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Ok i'm on day seven and bored to tears with shakes and porridge. I tried the leek and potato soup the other night and I swear it is still repeating on me..

..and where is this 'high' I've been looking forward too?:(

I'm sticking with it as I know I'll be better when I am allowed the bars. I will also do SS+ so that I can have a decent cuppa

Still I have to remind myself that 8lb after five days is a good start

so far Cappucino, choc mint shakes are my favourites especially blended in the smoothie maker with crushed ice.
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OK, I'll feel so light headed today. I think I have low blood pressure or summat.
Had Spicy tomato soup for diner last night and it wasn't too bad.

Really looking forward to the bars.
Have you tried the tetras? I have only tetras, I only like the vanilla and cappochino shake and get bored of the faff of making them. So just keep a couple in stock for mousses. I am meant to be on SS+, 4 tetras and some millk, but I am managing fine on 3 tetras so doing a cross between SS and SS+.

Skimmed milk is virtually water, so I really doubt that 200ml each day is going to affect your weight loss. If it makes you feel better then why not up to SS+ but go without the extra shake or food. As long as you have 3 a day that covers your vit + mins.

There are other recipes you can try, like making crisps out of the soups. Or jelly out of the water flavouring, you just have to be inventive.

Well done on getting to day 7!
Hey CornishKez thanks for that. Yes the tetras are lovely - especially from the fridge. I'll have ago at the crisps thing, when I get a bit more adventurous :). I had the oriental chillii soup for dinner tonight and I thought it was delicious. Hurrah! :)

Limiting myself to one decent cuppa a day - in the morning!

I'm approaching day 10 and today I felt great. I think it was the 'high' I have heard about!! Not hungry at all - but do get a bit dizzy when I bend or move too quickly. Have put my bike away for a while, until I adjust.

Hubs has been so supportive and keeps telling me how in awe he is of me for not eating for over a week. He's been cooking his own meals too and bless him, even eating them, when I take the dog for a walk.

He's even does the washing up.

I could get used to this. :)


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Well done! The journey is really worth it - just stay focused

Fantastic, well done!
Thanks so much xx

Thursday is SS+ day for me. And I can have the bars now. Hope it doesn't affect my weight loss too much. Did anyone else notice a difference after they start on the bars or SS+


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well done on those loses
the bars made no difference to me neither did the ss+ i have much slower weight losses than you but that is just how my body is
be careful with the lightheadedness and pop into a local chemist and see if they will do a reading for you to check it is blood pressure if not you could be a bit dehydrated and in the heat we have been having that wouldnt be totally surprising
Hi Aaleigha, am drinking gallons of water. think it might be just me adjusting to not guzzling myself senseless!! LOL. Tried the flavouring today - orange - very nice, but found 1 tsp flavoured 2 litres for me and not 1 - so delighted with that.

Ate some chicken tonight with rocket and fat free dressing (teeeeeeny amount) and it didn't half taste funny. Taste buds must alter though so I put it down to that.

Glad to hear that the bars didn't affect your losses. Had the cranberry today and it was lovely. Are we only allowed 3 a week?
you can have one bar a day
but remember to have a bit of extra water with it
and as for the flavourings I use less than 1/4 teaspoon in 750ml bottle of water so I can have all my water flavoured and that works well for me my other drinks are rooibos and decaf coffee so I get in loads of fluid

have a great day
ps I stick to cranberry and peanut as they have less carbs :):)

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