm toned down (which will prob take a year I guess of excercise after I hit my ideal weight, not that I know anything about excercise really but... I'm guessing it'll be about a year) So i'm keeping an eye out to learn a thing or two along the way from your posts as well! Hope the weekend goes well for you!

Grats on being 10% of the way there already! :)

I'm starting something similar on Monday, but sticking to 1500 - 1800 cal and trying to exercise for 45 mins each day. I like the way you've made it a 50 day challenge, as you can count off the days easily and that 10% in seemed to go very quickly.

Good Luck! :)
Just want to wish you good luck, you are doing so well. :)

My mini goal is 5 weeks away, my wedding anniversary, I want to lose at least 7lbs by then, fingers crossed.

I look forward to reading your progress.
Day 6




Calories: 2408.67


Just some light stretching today


Wow, I woke up today feeling awful. Sort of fluish with aches and pains everywhere - I guess it's just been a tough week. Feeling a bit better now, but tired as I got a full days (sort of) work done!

Hopefully tomorrow I'll wake up feeling refreshed :)

Thanks to everyone who reads this and good luck with your journeys

I love the concept of rewarding. So good luck with your 50 days challenge with a rewarding get-away-visit-friends in the end. I am looking forward to pop in here once in a while and follow your good work.

All the best of luck :bliss:

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