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My All New Food Diary for a New Start!

Hi Everyone,

Thought i would start writing all my food down each day into a diary to give myself something to look back on and also to give other people ideas!

im on 26 points a day but i try to stick to 22 so i can save 4 each day for the weekend.

22nd June

Breakfast - Belvita x4 - 3.5pts
2 satsumas - 0.5 pts

Dinner - WW chicken Curry - 4.5pts
Apple - 1pt

Tea - 5 Quorn southern fried strips - 5pts
100g smiley faces - 3pts
100g mediterranean veg - 0pts

Snacks - Creamed Rice - 1.5pts
WW Chocolate Dessert - 1pt
WW Wafer - 1.5pts

Total - 22.5/26
Leftover - 4.5

No exercise done today - :( :(

Just thought i would give you a little background as to why i want to lose weight.
Ive piled the weight on since i got married and had my little girl and started my journey weighing in at 17st 11lb but would like to get down to 10st so i can live the life i want to and be the mum that my gorgeous little girl deserves and what my husband deserves too!

I get weighed in on a thursday evening!
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Hi there and welcome :) I'm Angel and I have a very similar weight loss as you to go so hopefully we can help each other out :) I originally started ww weighing 17st 12lb and managed to get down to 14st 7lb, but then I just stopped doing it and piled the weight back on. I restarted last Thursday at 16st 7lb and want to lose 83lb to take me to 10st 9lb. My wi is Thursday morning. Good luck hun and give me a shout it you need anything! xx
Thank you im going to update this everyday and il let you know how i get on at weigh in tomorrow! good luck for you too for your weigh in, let me know how u get on

Lou x
23rd June

Breakfast - Weetabix x2 - 2pts
Skimmed milk - 0.5pts
WW Toffee Yoghurt - 0.5 pts
Apple - 0.5 pts
3 Oreos - 3pts

Dinner - WW Chicken,Tomato Meal - 3.5pts
Meditaranean Veg - 0pt
5 oreos - 5pts

Tea - Quorn Strips x5 - 5pts
Smiley faces - 3pts
Mixed Peppers - 0pt
Tom Sauce - 0.5pts
2 oreos - 2pts

Total - 25.5/26
Leftover - 0.5

Oooooppps went a bit overboard with the oreos today! was at home instead if at uni today and found myslef more bored than usual! need to have more willpower!

But on the plus side i joined the gym today so going to start going a couple of times a week to build my fitness up and help with weight loss hopefully!

Also going to shake my menu up next few days as im going to do the 'Big Shop' tomorrow.

But at least im still on track for points this week.

Lou x
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Also if anyone sees anything thats pointed up wrong then feel free to tell me because i am new to this so still trying to get the hang of points and things.

Lou x
24th June

Breakfast - Weetabix x2 - 2pts
Skimmed Milk - 0.5pts
Muller light - 1.5pts
Apple - 0.5pts

Dinner - ravioli - 4pts
toast x2 - 3pts
curlywurly - 2pts

Tea - quorn sausages x3 - 3pts
jacket potato - 2.5pts
mixed veg - 1pt

snacks - ww creamed rice - 1.5pts
pink n white x2 - 1.5pts

Total - 23/26
Leftover - 3

Weekly leftover - 8
Weigh in tonight so going to use my 8 points for a treat afterwards.

Will let you all know how i get on.

Lou xx
Lost 2lb this week - YAY me im happy with that!
Thank Laura your doing really well too luv keep it up and let me know how your getting on

26th June

Breakfast - Weetabix - 2pts
Milk - 0.5 pts

Dinner - shapers tuna pasta - 4.5pts
shapers crisps - 1.5pts

Tea - Scampi - 9pts
Chips - 3pts

Snacks - Muller light yoghurt - 1.5pts
cadburys nibbles - 5pts

Total - 27/26
Exercise Points - 3
Leftover - 2
So had a bad weekend went over on points but not too much!
So im going to start again from today until when i get weighed which will be wednesday this week as got a birthday party for my little girl to go to! (kids dont they disrupt your life lol) :8855:

28th June

Breakfast - Weetabix x2 - 2pts
Skimmed Milk - 0.5pts
Glass of sunny delight - 1pt

Snack - 2 satsumas - 0.5pts

Dinner - Chicken & tomato and basil pasta - 8.5pts
Wotsits - 1.5pts

Tea - Quorn Sausages - 3pts
Football potatoes - 3pts
Med veg - 1pt

Snacks - Apple - 1pt
Strawberry & vanilla mousse - 1.5pt
Pink n white - 0.5pts

Total - 24/26
Exercise - 4pts
Leftover - 6 Leftover
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29th June

Breakfast - Weetabix - 2pts
Milk - 0.5pts
1tsp sugar - 0.5pts

Snack - Apple - 0.5pts
Activia fat free yoghurt - 1.5pts
Satsumas x2 - 0.5pts

Dinner - Belvita x4 - 3.5pts
WW Vanilla yoghurt - 0.5pts
Strawberries with 1tsp sugar - 1pt

Tea - Tesco chicken pasta - 11.5pts
Wotsits - 1.5pts
WW caramel wafer - 1.5pts
Choc pot - 1pt

Total - 26/26
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30th June

Breakfast - Weetabix x2 - 2pts
Milk - 0.5pts
1 tsp sugar - 0.5pts

2 x satsumas 0.5pts

Rest to follow - ive got weigh in at 5 o clock so will update later on!

Lou x
WI Last night lost 3lb so very happy with that!

1st July

Breakfast - special k bites - 1.5pts
satsumas x2 - 0.5pts

Lunch - greggs sausage roll - 7pts
half teso light choice egg mayonnaise sandwich - 2.5pts

Snacks - wotsits - 1.5pts
Chocolate homemade bun (made by my little girl) dont know points but gunna say 4 as not sure!
Shapers white chocolate crisp - 1.5pts

Tea - not much as working late
ww yoghurt - 0.5pts
ww toffee bar - 1.5pts
shapers salt n vinegar twirls - 1.5pts
apple - 0.5pts

Total - 22.5/26
Leftover - 3.5pts

Not eaten very healthy today as been quite busy with a birthday party and working but still managed to keep within points :eek: :eek:
2nd July

Breakfast - 2 weetabix - 2pts
milk - 0.5pts
sugar - 0.5pts
apple - 0.5pts

Going to bed as on night shift last night so will get up about 3 and just av a snack!

Dinner - belvita - 3.5pts
ww toffee bar - 1.5pts

Tea - Mixed veg & mushroom curry 3/4 tray - 6pts
6 chips - 2pts
3/4 tray of boiled rice - 5pts
10 prawn crackers - 4pts

Trying to find someone to help me work out the meal for the chinese so will update later

Total - 25.5/26
Leftover - 0.5
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4th July

Breakfast - Sausage and egg butty - 11pts

Went to cricket and had about 6 diet cokes

Dinner - KFC twister without sauce - 8pts
3/4 of a small portion of fries - 3pts

Total - 22/26
Leftover - 4pts
5th July

Breakfast - Special K Bites - 1.5pts
Muller light - 1.5pts

Dinner - Turkey salad sandwich with salad cream - 5pts
Wotsits - 1.5pts

Tea - Iceland mediteranean veg pizza 1/2 of it - 9pts

Snacks - WW Strawberry mousse - 1.5pts
WW Caramel wafers - 1.5pts

Total - 21.5/26
Leftover - 4.5pts

Weekly total - 12.5 wont be using them tho as i had cheesecake at nandos on saturday which was a whopping 12pts
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6th July

No breakfast as on nights and didnt get up until afternoon

Dinner - 2 satsumas - 0.5pts
salt n vinegar snack a jacks - 1.5pts
toast x2 with butter - 3.5pts

Tea - Quorn strips - 5pts
Football potatoes - 3.5pts
Mixed peppers - 0pts
Tom Sauce - 0.5pts

Snacks - Jelly - 0pts
curly wurly - 2.5pts
yoghurt - 1.5pts

Total - 18.5/26
Just thought i would add some pics of me before i had my little girl when i weighed 13st (which isnt small) but i was a size 12-14
and one at a bbq a few months ago before starting WW.
Only lost 9.5lbs so a way to go yet but thought i would put it on here to keep me inspired!


7th July


Have been in a bad mood all week and dont really know why?! My bad mood has made my eating choices a bif iffy! I have been staying within my points but i havent been eating healthy meals.
Next week i need to plan my meals better and go to the supermarket and buy all the things i need!!

Breakfast - weetabix x2 - 2pts
milk - 0.5pts
satsumas - 0.5pts

Going to gym for an hour then ive got weigh in this afternoon so il eat after weigh in!!

Tea - Chicken salad subway - unsure of points but will find out
New cookie ww bar - 1.5pts
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