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  1. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Good evening Ladies!

    So as you can see I am new to this site! [​IMG]

    I am currently on day 3 of the CD! and I think am doing ok, I even nearly forgot to have my soup at lunch because I didn't feel hungry-woops!

    I have been reading about this Ketosis business, I didn't realise we could check this, (do we have to?)

    Im curious, had anyone tried the Maple and Pecan porridge? I tried it, on day 2 for breaky, and nearly puked my guts up [​IMG] does anyone else think its horrible or do i just have weird taste buds?

    Will be nice to hear from other CD people [​IMG] and GOOD LUCK Everyone! xx
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  3. maggie69

    maggie69 Full Member

    Hi there sweet pea totally agree with u about the porridge it is horrid :yuk: X
  4. maddy1970

    maddy1970 Full Member

    hi sweet pea,

    i have the porridge every day and i love it (sorry)...find it quite tasty ha ha...good luck with your CD journey hun...

    jane x
  5. NANAS111

    NANAS111 New Member

    The diet of porridge

    I advice to follow the diet of porridge, because the regime, consisting of a boiled novel, can lose 2 kg in 3 days and 3-4 pounds a week. It is balanced because it contains about 50g of protein in the form of 5 egg whites and 3 0% yogurt. However, as it has just 350-400 calories per day is severely deficient in vitamins, magnesium and potassium, it is cons-indicated in people with congestive heart failure, liver failure, renal insufficiency, excess acid uric or hypotension. Do for 3 days may be interesting to give a strong impetus to start a sequence of emaciation.
    Good luck.
  6. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    I'm not sure I fancy a boiled novel, thanks all the same. (I haz a feeling the post above might be a tad spammy :))

    Hi Sweetpea, welcome aboard! :welcome:

    Well done on getting to day 3! :clap:

    No, you don't need to test for ketosis. Some people like to because peeing on a stick and watching it turn pink makes them feel better but honestly, you don't need Ketostix if you stick to the plan. It'll work if you do it 100%, promise. :)

    Porridge is a bit like marmite round here. You either love it or you hate it. Personally, I don't enjoy the texture of it if it's made with the recommended amount of water, so I add more hot water to it so it turns out more like oaty soup. :D Love it like that and it takes ages to eat!
  7. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Hey Ladies!

    Apologies for not replying sooner! I decided to try Quorn Mince last night for dinner and it made me feel rather ill :( :( Never again!

    Heya! Maggie69 I totally agree with you, even thinking about it makes me heave lol!

    Hey, Maddy1970, Everyone has different tastes :) I'll let you off :) I wish I could like it but I really can't :(

    Hello! NANAS111 - Erm thank you...I think I will erm stick to what I'm doing for now :p

    Hey Lily, Yes spammy, I think i agree there. Ok well I am sticking to the plan so fingers crossed! haha oaty soup, that made me laugh out loud! :D

    So, Today is my day 5, I'm doing alright ( I think! ) I'm with my boyfriend at the moment and can smell a lovely roast! Although it smells gorgeous, I don't feel like I need it, so I guess thats good :)

    Water is my best friend as usual (not so much today) how is everyone finding the 4 pints a day thing? some days I struggle, and some days I can do it. Today I am struggling a little, I just don't want to drink cold water, when all I can see is snow out my window:cry:

    Also another question (Sorry about all my Q's, I didnt really get enough time to ask my CDC) can we have say three shakes a day, or do we have to have like 2 shakes and a soup? I'm finding the soup a bit blergh :confused:

    Anyway, Good Luck to all you lovely people, we CAN do this!

    Rachael xXx
  8. maddy1970

    maddy1970 Full Member

    hi seetpea no you can have 3 packets of anything you like ..doesnt have to be soup , you can have 3 sakes if you want too x
  9. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Hi Sweetpea, welcome and good luck with your weight loss journey! I also hated the porridge made me gag had to swap them for more shakes & soups.
  10. ChristyT

    ChristyT Silver Member

    Welcome Sweetpea!!

    I totally agree on the maple porridge, it makes me gag too! I used to quite like the apple and cinnamon but can't stand it now. I tend to have a shake warm in the morning and a soup for lunch.

    You will get amazing results on this plan - I've lost 71lbs since July and I feel great and my GP has given her seal of approval :D

    You'll find this forum a fantastic support, goo luck on u'r weight loss journey x
  11. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Maddy1970 - Thanks! I'm going to keep on with the soup for as long as I can, I just get a weird after taste, not sure if thats just me, I think the porridge scarred my taste buds for life haha!

    Theresa1966 - Ah Im glad it's not just me! Was starting to think I was just picky with food :)

    ChristyT - Im glad you agree with the porridge, it was awful! I tried both but they seem to taste the same. Yeah I might try warm shake for the morning, that sounds like an idea :rolleyes: The doctor who signed me off wasn't my usual doctor, signed it off without really reading all of it, and then kept asking me if that all I was there to see him for! I am already loving this forum, everyone is nice and very helpful! I even found a section about PCOS, which I have, so that was mega helpful aswell!

    I will try to be on everyday! It's nice to keep up to date with everyone, and see how everyone is doing, from what Ive seen so far, very very good! I have some catching up to do :D

    Rachael xXx
  12. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Evening!! It's my weigh in tonight (my very first!) rather worried I won't lose anything but we shall see, fingers crossed :D

    I'll be back :D
  13. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    Good luck you will have a fab loss! I look forward to hearing how you have done x
  14. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Well...dun dun dun!

    Ok so I lost 4lbs...rather disappointed, my CDC accused me of well as trying to get me out of her house as quick as possible...:confused: I know for a fact I've done everything by the book :cry:rather deflated, I thought they were there to encourage the weight.

    However, I guess it's better than nothing right!
  15. maddy1970

    maddy1970 Full Member

    hey dont be disheartenend i lost 4 my first week cant see your stats so not sure how much you need to lose...but 4 is great ..xx

    jane x
  16. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    4lbs is a fine first loss.

    I cannot see your stats- what do you weigh ?

    The 810 plan can be a little tricky as it is difficult to get it exactly spot on. Do you write down everything you eat and when ? This is helpful.

    Your CDC sounds useless. You should be fully up to speed on the plans and she should be available to you to ask anything of. Did she give you the plan booklet ?
  17. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Thanks guys! Yeah I am happy with 4, I just hoped for a little more I guess. Yeah I have a booklet now. I haven't been writing down everything, but have been weighing it and having exactly what the book says, I'm rather picky so I only like a couple things on the protein list anyway.
  18. Kimboowee

    Kimboowee Silver Member

    Well done on your loss :)
  19. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Thanks for all the support :) much appreciated!
  20. Theresa1966

    Theresa1966 Silver Member

    I cant believe that you consultant said you had been cheating that is terrible! I think that is a good loss I only lost 3lb my first week last time and this time I lost more and did nothing different! Well actually I did I had waterflavouring the first week this time and bars so make sense of that! keep at it hun and if you really feel that the consultant was not helpful can you not think about changing?Please dont feel you have let yourself down you are doing this and it is your journey! you can do this hun x
  21. SweetPea22

    SweetPea22 Member

    Hey Theresa! I know it was like a punch in the gut :( (and then this was said ha! = "I've never, in all my time, had someone get that low") Yeah I can see what happens next time maybe! Im feeling better about it now, everyone on here is so positive, it's good to have support :p

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