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My End of RTM treat


Happy in my own skin
I've just had a lovely day today. I had arranged a make-over photoshoot with 4 different outfits and 4 very different looks to celebrate the end of RTM which finishes on Thursday. In one of the sets I wore a vintage dress that I've had for years and not been able to fit into.

I've had photoshoots done in the past but always felt uneasy about exposing myself (metaphorically, not literally...:eek:) in front of the camera. However today was totally different, I felt so relaxed, was able to change in front of the make up artist without feeling mortified, worried she would see cellulite or rolls of fat. The photographer commented on how much more relaxed I was and the make-up artist mentioned how brilliant my skin is....wooohoo I'm loving these positive strokes.

So has anyone else done anything to treat or pamper themselves for the end of their journey or even just to celebrate being on this journey?
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Playing the Angel
Morticia, how wonderful, what a great idea. The lovely sister and myself had planned a professional photo for the parental units for a christmas pressie!! Would love to know all the details, how you found the photographer etc, also could you pm me the approx costs???

Many thanks you model on a catwalk you!!

That sounds fantastic! Gld to hear you enjoyed it. I have asked my sisters and Mum if they will do this with me when I am finished :)

Kat xx
Wow - what a fab idea Morticia! Did you provide all the outfits? Where was it and how much? I would LOVE to do something like that and have the pics to objectively look at myself in different styles. Maybe I can persuade OH to treat me and be in them too. We have very few pics of us together.

Got my first size 10 trews today - two pairs of Peter Storm walking trousers! Millets close next week so are now very heavily discounting. They fit brilliantly and I'm looking forward to wearing them out on the hills :D.
What a lovely treat for all your hard work:)



Happy in my own skin
Thanks folks for the nice comments.

Jez, the photographer came with a personal recommendation from a good friend. This is the 4th or 5th photoshoot I've had done with this photographer. He specialises in make-over type images. The cost was £250 for a 4 hour shoot and a disk of the shots, the make-up artist was £65 for 4 hours. To be honest though i think the photographer gave me a discount as I'm a regular returner...lol. I will need to pay extra if I want the picutres printed and put in an album. The purple face shot in my album is one this photographer had done in the past.

TI, I had to provide my outfits though he does have a small amount of props for people who go along with an idea but lack the finer details. I used a pair of long elbow length gloves from his props box yesterday. Well done on the size 10 trews. I'm going walking on the east coast in 2 weeks so must have a look and see if there is a millets near me...:)

Jez and Kat, I think a family shoot would be a lovely idea....:D
its a lovely idea
i had a boudoir shoot done as a pressie for my husband on the night before our wedding last year.
i can't believe i was brave enough to do it - but it was a great experience (and looking back its the only proof ive got that i had big boobs as they have shrunk on LL!)
daisy x

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