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My big box of Joe's Sausages has just arrived!!


Never gets tired of SW!


I am one of the 63336
I haven't had the money to buy them recently - having to do WW ones one pack at a time - but I like them, especially the pork and apple ones. I also like the grills but not stuck on the chicken and pork steaks in the different sauces.

I know some people don't like them as they are so 'meaty' but I think they're rather nice!
*slaps wrist* read webpage before posting reply!

They look good - and in my opinion nothing can be too meaty!

I see a big order being placed very soon!


Fighting the bulge
I have to say these look yummy!! How much is delivery?

Ive bin really missing sausages so i had some quorn ones the other day and they are AWFUL!!! I should definately not be called sausages!!


Never gets tired of SW!
They are totally syn free, as are other products that they do, and the great thing is that all the products tell you if they are syn free AND the WW points so that's so useful! I ordered a range of stuff, mainly sausages in different flavours but also some pork & chilli sticks, pork & chilli burgers, peppered chicken steaks and extra lean bacon! Each pack of sausages was £3.40 and you get 8. My order came to £40.50 plus £4 delivery and you get free delivery if the order is over £55 (or something like that). I've yet to try them! They're cooking right now- I'm trying the chilli & garlic sausages first and I'm darting between the computer and the cooker with much excitement!! This is a momentous moment for me!!XXX
I have really missed sausages and burgers. Whilst we never really ate good meat during the week, we would have cheap meat like crappy sausages. And meat pies and pasties.
I think I am starting to crave MSG. This is not a good stage of the diet :cry:


Never gets tired of SW!
You guys are sooo lucky, I'm sharing this moment live with you all! I'm tucking into my first Joe's sausage right now! It's very meaty and succulent with a nice little hint of chilli...not too much..... just enough, and nice and garlicky too!! Good to know I have another 62 sausages in stock (including 16 chipolatas) and other meaty items for Extra Easy days and great options for red days, of which I intend to do more of!!X
Monosodium glutamate. It is a 'flavour enhancer' put in pretty much all processed food. Loads of stories about it being addictive, the cause of obesity, bad for you etc. But it makes everything taste so good :(


Never gets tired of SW!
Oh yeh, I knew what Monosodium Glutamate was, just didn't tie it up with MSG!! Clever stuff that!! That's why you can eat so much Chinese food as well isn't it! Well I don't think they put any in these sausages and I can officially recommend them! Very nice- I know they seem a bit pricey, but I just think what I would have spent on a chinese takeaway, and they'll last a lot longer! My hubby will love them too with mash and gravy, his fave!!X
Yeah, the Chinese love their MSG. Although they don't get as fat as caucasians from having it.
But then again they are generally lactose intollerent - all swings and roundabouts!

Anyway - must order sausages!
just ordered some! i got :

2Traditional Thick Pork Sausage.£3.40 =£6.80
2Pork Chilli & Garlic Sausage£3.40 = £6.80
2Pork and Leek Sausage£3.40=£6.80
2Pork, Garlic & Herb Sausage£3.40 =£6.80
2Lincolnshire Pork Sausage£3.40=£6.80
2Pork Chipolatas£3.40=£6.80
2Olde English Pork Sausage£3.40 =£6.80

Sub Total:£47.60Delivery:£4.00 Grand Total:£51.60


Never gets tired of SW!
I have a theory on that! I think because they use chopsticks, they're not shoving it into their mouths like some of us do, therefore they feel full WELL before finishing their meals and have learnt to stop when they feel full, unlike lots of us who have developed weight problems because we have forgotton to listen to our bodies!! Please tell me if you think I'm talking complete poppycock!!X


Never gets tired of SW!
Kissme, you're a girl after my own heart!! A fellow impulsive soul, not afraid to live life to the full! I truly don't think you'll regret this decision! Hope you enjoy!XX

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