My diary so far


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S: 12st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st4lb(10.17%)
Started Lipotrim, 8th Jan 2011 at 12st6 after having my son (now 6months old)

wk 1 >9lbs
wk 2 >6.6lbs
wk 3 >2.2lbs

Both wks 1&2 i stuck strictly to the 3 shakes only tea and coffee etc. and done well to lose what i did. However wk 3 and a loss of 2lbs im slightly disheartened.

Although wk 3 I couldnt mentally do another wk of tfr so changed my evening shake for a salad only with chicken/white fish/tuna, 'enjoyed' the process so much more and hav still lost weight.On reflection i do think that my water intake slumped slightly and this could hav had an effect on only losing 2lbs :(

This wk (being wk4) i plan to do my refeed introducing carbs etc then maintain with healthy eating.

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S: 21st10.5lb C: 20st8lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 49.4 Loss: 1st2.5lb(5.42%)
Hi Kara. You would probably be better off putting this in the lipotrim section of the forum. This is the Exante section.