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My 7 Week Challenge

I am REALLY going to try and stick to the Dukan Diet for 7 weeks. Why 7 weeks? Well, in 7 weeks time I could be either heading to uni or I could be returning to my job (which involves swimming :eek: ). I am under the impression that this coming week is when I find out whether I'm going to be going to uni to do a PGCE so I'm a bit ARGHHHH lol. Whichever way my future decides to take me I'd ideally like to be considerably slimmer than I am now!

Now even if I'm an angel I won't be able to lose all my weight in the 7 weeks, but I reckon I could make quite a difference.

I've been trying to calorie count for the last week and have failed MISERABLY. So after reading people's entries on this forum about the Dukan diet, I've decided to bite the bullet, rope my mother in and we're starting tomorrow.

Not only do I have my 7 week goals to strive for, but I also need to get slim because I'm going on a girls holiday next year AND I'm going to be a bridesmaid. Got over a year til either of these things happen, but I've been trying to lose weight for the last 4 years and I've got nowhere sooooo......

I'll no doubt be posting like crazy from tomorrow onwards - not only because I'll be going through Attack, but also because I've got an essay due on Tuesday and you know.. anything to put it off :p lol.
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Good luck - I'm coming to end of Attack and haven't found it too hard - no side effects and no real cravings. Just got the long slog of cruising but am actually looking forward to it and there are some fab recipes on this site.

You may not get all weight off in 7 weeks but you'll make a really good start - I've lost 6.5 in 5 days on attack. You've also got your Mum to spur you on and support - and these boards are fab for support and to answer any questions about the diet.

Good luck!!

can |I ask f your doing dukan for 7 weeks , how will you consolidate and stabilise after ?
No I'll do it for longer, it's more a 'see how much I can lose in 7 weeks' kind of thing. According to the plan thing, I won't even reach my true weight til December!
oh thats good , wouldnt want you losing a couple of stone in 7 weeks then putting it all back on again ...good luck
I need to come on here and have a massive rant so apologies in advance!

I've just been to the dentist. Never had a problem before. I accept I've got cavities etc. Get the usual make sure you floss etc etc. However today, the **** said I needed to lay off the 'sweets'!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't have been offended if he'd said sugar - they put sugar in everything. It's the fact he said sweets, like I sat there all day long stuffing myself with them. I won't deny that I like the odd biscuit, and that I have maltesers when I go to the cinema, but I don't sit there all day everyday eating the stuff.

Well I only started today so....

But I have been cutting down the sugar the last few weeks as I was putting on weight. Just replaced it with other rubbish instead haha.

I said to him "I haven't been eating that much sugar recently". What i wish I'd said was that I prefer savoury stuff (which isn't always true, but again, I don't sit there all day every day eating sweets). I would have also liked to have reminded him that if we all had perfect teeth, he wouldn't have a job...
Why people jump to conclusions is beyond me!
My hubbie had cancer and whilst undergoing treatment was very ill, on a visit to the doctors they asked if he drank alot of wine as the enamel on his teeth was being stripped away by some knid of acid......really insensitive!!
That's terrible! It's just so insensitive and unnecessary. Especially in instances like that with your husband (who I hope is doing OK by the way!!)
csl003 said:
That's terrible! It's just so insensitive and unnecessary. Especially in instances like that with your husband (who I hope is doing OK by the way!!)
He's been clear now for 10 year :) I do worry about him though with every ache and twinge he gets but natural I suppose x

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csl003 said:
However today, the **** said I needed to lay off the 'sweets'!!!!!!!!!!

When I was a bit younger my dentist said the same to me but added 'It'll help with your weight too'

I was so upset and my mum was fuming!!
I just don't get it!! They're dentists not dietitians! My mother is likewise fuming.

However onwards and upwards!

Completed day 1 of attack successfully and OMG I've lost 2lbs exactly!! ARGH.

I know people experience these losses, but i often think my body isn't like everybody elses. Evidently I am wrong. I'm so happy. Definitely spurred me on for today.

I didn't actually find yesterday that bad. I did have a major sugar dip at around 7pm which resulted in a headache. And no matter how much I ate or drank, it really didn't improve until around 8.30. I did notice two things though - 1) I wasn't hungry and 2) I didn't really crave any sweet stuff. I think I have the yoghurt to thank for that.

So yes, TWO POUNDS!!!!


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I remember the first time I saw my GP after reaching target weight, I was SO happy that he could no longer blame any of my (normal) ailments on my weight.
Grrr so annoying!!

At least you could laugh in their face though!

In other news, my mum lost 3.5lb yesterday, so between us we lost 5.5lb on Day 1!! WOW
Day 2 completed. Was craving the sweet stuff yesterday - especially Maltesers! If they'd been in the house who knows what might have happened!

Anyway, my perseverance paid off as I've lost another 1.5lb!! Thats a grand total of 3.5lb since Monday and it's only Wednesday.

On Sunday I was 12st 8.6lb and today I am 12st 4.8lb :O I can't quite believe it. Why hadn't I discovered this diet sooner?!

My mum has also lost a grand total of 5.5lb which brings our household total to 9lb since Monday. Quite impressive. :D


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Great start csl, you and your mum are doing great, and the more you watch those numbers on the scales shrink the more motivated you'll be to stay on plan. Keep up the good work!

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