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My Blood. Its Boiling.


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ARGH! I am really angry.

I belong to Weightlossresources (calorie-counting based online thing), as I find its good for updating results etc and the 'Changing Habits' board is nice and friendlyand very supportive.


I popped onto the 'Advice and Support' board, and saw a post from a newbie asking for help from people with experience of Lighter Life. I pm'd her as I knew if I posted I would get slated. People on A&S are just like that. Narrow minded and rude.

But now I am REALLY mad - the replies posted to this poor girl who just wanted to know more about it. EVERYONE is totally slating VLCDs and saying they are unhealthy and you always put all the weight back on, and all your hair will fall out, etc etc. *Really* slating the whole idea.

It makes me so angry that these poeple are so narrow-minded that they refuse point blank to accept that there is more than one way to lose weight and that these VLCDs do work. They clearly have not got a clue what its all about.

I am frustrated because I want to reply to these ignorant people and tell them the truth, but it would all just blow up out of proportion and I would get even more upset.


Sorry, rant over, just needed to get that off my chest before I explode.:sigh:
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I feel the same way. Haven't been into WLR much today, so haven't seen today's incident, but have seen some real corkers in response to a mild enquiry! I always try to post a good, positive response whilst having a little dig as the most vitriolic responses are from people who have never even tried a VLCD and spout a load of codswallop.

Glad you have pm'd and offered support.

I always recommend MiniMins to the LL/CDer under fire!

Think I will stick my nose into WLR and stir it up a bit as am feeling a bit wicked today!


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for my own reasons, i cant say i am a huge fan of VLCDs BUT i think its utterly wrong to slate anyone who is following one or to tell them how to do things better/in a way that i like more. i think u have to allow people to follow their journey down any route they want and support and encourage them all the way. afterall...we r all after the same thing?! i would be very upset for someone to bite my head off about following herbalife. how rude of those posters! maybe someone ought to send her here to minis :D


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Hi Karen, I pm'd her the link and told her to come and see how lovely everyone is on here!!!

Since I read the earlier posts on WLR they seem to have just got worse... all sorts of stuff about liver malfunctions and that. Ah well.


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Well at the end of the day Cambridge is the most researched diet in the world and no study has ever said that the diet is dangerous. The current NICE guidelines on Obesity state that VLCD is an option that CAN be used for weight loss and is especially effective when they person has large amounts to lose.

As far as regaining the weight goes it has bugger all to do with the diet on whether you regain, if you got big once you can get big twice and it is the choices of food you make when at goal weight that will determine whether you put any weight back on or stabilise.

People tend to look at diets like Cambridge and think that it can't be good because you don't eat without actually understanding any of the science behind it and how it works.

Ignorance may be bliss but for me knowledge is power and I know Cambridge changed my life so bollox to anyone who says I shouldn't have done it!!


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Blimey dont they just pee you off......I am still alive and kicking and feeling much much better than when I was over 5 stone heavier.
Anyway it doesnt matter which diet you follow if you go back to your old ways of eating you will put weight back on.
narrow minded people !!!!

nicely put mike .
Elle im glad you p'm'ed the lady who asked and hopefully she will soon find the path she wishes to chose diet wise .

may have to look on that site lol
feeling very cheeky hehe


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Just reading this thread....been away for last couple of days so catching up on all the gossip... I have come across a couple of blog sites re Weight loss with great and some real scare mongering stories....one claimed that a person who started LT died the next day!!! Did you ever..... Mike's comment is so well put..
Makes you just SO SO angry doesnt it? This girl wants to lose a lot of weight and was seriously looking for help - I am hoping she's been on minimins for some sensible advice :)


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I think it's kinda good when they post these things as it gives us a chance to educate them on the merits of the diet.

It was good this time around as usually it's just me putting them right. You'll also notice that it's mainly the new guys that post the rubbish. Most of the oldies know what it's all about now and are a little less judgemental.

To be fair, I think the WLR admin are extremely tolerant of the supporters of VLCD's on their board. After all, they supply their forum to give support to those following their plan. It can't be in their interests to have people move away to a VLCD. For that reason, I try to extol the virtues of WLR whilst still explaining that Cambridge was a good choice for me at that time.

WLR have also done a report on LL which I think is reasonably fair considering a VLCD is in complete opposition to the fundamentals of their diet.

So, hats off to the owners of WLR, and we'll just keep educating their members as they come and go.....well....you'll have to cos I've cancelled WLR now and will be off the board by the end of August:eek:

I'm sure it will be a relief for them to see me go :D :D


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ahhh karion! what would any forum be without u???

and mike...u make me laugh so much! hope u r doing well after the TT.

Elle, give them hell :D


Gone fishing
ahhh karion! what would any forum be without u???
:sigh: Probably very happy in their comfort zone;) I tried so hard not to reply to that message on the WLR forum this time. Just couldn't and had to add my 5 eggs again:doh:. Beginning to get tired of it though.

Thought I might just leave a recorded message to be played weekly when I go.


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Cor - let me at 'em with my before and after photos, and my medical records (gone from almost needing my blood pressure medicated to healthy blood pressure in 6 months) my lack of excema and my healthy hydration levels and perfect BMI and body fat. Not to mention my depression, anxiety and stress levels have moderated themselves beautifully from consistent and regular use of CBT techniques. From morbidly obese and 50% bodyfat IN SIX MONTHS. I can run a mile in 10 minutes for the first time in my life. I'll give them chuffing unhealthy - this is the best thing I have ever done for my mental and physical health.


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Cerulean....wow...love the photos you look totally amazing....well done - yours in a brilliant example of how well these diets work....Elle - agree some of these people need to see some of the amazing results to get some perspective!
Oh Bea, I know, Sarah looks just totally stunning, what a transformation and inspiration! I cant wait to get to that point, can you :)

Last night i was buying some vintage chantilly lace on ebay for one of the corsets I'm going to wear in my photoshoot, and it suddenly occurred to me - I'm losing the weight, this *is* going to happen..... After several years of being horrendously insecure and loathing myself for being so big, I *am* going to be slim again. OMG, it really *is* happening.

I think I am still in shock.... am I dreaming? It is real isnt it?!



Back on the wagon!
I know!!! Feel the same...just got the confidence to update my signature with my targets.....I really feel I can do it this time....Chantilly lace how beautiful - you will look stunning! That a great motivation.....hope you love life is going strong also...that also helps!!

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