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MY 6 week challenge

Hiya all well i've decided to start a 6 week challenge to lost 1 stone. So far i'm on day 3 without any hiccups.
Reason for this (aside for the long term goals) is that OH had surgery on Friday and will be "out of action" lol for 6 weeks. I've got a calendar that i'm putting a cross through every day i stick to healthy eating starting Monday just gone, hopefully it'll also mean that i'll be able to fit easily into size 18 trousers and size 16 dresses so fingers crossed it's onwards and downwards from here :) xx
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So so far today i havent had breakfast yet so had a brunch instead and will have a supper later.

Had splendips with a yoghurt and one of those animal bars.

I'll be having chicken breast in a tom based sauce with lots of veg for tea and for supper a bowl of weetabix bitesize :)


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey nina!!

goood luck hun! were all here for ya!

how ya getting on today? x
Well i'm now on day 6 and i've managed to stay healthy even at a leaving party we had yesterday at work for a girl leaving so i was very pleased with myself. I'm off shopping today with my Mum to get some smaller clothes as nearly everything I own is hanging off me. I've even had to go down 2 bra sizes lol!!!

My Mum's on Xenical too, she's got approx 11 stone to lose but in 3 months has lost 35 so she needs lots of new things too, it's fab. Thanks for the support everyone. Also got more motivation for my long term goals.... I'm going to a masquerade ball at christmas so would like to be a stretchy size 14 for then and in Feb i'm going to Edinburgh for a hen weekend and then in March hopefully going to see inlaws in USA and havent seen then since we got married in 2008 so wanna be a proper size 14 by then and then finally i'm planning on going to New York with my sis next Oct so i'd LOVE to be spending thousands on size 12 clothes lol....unless i'm pregnant of course then that'd just be the cherry on the cake.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, i'll let you know what i bought for my ever shrinking figure!!!

hugs xx


Go on smile! =)
Sounds great, and give your mum a pat on the back from me. That's a great loss. Keep it up you're doing great nina.
Good luck on your 6 week challenge! You're doing fab!

Well completed day 7 successfully but shopping trip was a non event. Couldn't find ANYTHING atall that I liked and i'm reluctant to spend £40 on a top that i won't be wearning more than a few months. Also although i'm only 26 it feels like all the clothes out there are either too young or too old for me. Does anyone else have this problem??
I find it really really hard to buy new clothes. Like you I'm loathe to spend money on something I'm not going to wear for long, but I also get really over whelmed by the choice I now have. Never thought that would be a problem:rolleyes: but for me it is. I need to be nagged to actually buy stuff lol
lol Ali well i've got LOADS of clothes, infact i'm sure i had a lil shopping addiction a few yrs ago, used to have stuff hung up in my wardrobe that still had its labels in lol!!

Now the majority of my stuff, in particular my top, are ridiculously TOO big and it's not a good look at work having your cleavage and top of bra on show.

Also when did clothes go up so much in price? I'm sure it never used to cost £15 for a top in Asda or Sainsbury's!!!

Ooh also week 1 of 6week challenge down and i've lost 3 lbs woohoo 11 more to go :)
Yay i've actually done 30mins on the wii fit tonight yay me :)
Well done hunni! I STILL haven't plucked up the courage to go on the wii fit, in case anyone @home sees my weight!

You're well on your way on your challenge now! Good luck this week hun xxxx
Well still actually managed not to have any slip ups :-D Havent lost any weight this week yet but i'm due on any day and feel very swollen and sore so i'm not disheartened plus i hada sucessful day's shopping yesterday....bought 2 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of jeans in a size 18 and 2 tops in a 16 :-D

Been window shopping today for 5hrs too with a friend so i'm classing that as my exercise...my feet are killing me now lol
well done on your challenge. Have you tried George at Asda for cheap & cheerful clothes? I know its hard to buy stuff that fits now. I always end up buying stuff thats too small & think that will give me motivation to slim into them. Unfortunately I have a wardrobe full of too tight clothes going back years. Up till now I've been putting on weight instead of losing it. Hopefully with xenical & this forum I will mnage to lose some.
I swear by Peacocks for fab cheap stuff and you'll be in Primark stuff in no time hun! We call it Pri-marni now as a lot of the stuff is copies of Armani, Prada....designer stuff!

Well done on your challenge xxxx
Hiya guys sorry i've been awol still sticking to it but having a tough week, it's TOTM and even my hands and feet are bloated so i've kept away from the scales this week lol!!

As for clothes, i usually always manage to find something in asda/sainsburys/tesco but at the mo there isnt a lot thats out that i like.
I have quite a few primark clothes but it's one of those that theres either loads that's good or nothing atall and that's what it seems to be everywhere lol


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey nina!

booooooooooo totm!! hehehe
good on ya for not jumping on the scales hehe

im the same with primark! theres eith nothing or everything.... usually everything when i have no spare coinage! hahaha

how u been doing food wise? when i have totm i turn in to the cookie monster!

Hiya Katie :)

Well i've had 2 days in the last 2 1/2 weeks where i've eaten not good foods...planned on having a night off last night and only ended up having a packet of crisps and a piece of toast lmao how naughty am i!!! Usually on TOTM i go chocolate mad but havent done this month woohoo!!

Been working a lot this past week so been having my boring diet of weetabix for brekkie then a splendips or ryvita with fruit and a jaffa cake minis and then a low fat ready meal for tea. No exercise either this week which is just rubbish.

I'm off out tomorrow though....1st time in MONTHS going to wear the size 16 black number i bought a few weeks ago with some black tights and killer heels and going to stick to vodka and diet coke then dance the night away hehe i can't wait just ashame i'm at work 8-4 first.


gunna be a fatty for ever
oooooh very nice, sounds lovely and u will look fab! Im verging on a size 16 i can get them on but they r a little tight!

Have lots of fun im sure u will! i dont like the sound of an 8-4 on a sunday girl!!

luv kate

ps have u got your plasters at the ready thos killer heels sound pain full!!

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