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My diary


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So, I gave up the ciggies and piled on the lbs. Hmmm, I've never been this heavy before. I've always been slim and active. I'm giving this Atkins diet a go. One of my family did it last year and the weight just fell off him.
I started yesterday and woke up hungry but enthusiastic. It's true that we humans have developed this idea that we should never feel hunger. No other animal on the planet behaves like that. "A lion doesn't grab a chipmonk to see him over to the next antelope."
I am also an insulin dependant diabetic so adjustments are having to be made there. I will be recording my insulin intake along with my dietary info. My doctor is with me on all this so no unnecessary risks are being taken. I would highly recommend that any diabetic wanting to severely reduce carbs should consult closely with their health care team. Of course, since I inject insulin into my belly area I am going to be confronted with my belly fat four times a day anyway so I will be watching that with interest.
Ok, on with the show!

B Stir fry veg and tuna. 6g + 11 units insulin (down from 22)
S ( If needed ) slice of cheese.
L Chicken salad 4g + 11 units insulin.
I will add as the day goes on. Any comments/tips will be welcomed.
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Morning Leanne,

There is a diary section at the top love, it'll stop your diary being hidden by other posts :)
looks like it's been moved for you :D


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I was unwell last night :cry: so I just had 5g carb in glucose form so that I could take my insulin. Tricky this. Still, much better this morning and raring to go.

B Bacon and eggs + 14 units insulin
L Miso with extra seaweed + 14 units insulin
D Sardines and veg + 12 units insulin
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It must be difficult when you are diabetic Leanne
Have you got one of those electric tester things, my Brother had one
Hey leanne, I saw your post on Annie's thread to come join you and decided to look up your other posts. I am on Metformin 2,500mg a day (5). It's cool you've the support of your gp as mine and diabetes consultant would be very anti LC.

I am trying atm to eat when hungry and stop when full (not stuffed as per lol) and stop starving myself on a vlcd (not slaggin vlcd, I just can't stick to 'em). Then I will look at the types of food I eat.

as i said on other post bread and spuds just create further cravings for more and then chocolate and crisps.:(

Anyway, keep us informed on your progress, as a fellow diabetic I'm v interested. :)


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Hi Lyn. I have some friends that are type 2 and on Metformin. Every now and then they will use "The white rule" for a few days or weeks. This means they will eat nothing white except cauliflower, no potatoes, no white rice or pasta, no white bread etc. Only brown versions. This seems to work very well for them in short bursts. They tend to combine it with an extra walk every day and they do lose weight.
Good luck in your weight loss and it is lovely to meet you. :)


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Hi Leanne, welcome to this lovely forum :D


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Slept really well and woke up feeling good. I was really tempted to weigh myself but held off. It's not long until monday so I must just wait.
I must find something to flavour my water today. I'm getting very bored with it plain.

B Kippers and remainder of last nights veg with lots of butter. Yummy! 12 units insulin.
L Chicken salad + 14 units insulin
D Beef quarterpounder and veg + 12 units insulin.
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I used to take metformin for my PCOS. Gave it up after a year or so as my endo had increased the dose so much it was upsetting my stomach something rotten.

I use perfectly clear flavoured water - it says it has nil carbs. If you can drink very weak squash though, I recommend Robinson's NAS orange: 6g carbs per litre bottle. I could get through that in a day but fans of weak squash seem able to make them last much longer.

On the go, marks and sparks do a nice still peach and raspberry water in a 500ml bottle with 0 carbs, sweetened with sucralose.


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Morning Leanne and welcome :)


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Getting nervous about my first weigh in tomorrow. I really hope I am losing weight.

B Eggs and Bacon + 14 units insulin.
L Mackeral and salad + 13 units insulin
D Chicken and veg + 14 units insulin.

Very tired tonight so I will just relax with lots of water.
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Morning Leanne, have you had your weigh in yet?

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