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Dont let the hair loss put you off, not everyone gets it. It might not affect you in the slightest :)


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Hello Kirsty...... I think you need to look on the post in here to show you not to think too much about the hair loss , like starlight has said it may not happen to you. I am male with a little bit of hair loss before I started on Exante and I was shocked to find hair loss stopped. So maybe after a week you may se a little but i think that is normal.
Don't let a little hair loss ( if it happens ) put you off
I have found with all the Exante friends on here you will be ok


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Good luck Kirsty, the first 3 days will be hard. Drink at least 2L of water. Get on here if you feel down and write in your diary. There is great support here. xx
Day 1 -
Breakfast - I had a Vanilla Shake hot with coffee, didnt like it at all and thought i was going to be sick..sorry tmi!
Lunch - I had the Chocolate Orange Bar..unfortunately i thought it was disgusting but managed to eat it :(
Tea - I had Thai Chicken Soup again i wasnt fussed but managed to eat it

On the plus side i havent been hungry at all today just feeling a bit sick, but managed to drink plenty of water :D


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Well done for getting through day 1 Kirsty. The chocolate shake made up hot is lovely. X


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Day 1 - done! Well done! Vanilla shakes, toffee bars and Thai chicken soup. Are my faves :) try the toffee raisin and nut bars if you have any, they're much nicer than choc Orange. Good luck for day 2 :) let us know how it goes!
Day 2 -
Breakfast - I had a Chocolate Shake warm with a sweetener i thought it tasted okay..
Dinner - I had a the Toffee Nut and Raison Bar, i didnt like it but it wasnt as bad as the other bar :)
Tea - I was supposed to have the Tomatoe Soup but didnt get home from work until half 9 and just didnt want anything to eat..

On the plus side i had lots of water and wasnt that hungry really :)
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Day 3
I had a hot chocolate shake with a sweetener for breakfast.. I thought it tasted much better today because i whisked it for about 10 min lol so im happy happy about that :), i went to tesco and bought ultra slim chocolate and raspberry bars instead of exante ones and had the chocolate one for lunch with a cup of coffee without milk.. was really nice so:D, then for tea i had the tomatoe and basil soup and really liked it! I added salt and pepper to it and whisked it for about 10 min was nice :)
I also bought some vitamins today for skin, nails, hair and bought a new weighing scale! ive drunk lots of water and im not hungry at all! So been a good day :)


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What a great day you've had:) You are definitely motivated.


I can and will do this!
Well done Kirsty!

You are doing really well :)

The taste of the soups does grow on you - honest!

I thought the chicken soup was really nasty at first - now it's my favourite :D
I havent been on all weekend.. guess why? I gave up on the diet ended up going out sat night with friends which ended up having a few drinks and things then sun had a mcdonalds :sigh:
I dont know whether 2 re-start :(:wave_cry:


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Don't be too hard on yourself Kirsty, it's easily done. Nothing stopping you from starting new tomorrow. Have you got any more nights out planned? December is such a tough month for dieting. X


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Yes restart if you can, its worth it!!! If it happens again, forget about it and carry on. Everyone slips up every now and again.