My absent mindedness is getting worse


Back again!
I've always been a bit, well er, dotty, I guess you could say, but lately I'm just getting dafter & dafter & this week has just been ridiculous.

On Tuesday morning I forget to make my daughter's lunch, which I've been making every single day since she started school 7 years ago. Luckily she noticed as she was going out the door so it was a mad rush to throw it all together for her.

Now that on it's own is not too bad, but then Tuesday evening I had a couple of new clients, a mum and her daughter. They were lovely ladies and got on very well with them, they both decided to go for SS, so I sorted out their packs for the week and sent them off on their way. Ten minutes later they're back because they realised as they got home that they hadn't paid - I forgot to ask them for any money! :eek: I still can't quite believe I did that, I was mortified and felt like such an idiot, what a great impression to make with your new clients, lucky for me they were so honest as I hadn't even realised until they came back.

And then this morning I went into town and had a lovely morning shopping. I came back to the car park, put in my £2 for my ticket and went back to my car. As I started to drive off I realised I didn't have my ticket with me & couldn't remember what I'd done with it. I pulled car into a space, ransacked the car, & even bigger job, my handbag, but no ticket, I then realised I couldn't actually remember taking the ticket out of the machine - I must have walked off leaving the ticket in there. Luckily for me (again) as when I explained what I'd done to the attendant he let me out without paying, I thought I'd have to pay for a full day, which is what usually happens if you lose your ticket.

TBH although I can see the funny side of it, I am actually a bit worried, it's starting to get beyond a joke and I'm only 42 for goodness sake, what will I be like in 20 years if I'm like this now?
I know exactly how you feel, i put things down one minute and cant find them the next, i cant remember people names, losing my keys is a multi daily occurence. My family find it hilarious but its scaring me to be honest. When my mum was first taken into care i got like this and the doctor at the time said it was stress related. It did get better but lately its gotten awful, dont feel stressed so maybe i really am going dolally this time.
I'm not so sure mine is absent mindedness as easily distracted .... I can be quite happily going about a task to stop it to do something else ... then forget what I was doing in the first place.

This place is the worst for that!!! I'll come on for a quick look ... and then 2 hours later I'm still here!!!

Oh well .... now what was it that I was doing before I started this post???? ...........
Dotty - it's probably just a blip. These happen to all of us, young or old. (Not that you're old! :) )

I had really terrible short term memory problems when I was pregnant. :( I would put the taps on to do some washing up, go upstairs to get something and come back downstairs 20 mins later! :eek: It wasn't that I couldn't remember what I went upstairs for, but that I didn't even remember I went up there for a reason! :eek:

I found that fish oil really helped me. :) I take Pulse capsules (two per day) and even now (almost three years after last baby) I find that if I go on holiday or something without them I start to get dippy again.

You can take them with CD (I checked) - otherwise I wouldn't even have attempted it! There's no way I could remember to drink all that water without my precious fish oil!! :D :D
...oooh its not just me then.:D:D:D

It gets worse as you get older, wait till you get to my age. !!!!!! :p :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) .

Can you forget I need to pay on Saturday?? ;):D :D :D :D
...oooh its not just me then.:D:D:D

It gets worse as you get older, wait till you get to my age. !!!!!! :p :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) .

Can you forget I need to pay on Saturday?? ;):D :D :D :D

No!!!! I'm not doing that one again - sorry you missed out there :p
Thanks all for your replies, at least I'm not alone!

As long as I keep remembering to come on here - I'll be ok :)
Oh Boy!

Me too. Been like it for years now, always a bit probably. I think it's a bit down to my disorganised, scatty personality but I don't like it. So stressful and escalates with the self doubt. Was worse when pregnant and when the children were tiny and also don't think over loading with carbs helped. Am better now but still pretty bad. Also being out of the work force for over 10 years I think has contributed. I do want to do something about it as I want to go back to work soon and it is stressful when you keep losing things etc and embarassing. Will give the fish oil a try thanks Anna.

Dotty I'm sure yours is temporary don't let it erode your confidence I think probably lack of confidence is a large contributer to my dottiness.

Dizzy x
Hi Dizzy - you too 'eh?

I am usually quite confident, and I'm a very organised, methodical person, which may be why I find this all the more worrying, but I think it is probably a stress thing.

This week has really been the start of my CDCing, having had only the lovely & very patient Cavycrazy up till now, & whilst I'm thoroughly enjoying it & having new clients, it's a bit like starting a new job & feeling out of sorts with it all. Plus I'm such a perfectionist & I have to be good at whatever I do, & so want my clients to a) like me, b) think I'm up to the job & c) be successful of course. So I think all of this is causing a small amount of stress, which in turn is leading to my extra dottiness! At least I hope that's it & not the start of senile dementia!:eek:
Oh boy, can't I relate to all that:eek:

I thought I was bad before when I would go upstairs to get something and then forgot what I needed. Now...I either forget to go upstairs in the first place, or go upstairs turn around and come back down without even going through the "what did I come up for".

As for losing things. I would put things down, and forget where I put them, but these day I'm sure I never put them down!! I say to DH "But they were in my hand...I didn't put them anywhere!"

My problem at the moment, is not finding words. I'm constantly saying "you know....goodness...can't think of the know...the word that means...ummm...the other word, which I also can't think of".

Very funny really, but like you MD, it's getting a bit of a worry now. do I send this message???:confused:

Press what where?

Aah yes...submit reply....there done.

Hang on it hasn't gone. Oh button submit reply.

Still here :confused: Oh goodness...remember now. Use mouse not finger on screen.

See what I mean?
Do you need this Karion???


Oh and where did you go to with that guitar??? Poor Sonkie and I've been humming and singing 'til we're hoarse!!!