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My achievement reward....

...as some of you will be aware. At the start of LL I decided to put away a £ for every lb I lost and my partner agreed to match it.

All being well on my last developers weight loss tomorrow I will have lost 2lb to make my total loss 100lb. Therefore I will have £200.

I have decided I want something to mark my achievement and have decided on a ring.

So, on Saturday Rik and I are going to Cheltenham to have a look.

I want something really special to mark my achievement so far.

I am prepared to add more money to it if I find the right thing.

It will be a permanent reminder on my finger of what I have done.

Kat xx
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Thst's a lovely idea Kat - you are looking so good these days and you seem really really happy - well done you, you are an inspiration.
Milli xx


Gotta Make A Change
if you get the ring you could possibly engrave the start and finish date of foundation or does that sound dumb :$

im buying myself a ps3 lol so everytime i watch a blu ray its a constant reminder i achieved my goal
Ken I am thinking more of a diamond for each stone ;) lol

PS3 fab! Some good games coming out soon too!

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
or that :p

well next week MW2 is out cant wait to play that online :) btw wheres pete aint seen him around here for quite some time
yeah - there is excitement in my household about MW2! lol

I haven't seen much of Pete on the boards lately either.

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
well hopefully we can have a few games of MW2 :)
Ken I am thinking more of a diamond for each stone ;) lol

PS3 fab! Some good games coming out soon too!

Kat xx
I think you will be topping up that 200 quid! ;)

Nice idea Ken, the dates. Nowt wrong with that either! :)

Have fun shopping! You deserve it!! :D :D
Great idea Kat.

At 11 years married it is time I had an eternity ring... my plan is to find one that has a little sparkly stone for each of the nine fat stones I will have lost.... and OH is willing to shell out the readies :D.

As you say - a permanent reminder that I intend to keep that weight off - for eternity. Oh - and a reminder of his support and devotion to me of course :flirt2:.

I really love this idea and may steal it when my tome comes!!
Lovely Kat,
That's what we did, myOH bought me an etenty ring with 12 little diamonds.
It's there as a permanent reminder and stops my others from falling off.
I love it.
Dying to find out what you choose. You deserve something special xx

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