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My epiphany!

On Saturday, we went to the football and won . . . hence a celebration as it was an important game. Five bottles of beer and two Spanish measure brandies. Then there was the curry. I tried to make it a green day and had the Dahl with rice. Scrummy. Especially with a host of poppadums and a chapati for good measure :8855:

Well, this morning was my weigh-in day - and I lost a mere 100g (about a quarter of a pound). And of course, my face fell. But then, in the shower, I realised that I had still lost something - much better than STS - and had a fabulous night out on Saturday which I really enjoyed. I'm a little further towards my goal.

Which is when the epiphany hit that it's silly trying to lose weight with a "goal" in mind date-wise. I'm off to the UK in a couple of weeks' time and wanted to be a couple of kilos lighter. But this morning, I realised that this is something long-term we're talking about. I'm tired of boom and bust; better little by little and re-educate myself foodwise. I love doing SW, enjoy my exercise (words I never thought I'd ever say!) and feel 100% happier with myself than when I was muffin top with all my clothes.

So although I'm keeping my goal weight and aiming for it, it's no longer the madness and obsession that it was. I'm off on holiday in July and want to have established a healthy eating pattern by then. I will look the best that I am able to make myself look, but I'm never going to compete with the 20 year olds on the beach so I'm not going to try anymore.

This is something I want for the rest of my life, not just a week in the UK. And if it goes at 100g a week, then so be it.

Sorry that was so long. It felt good writing it down!
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Good for you! If only everyone could see the loss as positively as you!!! Lol
Its better for the weight to come off slowly anyway, as think of the stress that your heart is under going from one size to the next.
I take my loss a day at a time. I exercise when I can and I eat on the SW plan, I do have a target, but whether that takes me this year, next year or the year after it doesnt matter.


No Coffee, No Workee
That's brilliant :D Having the realisation that "down is down it doesn't matter how little or over how long" is something it took me a while to come to terms with, but it helped when I did. I used to be gutted if I "only" lost half a pound, but now I celebrate. :)
I found an old SW book of mine a while ago which had all my weights recorded in it from the same time the year previous. I'd left SW that time because my weight loss was slow and I foolishly thought i could do better myself. When I looked at what I'd been doing, I worked out that even if I only lost 1/2lb a week i would be 2 stone lighter than when I started, instead of a couple of stone heavier. So now, how ever long it takes me, i'll be sticking to the plan, and if it slows down, then so be it, but i'm not giving up!
That's the trouble, isn't it. We think "only . . ." instead of "ever step is getting me fitter". I've done so many diets only to get to goal (or there abouts :rolleyes:) and then a year later, have to start all over again.

Oprah's right. "Diets" don't work. Healthy eating, like SW, does.

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