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My Chihuahua Army

Yeah yeah I know - chihuahuas are little yappy annoying "girl" dogs.

Well they are also AWESOME.

I keep one large dog for "street cred" I also have a chihuahua, and my family has a number of them. Here they are...

Below is my dog Maeve (lab/doberman mix) meeting my sisters new chihuahua (Nyx). Maeve was not impressed.

Below is a pic last christmas of the family Chiuhuahua gang...

The black on on the left is mine (Frank the Tank). The white one is my brothers (Jerzy). The Reddishbrown one is also my brothers (Ren). The beige one is the aforementioned Nyx.

And last is my Moms dog...the outcast. her name is Daisy but I tred very had to get my Mom to name her Merlin..

I will take some flames for my appreciation of the tiny chihuahua, but if you are looking to mmet a girl. Walk one.
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Your chawoowoos are precious. I have one, his name is King Titus. He is a great dog. I used to think of chihuahuas as nippy, yappy little ankel biters but that opinion has changed. Titus is a very friendly, loves people and actually gets mad when out on walks if everybody doesn't stop and pet him. Most people do stop. He is a very handsome dog if i must say so myself.
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chihuahuas are definalty underestimated!:cool:
awww how cute is ren!!! omg gorgeous!!!:D

i have a chihuahua called tiny tiger! he really doesnt know that he is a chihuahua he thinks he is a big dog! lol!:D
we compete in obedience, agility and he is a PAT dog.he has got very far in the obedience ring and i still hope he will go further.people laugh at us when we are just about to go in the ring, but the look on there faces is priceless as soon as they see him 'working' :D

he is definalty no handbag dog and wouldnt be seen dead wearing dogy clothes! the last time i tryed that one he riped the little cute t shirt to bits!:eek:
he walks as far as my gsd everyday thats usualy about 2 hour walk and still has bags of energy! he really is a perfect dog! he can do everything a big dog can do and yet still be soooo small! he has totaly converted me to chihuahuas!
allthough i really dont like the show bred ones they look like hamsters with their eyes poping out and tiny noses!!!:eek: my tiger may not win any shows anytime soon but at least his eyes will stay firmly in his head and he can breath properly!:rolleyes:
(please dont take offence if this is what your chi is like....just my opionion thats all;))

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