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My Cambridge diet diary


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Hey fellow dieters!!!
I'm feeling like a total lump and am completely fed up about the size i have allowed myself to get to :cry:. My weight has always gone up and down, but before i met my fiancée i was at my happiest weight i'd ever been. Since we moved in together two and a half years ago, my weight has slowly creeped up. Then since I became pregnant and had my lil man last December it has shot up. I suppose its down to being comfy and happy in life, but i'm getting fed up of being big :sigh:now, and feel its time to sort it out. My friend is currently on CD and looks amazing after just 7 weeks on the diet, so i thought i'd have me some of that!

I tried the Dukan diet a couple of months ago, and although I lost a good amount of weight, I told a lot of my family and friends about me doing the diet, and found all I was talking about was the diet I was on. this time, i'm not going to discuss it with anyone other than my fiancée and hopefully that will ease the pressure. I also found it very expensive to buy all the food.

I think my weight is creepng up to 19st, but i'll know once i've been to the counsellor tomorrow. I'm having my first session with my Cambridge diet counsellor tomorrow, so will be starting the diet as of Tuesday. Does anyone have any tips for me?? I would really appreciate hearing anyone else's experiences with the diet. A lot of you seem to have done so well on it. I hope in the next few weeks i'll be on the same boat..... Fingers crossed!!! xxx
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:eek:Right, first consultation over. I'm doing the sole source programme. I've got my porridge/shakes/soups and i'm ready to go. Sitting here now enjoying my last cuppa with milk in it and can't wait to get started tomorrow. Feeling apprehensive and excited all in one go, but determined to succeed!!!!! :D


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Ahh cheers I hope so. I've managed to loose it before, but i'm after long term now. I'n not interested in being a size 8, just healthy and happy :rolleyes:
Well done to you!! How long did it take you to loose 8 stone. That's amazing!! x
Got through the morning well. the apple and cinnamon porridge is lovely!!! And managed not to pick at the leftovers of my lil mans lunch, which is something i have got into the habit of doing (shameful I know!!!). I assume it will get tougher over the next few days, but am prepared for that. I'm feeling good, though due to the amount of water i'm drinking, i'm weeing loads.

So far so good!! :sign0144:
sounds like you are in the swing of things. well done :)

i'm nikki and have 2 kids. emily 3 1/2 yrs old and matthew 15 mths old. after both i put on 5st in weight. after ems it took a year before i did ss for the first time and lost 5 1/2 stone in 5 mths. after matthew i started weight watchers for a while as i'd put on loads and was feeding him. feb this year i started cd and am now at goal. not as low as i'd like but not far off so have called it a day.
Hi Nikki! Thanks, today has been easier than I anticipated, and i've found the meals a lot tastier than i expected they'd be. Well done for reaching your target, you must be so pleased with yourself!! Do you find the diet easy enough to maintain the weight loss once you reach your goal? Erery time i have lost weight previously, i seemed to lapse back in to my old eating habits and start piling on the pounds again.

last time i put on weight after i finished the diet as i was pregnant and didn't get to maintenance. this time round i've not lost as much as i wanted but i should be happy as i'm only 3lbs away from it and i'm much more muscular this time round. so the 3lbs could just be 3lbs of muscle. so far i've maintained ok for a few weeks. well about a month. up a lb then down again. so i'm staying around 11st 10lbs to 11st 11lbs. my game is trying to stay under 12st.
I think I just need to monitor myself, and give myself a top weight i would allow myself to get to.

On day 2 now. I woke up feeling ok, but very thirsty! So far i'm not feeling bad at all, so happy bout that. I was really hungry last night though, so drank loads of water, and got my other half to give me a foot massage as a distraction, which was very nice indeed :D, nothing better than being spoiled to take your mind off things. I'm also not missing milk in my tea as much as i thought i would. I know its only day 2, but am keen to maintain my positive attitude!!
Ok, we're into afternoon of day 2 now, and I feel my happy attitude starting to slip away. I was fine until i began preparing my lil man's lunch. I had to try really hard not to lick my fingers when he covered me in dairylea :eek:. I'm not hungry as such, but i'm so used to eating out of boredom, i'm missing eating. My head feels quite heavy too, and i'm starting to feel a little grumpy. I'm trying to keep myself usy, and i'm off to a friends for a natter soon, so hopefully that'l make me feel a it better.
The first time I did SS, I felt exactly like you did. I was feeling good, the meals were tasty and surprisingly filling. Pretty much everything went extremely well. The only time I had problems was when I didn't drink enough water. It sounds like you had plenty yesterday, but how's the water in-take going today?
Keep going with it, it will be worth it.

just keep saying to yourself that you won't feel like this forever. it should pass in a few days max.
Thanks for the advice, i'll up my water intake. I've had about 3 litres per day over the last couple of days, but I could prob drink more if I tried. I have definitely noticed that when i get the 'need to eat' feeling, taking a big glug of water helps a lot.

Found this evening tricky. I tend to do a big cook off once a week for my sons meals cooking about 3 or 4 dishes at once to pot up and freeze for him. On reflection, i should have done this monday before i started on SS, so really tested myself. I managed to get through it without cheating - even got my other half to taste everything. If anything, it made me think i could do this even more. I will be very happy when the point of 'wellbeing' (as my counsellor called it) starts :)
Day 3
Woke up this morning feeling ok. still a little heady, but nothing too bad. I've got a lot to do today, so will hopefully be able to distract myself if I start to feel rubbish. Had my porridge and a litre of water already, but mouth still feels dry. Is this a normal feeling? I'm trying really hard not to get on the scales and see if i've had any loss yet. may have a sneak peak tomorrow, but i'm trying not to get into my usual dieting habit of weighing myself about 10 times a day.

Can I ask how people have managed to write their goals and weight losses under their blogs as I can't work out how to do it. I'm not the most technically minded! ;)
The dry mouth could be normal, as I get it too. Not sure if everyone does though, so I can't say for sure.

You put your goals in where put your Ticker. So click on User CP and then Edit Signature.
I always have a dry furry mouth. Not feeling thirsty just furry!

I put it down to not having food going over your tongue keeping it fur free lol, that's just my opinion btw!
Oh ok, great. Its good to know its a pretty common feeling! I find it strange that i'm drinking so much, but still feeling thirsty!!

I felt awful by lunch time, just really tired and miserable, put it down to being really busy doing dull jobs all morning. So after lunch, i put my lil man down for his afternoon nap and thought i'd chill out for an hour to some day time telly. I fell asleep (something i NEVER do in the day time) and woke 2 hours later feeling great again. So took lil man out for a walk to make the most of the sunshine. I seem to have lost my food thoughts for now, so thats a good thing!!
Day 3 - evening.
Had my chicken and mushroom soup which was really tasty. Still feeling ok now, though i am having waves of temptation, thinking about all the yummy foods i love to eat - same yummy foods which are very bad for me!!!:cry:
Looking forward to monday, 1st weigh in.... Very exciting:D
When i start thinking of yummy food i then have a fight in my head saying do i need it, do i really want to undo all my hard work. I usually go and do something to get rid of the thoughts.....works most of the time.

Monday is not far away.

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