My brother ate my lunch!!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Refeeding' started by summergurl, 26 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    How sad am i getting upset over my brother eating half of the prawns i was meant to be having today!

    It clearly had my name written on in black marker but yet he still had half of them. Now what?

    I was guna have jacket potatoe with prawns and fromage frais. Don't know wht to have now.

    I really HATE living in a house where i have to 'name' my stuff and its even worse cuz its family - they should just respect it ya know!
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  3. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    Send him to the shops quick-march to replace them! Cheeky git! After you making him a lovely cake and everything!
  4. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    No no not him - my younger brother! Well i say young, hes 15!
    Not the point though, they know at the minute i dont have much dollars so i told then what i have bought has to last me untill after my holiday. grrr
  5. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    Still old enough to know better!! Tell him to donate to your holiday fund to make up for it!
  6. kered

    kered Well-Known Member

    Smack his arse and send him to
  7. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    :rotflmao: Its ok, ive calmed down!!

    To be fair he probably did me a favour, as iv just had my lunch and it has filled me nicely - had 50g prawns and 2 spoonfulls of f.f with paprika and an 8oz pot - so anymore and i reckon it would have been a waste! lol x
  8. kered

    kered Well-Known Member

    Alls well that ends well.
  9. summergurl

    summergurl ♥3 Years Maintaining♥

    Indeed - the little bean knows hes done wrong though!! mwhahahahaa
  10. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    Ooooooo remindes me of when my mum took my fish!!! don't you just hate it?!

    I remember when I was eating my lunch and some dick head helps himself to my cherry tomato, I swore at him like crazy!! LOL
  11. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    omg how annoying!!!!

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