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  1. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Well hi all this is my first day back on the ww wagon, this is definitely going to be my last attempt as my weight has crept up to a massive 14 stone in the last year. I've given up smoking also, so along with that the healthy eating and the exercise I'm hoping to become a lot healthier and happier.
    I think getting to 14 stone has made me realise I have massive issues with my weight I have never been so big, I knew I was putting weight on but I'd look in the mirror and think I don't look too bad when in actual fact I do, I think I just kind of brushed it off up until now, what I think was my wake up call was taking a pic of myself in a bikini and looking back at it thinking omg I have no figure anymore I'm literally just a round blob. I did the little self pity moping thing for a few days but then I thought, moping will get me nowhere if I want this I need to get off my bum and do it, so that's what brings me here today, and I'm going to record my life/exercise/what I eat on a daily basis. So wish me luck guys, and also good luck to u all who are on the weight watchers journey.

    Today's menu:

    Pp allowance: 32 weekly allowance: 49

    Breakfast: belvita 5pp
    Lunch: one egg on toast 8pp
    Dinner:tuna pasta bake 12pp
    Snacks: velvet crunch 2pp
    Coffee 1pp
    Ww Greek style yog 1pp
    Ww strawberry swirl ice 2pp
    Highlights hot choc 1pp

    Dailies used: 32pp
    Weeklies used: 0
    Weeklies remaining: 49pp
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  3. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Good luck :)

    Here to follow x
  4. blonde1991

    blonde1991 Guest

    hiya here to follow :)
  5. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Well today went brilliantly ") I've officially started exercising again I went for a run and my good it killed me, it really did, but it felt damn good at the same time, I did it I never thought I would but I did it ") so pleased with myself (does a little jig) lol anyway food wise I was pretty boring today I had pretty much the same as yesterday as I didn't have a lot of time to plan. So here it goes will be back again tomorrow peeps ")

    Daily allowance: 32
    Weeklies remaining: 49

    Breakfast: belvita biccies 5pp
    Lunch: egg on toast 8pp
    Tea: tuna pasta 12pp
    Snacks: velvet crunch 2pp
    Hot choc (bournville) 1pp
    Yoghurt 2pp
    Ww strawberry swirl 2pp

    Pp used: 32
    Weeklies used: 0
  6. tani

    tani Full Member

    Well done, good feeling being back on the wagon xxx
  7. Tano

    Tano Gold Member

    Well done you :)
  8. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Thanks guys ") it is definitely an amazing feeling ") am buzzing ha ha xox
  9. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Okay okay add an extra 5pp to that I have now used 5 weeklies, I had some melba toast with Philly it was scrumptious! Naughty me he he (or not) I love the versatility of weight watchers! Xox

    Weeklies remaining: 44pp
  10. thiswillbeit

    thiswillbeit Full Member

    Will be following :) x
  11. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Thanks for following peeps "). Today has been yet another success and I literally had the biggest temptation ever put right under my nose a nice big greasy portion of cheesy chips, and guess what guys I resisted, I mean don't get me wrong it did cross my mind for a few seconds to dive in, but the good girl side of me managed to push away the bad thoughts. So I got through my first obstacle unscathed ").
    My food was yet again pretty much the same as yesterday but will be having a change tomorrow, not that I'm complaining as its all yummy, I would definitely recommend the belvita breakfast biscuits they are absolutely delicious and they really do keep you full, they have been my saviour the last few days, and have completely stopped the eleven o clock hunger pangs, and for 5pp not bad at all. So enough of my waffling here's my food I've had today:

    Breakfast: belvita 5pp
    Lunch: egg on toast 8pp
    Dinner: tuna pasta bake 12pp
    Snacks: velvet crunch 2pp
    Ww Greek yog 1pp
    Ww raspberry swirl 2pp
    Bournville highlights 1pp
    Dash of milk for coffee 2pp
    Melba toast 2pp
    30g light cheese spread 1pp
    Dailies used: 32/32
    Weeklies used: 4
    Weeklies remaining: 40

    Haven't managed to do any exercise today as I'm really aching from yesterday's run, but I will be smashing the cardio again tomorrow ") xox
  12. blonde1991

    blonde1991 Guest

    Hiya, just a quick thing, i am sure belvita are 6 pp, thats what iv always pointed them as where did u get 5 from x
  13. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Hiya the ones I have are not actually the belvita they are the new nutri grain breakfast biscuits they are just as nice, I used my calc and they are 5pp ") sorry for the confusion xox
  14. blonde1991

    blonde1991 Guest

    Ohh okies :) i was gonna say i lost out on loads of points! Lol used to have them alot, might have to try them are they really new? Havent seen themx
  15. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Yea they are fairly new they are on special at the moment in Morrison's ") got, flavours but I just prefer the plain ones.
  16. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Oh dear feeling a little guilty I know I prob shouldn't feel guilty as I know the weekly points are there to be used, and have always used them in the past and had a great loss, but I just smashed every last remaining weekly point in one go ha ha! Well I know I'll have to be a very good girl now for the rest of the week and stick within my dailies, I may even up the exercise a little tomorrow just incase as I'm expecting a nice big loss this week as its my first. Does anyone else ever panic when they use their weeklies or is it just me? Xox

    40 weekly points used
    0 remaining :'(
  17. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Hi just found your diary. I always feel guilty when I use my weeklies and panic when I have none left but I have consistently lost when I have used them (queue the gain this week now I have uttered those words!) so don't worry. It's what they are they for.

    Will have a look for the breakfast biscuits as I do like them and they are handy for when I don't get time for a proper breakfast.

    What did you have for all of your weeklies xx
  18. jadegibbs89

    jadegibbs89 Full Member

    Hiya Hun here to follow!!

    I just want to say I know how you feel... I felt the exact same when I first got to my heaviest weight, I was in denial clothes shops sizes were being made smaller and that it got to the stage I was so unconfident I couldn't bare to look in the mirror or bare to have picks taken!

    this is the BIGGEST step right now and you WILL do it!!!!
  19. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Aww thanks I know it's awful I really cannot stand the mirror or pictures, but sometimes you just got to face the problem head on to deal with it! I went out with my lovely thin but curvy sister today and seeing how great she always looks in clothes makes me want to shift this weight so bad. We were in next and all the clothes were so lovely she could pick up anything and it would fit like a glove I would pick up something go to the changing room and I would look like the Michelin man, and I point blank refuse to pick up the next size up, the worrying thing is if i don't stop now the only shop I will be able to find fabric big enough is millets!!
    Anyway enough if my moaning I've had a great day today and stuck with my daily points ") xox

    Breakfast: nutri grain biscuits 5pp
    Lunch: egg sandwich 9pp
    Dinner:Bolognese 12pp
    Snacks:velvet crunch 2pp
    Go ahead 3pp
    Bournville hot choc 1pp

    Weeklies remaining:0
  20. Jennjennx

    Jennjennx Silver Member

    Oh bum I messed up big style last night friends came around and I ended up having a few drinks, which obviously didn't stop there and to make it worse I had beer munchies "(. I had no weeklies either, but hey ho today's a new day and I'm not letting that one slip up steer me off the wagon. My food diary will follow this evening "). Xox
  21. mrsgosling3

    mrsgosling3 Gold Member

    Just get back on track today. Maybe try and do some exercise to earn some activity points to limit the damage. What day do you weigh again? Xx

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