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My Before, During and After Thread!


Happiest Girl :D
I don't actually start the diet until next week, but I've been so excited about it I need to get it out! Everyone at work/home is sick of hearing about it already. :eek: So settle in if you dare, it's a long post!!

I decided on Sunday I was going to do CD, then spoke to my CDC to be on Tuesday, we really hit it off, I was on the phone to her for half an hour! She isn't the cheapest in my area but I feel like she's the one who will finally help me get the weight off for good. I've been mentally preparing myself by skipping snacks inbetween meals where I can & embracing hunger a bit, then it won't be so bad on the plan. I've lost 4lbs this week in anticipation, and the scales had been stuck for weeks, yay!! :D

I've read loads of self help books on overeating, emotional eating etc, and I feel like my head is in exactly the right place for this. I'm so motivated to do it!!

A bit of background on me, I was a chubby kid, I wouldn't say fat though, until maybe my teens, then I was stocky, but slim. I had the Implanon implant put in in 2001 and then had it removed after 9 months because I'd put 2st7lb on! :mad: Since then I've never really been able to get back down.
At my biggest was when I was pregnant with my DS, I was probably about 15/16 stones. I didn't go near a scale til he was about 18 months old & then started Slimming World, I was 13st7lb. I managed to lose nearly 2 stones in about 6 months, put a little back on, little off rinse & repeat etc etc. I need to see fast results or I get bored and start slipping.

I exercise regularly. I love Jillian Michaels! I did a full round of the 30 day shred, then a round of her 30 day slimdown programme (30DS L1 & 2 plus BFBM & NMTZ) and done half of her new one, Ripped in 30 (intense!! <3) I walk my DS to nursery & then on to work & back 3 times a week (a few miles) and cycle in the school holidays. I think a big thing is finding something you enjoy & that gives you quick results, it makes you want to continue, I HATED exercise til I first started when I did SW. Plus the endorphin rush is brilliant too, lol! I've got a KiFit (Like the armbands they wear on the Biggest Loser US) so I can monitor my calories & hopefully use it as a maintenance tool to never, ever put the weight back on. (I'm making myself sound like one of those obsessive exercise Nazi's I hate so I'll shut up now ;))

I'll update this after my first appointment next Thursday! Hello to anyone that's listening :)
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Happiest Girl :D
Argh! I forgot to add, a work colleague heard on the grapevine I was starting Cambridge & came giving me horror stories of piling more weight on, and slowing my metabolism! I felt in a really bad place because she's a friend and I respect her opinion but I've researched this & have got my heart set & there's no changing my mind! :(


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Actually, research would seem to show that those people who lose weight using a VLCD are less likely to regain it all than those who lose weight using conventional low calorie diets.

Although I'm heavier than I'd like to be right now, I'm one of those people who haven't regained it all and more. So there. :)

Good for you, sticking to your guns. I reckon we're going to see a whole lot less of you really soon (in the nicest possible way). :D


Happiest Girl :D
Thank you so much Lily :D I don't think anybody could sway me from this. I've never been as excited at the thought of stopping eating food, lol!!
Welcome! You sound very motivated and in the right frame of mind to do well. You'll fit in well round here with your love of Jillian Michaels too haha!!! I did day one of the 30 day shred and ached so much I dont dare do it again... I'm psyching myself back up to tackle it again (so unfit haha).
Good luck with starting and let us know how you get on :)
Hi - good luck with your journey! I look forward to reading your diary. This really is the best diet, you've made a great choice. PGD x :)


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Hi hun - when are you getting started? Next Thursday? Are you going to have a 'last supper' then go cold turkey :) or start reducing your intake of carbs to ease the transition a bit? I've tried it both ways and both work in different ways, LOL.


Happiest Girl :D
Hi Felix! Thanks! I really hope I do well! I ached like mad after my first day, but it does get easier. Now every time I change a level or do a new dvd I ache somewhere new, lol! I did L4 of her new Ripped in 30 yesterday & today I'm aching in my chest, inner thighs & shoulders :p

Hi PGD, thanks for the support, it sounds amazing, just seeing all your amazing weight losses on here spurs me on!! :D

Lily, yes, this Thursday coming but I start Friday morning.

I was planning on trying to reduce them as much as I can, although I am having a 'last supper' KFC for lunch with work Thursday :eek: but I've been cutting down all the crap so I'm not going to go all out! It's pointless and I'll only be making things harder for myself if I put weight on, more to get off! I can't wait to get started :)


Happiest Girl :D
Right, I'm going to record my random thoughts here, then I can come back to them.

I'm actually really sick of food, sick of thinking about it, organising, shopping, how long it will take to cook, how hungry I will be when it's ready, if I should eat whilst it's cooking, what to eat, how many calories, is it good or bad, will I feel guilty.

I'm just sick of constantly thinking about food. All.the.time. I need this break. I want to focus on something else. Food isn't even tasting as good as it used to. Friday can't come quick enough.

Going to get my blender tomorrow, already got my shaker, it's a mens protein one & it's a beast!! I will have to tip it into a cup cos the spout is too big. I'll end up with a nice cambridge shake t shirt.

I'm worried about not being able to exercise for a while though as it's the only thing that boosts my mood, I was feeling really crappy on Saturday, I ate a kit kat & some biscuits & actually seriously considered eating my Mum's mothers day chocs & replacing them. Mental. I rang her & said I was feeling crap & she told me to do my training. I couldn't be bothered so I watched the US Biggest Loser on Sky+ instead, & then got inspired to do it so I did L4 Ripped in 30 & some Zumba.

Felt great after. I have no idea why I didn't just do it in the first place. :sigh:
Hi Coralprincess - you sound so determined, keep thinking those thoughts and well done you for resisting the mum's day chocs and doing some exercise. xx


Happiest Girl :D
Well, ordered my ketostix, a Beck diet workbook, my shaker came last week & went to get a hand blender but they didn't have any cheap ones in Tesco so will have to get one from my CDC. Sending the SO for pysillium husks from H&B cos they are BOG1F1p, so I'm all organised I think! Can't wait for her to come tomorrow :D

My SO usually plays football every Saturday, and is gone pretty much dinner til tea time but he hasn't got a game this week, must be fate!! He said he will take DS out for a long walk so if I'm shattered I can have a break, YAY!

I'm most dreading cutting out my skinny mochas. I don't drink tea or coffee so I have no idea what I will do in the mornings! But as for food, still fed up & can't wait to cut it out (bet I won't be saying that after a few weeks!!)

Did my body fat % last night, I've had a body fat monitor since I did a nutrition diploma, finally dug it out from under the spare bed last night.

Body fat 31.8%, 22.8k of fat in my body. Under 30% is normal so it's not as bad as I thought. I bet most of that is butt & baby belly!! I would love to get to about 25%. Will keep monitoring especially as I don't want to lose any muscle.


Happiest Girl :D
Ugh, got the sorest throat ever, went to bed at 8.30 last night too feeling pants. Don't know if this will be a good thing or a bad thing re starting tomorrow. I'm off food but will I feel weak? Regardless, I'm starting & that's that!!

Not going to KFC today, will have a lovely salad instead. Haven't been enjoying fast food lately, which is good! Hope it continues :)


Happiest Girl :D
Eeee! She came, she was really lovely, spent about 30 mins explaining things, told me not to go on the scales if I can & to ring/text her anytime with questions. I got pretty much everything (except bars etc) The only flavours I didn't get were banana (don't like fake banana taste) mushroom (don't like) and apple & cinnamon porridge (hate cinnamon) so I'm set, whoop whoop!!

Bit gutted though as I weighed about 5.5lbs heavier on her scales. I even checked my own when she'd gone worrying I might have piled a load back on but they are just different. Oh well, better change all my tickers. Can't wait to crack on tomorrow!!
Woohoo! Glad you had a good first visit from your CDC! Bet you can't wait to start :) you sound really positive which is great. Don't worry about weighing more on her scales. All sets of scales weigh differently and I weigh about 4lb more if mine doesn't put the scales in the same place!! Mental. Good luck for tomorrow, I know you'll do well :)


Happiest Girl :D
Thank you so much Felix! I'm stupidly excited to start. I've been grinning like a big Cheshire cat all night, it's like Christmas eve!! Lol! :)


Happiest Girl :D
Just had my last non Cambridge drink for the forseeable future, a skinny mocha.. Oh. Didn't have a salad for dinner, had a turkey sandwich, and there was a hair in it!! Yeurch!! Really helped to put me off food though, lol.


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I don't drink tea or coffee so I have no idea what I will do in the mornings!
I don't care much for black tea or coffee, but put up with them cos i have to,
but hubby brings me a hot cup of mint tea in the morning. The benefit;) of him having to get up an hour before me and the kids rise.


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Hi coralprincess - how's it going? Hope you're having a good day and it hasn't been too much of a shock to the system!


Happiest Girl :D
Ooh, that's a good husband you've got there Nibbles! Wish my OH was that way inclined, lol!

Hey Lily :) Thanks for checking in one me I've managed it, I'm really grumpy though, not like me at all!!

I made SO a home made steak pie, mash & veg & stayed strong!! Gave DS all his meals, didn't feel like picking. I'm just in a really foul mood. So odd!!

I had plain porridge for breakfast, tasted like flour & water, lol! I guess I'm used to sweeter stuff. Choc mint shake for dinner, used my shaker as DS was panicking about me using the blender (he doesn't like loud noises, hand dryers, food processors etc) it worked a treat! No lumps. Just going to have chciken soup now for tea.

Hope everyone had a great Friday! :D

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