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My diary to lose the belly!!


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Hi everyone.

I am Josie and I started SW for the first time just after Christmas. I kept a diary on this forum and went from 11 stone 1 to 10 stone 3 in about 4 months. Unfortunately after about May I fell off the wagon and some of the weight has crept back on and I think I am now about 10 stone 9. I can certainly feel it as my tummy and sides feel fat when I sit down, I am apple shaped and do not carry weight well!!
So tomorrow (Mon 25 July) I will restart my food diary and hope I have the willpower that I had after Christmas.
I will weigh tomorrow morning and start posting my weight loss journey and food diary from then.
Say hi if you're reading and I love reading other's diaries for inspiration too!!
I really hope I can keep going and won't fail this time.
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Hi Josiecat

Good luck - sure you'll do it this time! It's easy to give in when you haven't got heaps to lose.

I too am "appley" - big fat tum and sides but reasonable hips etc. I wish I could push a bit up into the boob area; that would even it out rather nicely! Sadly, the only way is eating less.

I have just had 2!! bowls of porridge to try to avoid pigging out and realise that even with skimmed milk and splenda, it comes to about 500 cals!!

Yaaa, I'll settle for a Jaffa Cake next time I need a sweet fix....

Good luck Pomooky XX
hi hun welcome back to s/w and minimins good luck losing the lbs x


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Thank you for your replies and support!! I am determined to shift it for good this time. :p

Monday Red Day

2 wholemeal pitta (2 x Hex B)
2 Bananas
1 plum
1 peach
Nescafe double choc mocha (5 syns)
Milk for tea/coffee (Hex A)
3 seafood sticks
Raspberry drink (3 syns)
Cottage pie made with swede and carrot instead of potatoes ( 2 syn)
Yoghurt (2 syns)
Alpen Light (3 syns)

15 syns
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Tuesday Red Day

2 Alpen Light (Hex B)
Wholemeal pitta with cheese and cucumber (Hex B & Hex A)
Milk for tea/coffee (Hex A)
2 Peaches
Diet coke chicken and rice (7 syns for rice)
Fat Free Yoghurt
2 Alpen light (6 syns)

13 syns
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Wednesday-Extra Easy

Wholemeal pitta with cheese and cucumber (Hex A & B)
Fruit Salad
2 Alpen Light (6 syns)
Starbucks mocha frap (shop bought one) (8 syns)
Chinese beef and peppers with noodles (1 syn)

15 syns


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Thursday Red Day

Wholemeal pitta and cheese (Hex A & B)
1 Alpen Light (3 syns)
Milk for tea (Hex A)
Chilled mocha latte (6.5 syns)
SW Doner Kebab (Hex B & 1 syn for vlf mayo)
Nescafe Cappucino (3.5 syns)

14 syns
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hi hun was just having a nose at ur diary and saw u coked the coke chicken and s/w doner kebab i , have been meaning to try both the recipes but havn't got round to it yet what did u think of them? have a good weekend xx
Hi Valerie, sorry for the late reply! The diet coke chicken is lovely. It has a chinesey sort of taste and everyone I've given it to loves it.
The kebab is also delicious. I tend to use beef rather than lamb as I can't get under 5% lamb anywhere. The beef can be a bit dry so I tend to use low fat yoghurt,garlic and lemon juice to make a syn free topping which takes away the dryness!
Oh dear, well I did so well for a week of my diet and then family came down for a week then star week after that so the last two weeks have been pretty bad.
So I am back to it today. I have just weighed myself and I am still 10 stone 11.5 which is what I was at the start of the diet three weeks ago.
I am pretty gutted as I had gone to 10 stone 3 after dieting the original time between Christmas and May.:sigh:
But I have 2 weeks off work now which will make dieting easier as I can plan my meals and I am making my first mini target to reach 10 stone 5 by 29 August. So 2 weeks to lose 6.5 pounds!!
Monday Red Day

2 Bananas
2 alpen lights (Hex B)
SW Doner Kebab (Hex B & 1 syn)
Sugar free jelly with raspberries (1.5 syns)
2 x Nescafe Cappucino (7 syns)
Milk for tea (Hex A)

9.5 syns
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Tuesday (Red Day)

Chicken and Bacon salad with honey and mustard dressing (1/2 syn)
2 alpen light (Hex B)
Cocoa (Hex A & 2 syns)
SW KFC Chicken with corn on the cob and homemade cheese coleslaw (Hex A & B, 7 syns)
Raspberries in sugar free jelly (1.5 syn)
2 alpen lights (6 syns)
Crisps (6.5 syns)

23.5 syns
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Thanks for the support Cai! Went over syns yesterday so going to start counting down through the week to ensure I don't go over 105 for the week :eek:

Wednesday Red Day

2 can pepsi (14 syns)
wholemeal pitta with bacon, chicken and homemade cheese coleslaw (Hex A, B)
2 alpen lights (Hex B)
Chilled caramel latte (7 syns)
Diet coke chicken and uncle bens rice (7 syns)
3 shape delight desserts (15 syns)
Red wine (8.5 syns)

84.5/105 syns

Oh dear am rather ashamed of myself today! Day three and oversinning already yikes
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