My Baby Boy


Of course I can!
Hi all

Hope you don't mind me posting a pic of my baby boy, well I say that - its my dog!! He's actually 5 next month but still as handsome as ever.

Hes a darling, can be a pain but then most Boxers are.

Here he is anyway:)



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Welcome to Nuts and baby boy!

What a cute looking Boxer!

We love our pets!

I have a little Yorkie and I often think she does not know she is a dog:rolleyes:

She is so loveable.

Love Mini xxx
aahh he is lovely

My baby is a golden retriever, nearly 4 years old, and sheds hair like its going out of fashion!!
Hi Bobby,

What I like about my dog is that her hair is very like human hair and it does not stick to your clothes.

So wearing black is no a problem.

My wee baby dog gets showered and groomed weekly!

Of course being a dog if she can find the most smelliest thing in the world to roll in, she will:(

Love Mini xxx
Bless him! He's a babe eh! But then im biaised hahaha.

He's nuts! Literally a fruit loop - but well behaved for his master, my hubby - sooooooo annoying!

The posties had a meeting yesterday regarding "vicious dogs" and mine goes absolutely bonkers at the door when the Postie tries to put the post through. Apparently most of the posties know Rufus as "the cute dog at number 8" even though he tries to take their fingers off hahah.

I thought he was going to say "we can't deliver anymore" but thankfully he has a boxer himself as does the other lad who delivers our mail -PHEW! So they know he doesn't mean it.

The meeting was apparently about those owners who LET their dogs go nuts at the postie - i.e. come down the garden or at the door. MAD!

Once mines starts he's locked straight in the living room for me to open the door and get my post - by hand hahhah - they don't trust their fingers HAHAHAHAH

He sounds almost rabid but to be honest its just a territory thing. Strangest thing is if my husband is in he doesn't make a peep - the postie has even seen him looking out but not barking and shrugged his shoulders! hahahah

Rufus has short hair too quite wirey when shedding it, at the mo his belly is bald due to the hot weather - it should start to grow back now - i'll miss his little pink belly hahahah.

Anyway i'll go on and on and on !!

Its sad about those children who have been hurt recently. I do think there will be a backlash against innocent dogs.

We used to have a Yorkie when I lived with my Parents - Benji - he lived to 16 and had a pampered life. He got tucked up in bed everynight carried everywhere by my mum, taken to the seaside! You name it he got it. He used to try and hump the cat - now that was funny as she'd knock 7 bells out of him hahhah. Bless him he was lovely. Their hair is just like human hair isn't it - really silky. Moltless dogs - so a good breed for that!

Lol Nuts, I was just about to move your thread to the New Arrivals thread til I sussed it was your doggy! hehe

He's lush!!

Hi Nuts,

My baby dog does not like the post man either and I have had to put a letter basket in the porch:(

One Christmas most of my Christmas cards had teeth marks and lumps missing out of them.

It was a race who would get to the door first!

She will guard the house with her life, but is very sociable when we are out walking and behaves herself.

We love spoiling her and I do hope she lives a long life, she is about ten and half years old now.

Love Mini xxx
Aww I love boxers. I used to own one called Duke - or rather he owned me ;) Will definately get another one when kids are grown up. Just dont think i could handle 3 kids and a boxer at the moment.
We have a cavalier king charles called Bosley. He is lovely but i'm a boxer girl at heart :)