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My Exante Journey - Eeeeek

Let me introduce myself...My name is Louise and I am 29 in 12 days, I have bobbed purple hair, teeth that I hate but most importantly I am obese :( I wasn't always like this, I used to be svelte and blonde and smiley...then I turned 17, discovered beer and all the wonderful tastes that you can create by mixing cheese with just about anything! and this led to my ultimate destruction, the weight went on...I stopped going out and dancing and before I knew it, there I was with a great big tummy (that no amount of sucking in can conceal) and approximately 4 chins, I mean how greedy, I really only require 1.
Since the tragic day that I had to get someone else to paint my toe nails for me and tell me what my feet looked like, I have been trying to lose weight. You name it, its been tried...Beetroot Diet (too much purple wee for my liking) Cabbbage Soup (the smell was just awful) Weight Watchers (good, but not fast enough for an impatient bugger like me) Slimming World (hmmm, couldnt really take to it) Starving myself because I stupidly thought this was the way to go, cruel jibes from boyfriend at the time didnt help. Thankfully I realised this was not the answer and moved on to 'Eating sensibly' seriously, is it just me or is that the worst thing to say to a foodie...if I knew how to eat sensibly or had the inclination to do so then I wouldnt be overweight! All to no avail...I had nearly given up and then I thought I would give LL a go..and blow me down, it only went a worked! I lost 3 stone and felt great...didnt last long, back on it went...that was some 6 years ago. Then I met John, we got enagaged and a Wedding dress was upon me! :eek: Oh my word....how was I ever going to work the whole wedding dress thing?? I decided the only way was to return to LL but with the cost going up all the time I couldnt do it...disappointment set in, and then I found CD and to top it off and counselleor at the end of my road! I started on Feb 1st 2008 @ 16 stone 1 and by May 5th I was 11st 10...I didnt quite make it to goal as my counsellor was crap! No other word for her...I stayed slim for my wedding day but not very. So, time has moved on and so has the weight, it is back with avengance and I hate it, hate it, hate it. So I saved some pennies and shopped around, and there is was, on Google, like a shinning, bright, Light...a VLCD that I didnt need to take out a second mortgage for! Exante...looked pretty much the same, bland, tastless, powdery soup..sickly shakes...ahhh how familiar! I promptly ordered them and following their imminent delivery I am currently half way through day 1...my breath smells already...yuk! I have a soup to eat later..double yuk and I am now remembering how bloody awful the fisrt day is...So I am here for some inspiration and support and to bore you all with my daily diary...Be warned, It may get nasty ;) The point is...I am a piglet and it is all or nothing, I have opted for nothing and as scared as I am right now...I cant bloody wait...x

Mwah xx
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Well MissBliss as you are very well aware we have all been there and have worn the T shirt. I very much doubt you are a piglet and you obviously like yourself very much or you would'nt try and try again.

I look forward to your tantrams as the above thread is very amusing and if they get better and better then we are all in for one hell of ride which I for one will be loving. Nothing like a good old rant with people you have never met but everyone on here is very supportive and inspirational. I think everyone on here has thrown a wobbly at some stage during their journey and yours, it seems, will be extreme so you go girl, rant, rave, throw things about but stay on the diet and speak to us, even when things are going well.

Again I am very much looking forward to following your journey, going to be interesting me thinks


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Ha ha brilliant post Louise, love it! A big warm welcome to our little family. This is a fabulous forum and everyone is so supportive. I also did LL 6 years ago and lost 5 stone but slowly it all went back on (mainly due to my love of food and wine)
Come here as often as you can, there's usually someone about :)


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I agree with markanderl, your post is amusing!!!

I've never been able to do the whole 'eating sensibly' thing. I'm too much of a chocoholic comfort eater!

You already know I am also halfway through Day 1 so hopefully we can help each other along :D

Gem x
Day One!

Well.....I survived the day, and still have a bar to eat, I am actually looking forward to it, Which is more than can be said for the ghastly soup. I spent most of morning, reading some of your inspirational stories and tried to busy myself looking at your before and after photos, but it appears that I am a mere mortal and dont have the powers to view them! Damn it! So, I then decided to play World of Warcraft...good bit of escapism (or so I thought) For those of you are not familiar with this 'geeky game' It is basically a great big on-line fantasy world where you create a character (mine is oibviously gorgeus and thin! -not at all like real life, hence why I love it) and you essentially run around doing quests, which involve killing monsters..(I like to imagine the ex boyf in these moments) today however, every quest involved food..:rolleyes: Isn't that always the way? Anyhoo, this killed some time and some hunger pangs and I treated myself to a hot bubbly bath and a book for half an hour...That's more time gone....next was the very thing I had been putting off...the dreaded soup!
I prepared it andas I sniffed the bowl I tried my very best to imagine Covent Garden Tomato and Basil...hmm, my imagination is good but I can't perform chuffing miracles..Lol, it was truly awful and I reluctantly gulped it down and proceeded to chuck a pint and a half of water down my neck straight after - helped to take the taste away and remove all traces of powdery residue that were stuck to the roof of my mouth! :p
I am now back on to you lovely people as I am at my weakest point right now! I have saved my bar so that I can eat with the hubby - He was going to just have crisps for dinner but I told the lazy wotsit that he cant have crsips for dinner for the next 13 weeks, so he is currently up tesco buying dinner for himself and under my instructions...nothing too yummy! He is back and has brought me some water and himself a carbonara, where is the justice?? Anyway...I forgot to mention earlier My starting weight was 15 stone 8lbs...:eek: I would like to lose 4 stone by October 4th...is this realsitic. Also, does anyone know if I can chew Blue or Green extra on Exante? I was allowed to on CD and I found it helped.

I shall update you all tomorrow peeps...I bet I am going to dream of chocolate and cheese and pasta and crsips and beer and.....this list is not exhaustive by the way...Lol

Night Night xx

BTW I am glad you are finding it amusing, although I moan I do like to remain light hearted and I want you to enjoy it! xx
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Looks like you picked the worst flavour for your first soup! But well done for surviving. Here's to tomorrow *chinks glass of water*


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good luck hope you have an amazing journey with us x


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love your honesty, we are all as honest beleive me, good luck on your journey, i can see we are gonna have fun with you mrs, lol. welcome and hope u enjoy yr new little family.x


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Well Louise I am glad you made it through day one and it seems your hubby is very supportive which always helps. I am trying work out how you "do guests" but then thats just my dirty mind. I don't think the chewing gum is allowed but then if it works for you and it does not affect your weight loss or ketosis then chew it away. I drink caffeine free diet coke every day, just a can a day, and it is not allowed but I am losing a lot of weight and have been in ketosis for 5 weeks.

With regards to the soup, why not try to add spices to it, it might make a difference. Thanks goodness I like the soups. I actually have 3 shakes a day only and only have soup about 3 times a week. My wife loves the soups and has every day. We only ordered shakes and soup.

4st in 2 and half months, I am not sure. It all depends on how much you lose the 1st week I think. If you can lose 10lbs plus you might do it, going to be close i think.

Anyway, bring on day 2 and I look forward to your day 2 update


Mistress of the Dark
S: 21st4lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 4st10lb(22.15%)
I'm glad we both made it through day 1 relatively unscathed MissBliss!

How are you feeling today? Hope it's not as poo as I do! I have the mother of all headaches!!! I expected it but it's still not nice. I hope tomorrow is a little less painful! :sigh: x
Day Two

Hi Guys and Gals.....
Well here we are Day 2 and so far not too bad...Went to bed last night after a bar that can only be described as brick dust, shocking headache and dizziness but I slept well and woke this morning to find that my tummy is already feeling flatter! Yay!

Elvira, I hope it gets better for you my love, just hang in there and stick with it! Have more water and maybe go for a nap...big hugs xx

Markandearl - thanks for the tips...I am smiling lots at the thought of a can of coke! Depressing when something that small can raise such excitement! What will I be like when someone offers me a carrott!! lol xx

I got up and busied myself with pampering and preening, before I knew it, it was 12:00 and I then had to get on with some e-mails...I am currently directing Little Shop of Horrors which goes on stage on 12th August for a 4 night stint! So I am kind of stressed and this is good because it keeps me occupied! 1:50 and I still hadn't had anything to eat (feh - eat?!) so I had a Chocolate shake, actually okay....I am thinking if my little box of packs contained just choc shakes then I might just be okay! But...the soup looms...Thai Chicken today...sigh....My friend just ate a Quater Pounder and fries...oh and a Mars milkshake (I am sure my chocolate one was much nicer :D)
I am off to rehearsals in a bit so that will be interesting..I am scary enough without the food being taken away, those poor kids have no bloody idea! Lol....

All in all, apart from so many toilet trips I feel like i'm losing weight just from walking to to loo, breath that is melting my freinds eyebrows..(not that this is a problem...he does slightly resemble Rowan Atkinson..hench eyebrowage!!) and a small headache, all is good...I am not hungry so onwards and upwards!

Now...where did I put that cane!? :p


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Hi Miss Bliss,
loving your daily updates, keeping me entertained.
I gagged when I first tasted the soups and I don't like shakes so was seriously worried, however, now I positively salivate when it's soup time. I liberally add white pepper to the tomato, vegetable, and mushroom, and chinese five spice to the chicken, and they are actually quite tasty. I also allow myself a can of coke zero a couple of times a week and it's not had any affect on ketosis.
Good luck, keep the column going
Kaka x


Mistress of the Dark
S: 21st4lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 4st10lb(22.15%)
Well done MissBliss! I feel much better today. There seems to be a headache lurking in the wings but it hasn't taken it's toll yet.

I managed to get the hang of crochet and I am well into a blanket now so that's taking my mind off food!

Keep on going hun! xxx
Day Three

Hello All!

Sorry I didnt post yesterday, I hada very very busy day and did not get on-line at all...
My Hubby is an Account Manager and he was going up to Stoke for a meeting with a customer, its a 4hr drive there and back and he wanted some company, because I am off work for the week I got up at 7:00 and got ready, we left at 8:00 - got to Stoke at 1:00 ( should ahve taken 4 hours but he hadn't remembered the frequent toilet stops that would be required) I tried my best to have as much water as I could but I knew that we couldnt stop at every services so I am sureI didnt get enough as I had quite a bad headache.. Anyhoo we got there and he dropped me off at a retail park...now, I was thinking 'oh dear, how am I going to kill time walking round a B & Q and PC World...but as he pulled into the carpark there it was....Next! And an array of sales banner telling me there were 'even further reductions' ...I promptly told him to take as long as he needed in the meeting and to come and get me when he was ready :D The sale was great! So much on offer, it would have been rude to get at least 1 thing...I started rooting through the rails and rails and picked up lots of size 18 tops...was on my way to the changing room and stopped in my tracks...Size 18, NO! I am not buying them, they fit me now but in a months time they wont! So I put them back a grabbed a 12 and some 14's- something to work towards! After much looking around I settled on buying a nice silver bracelet, a wooden necklace and a red and black leopard print T-shirt with sparkles...sounds tacky but isn't :p and then proceeded to trawl through countless sale items in Outfit and New Look too...All the while I was muching a choc and orange bar, they are not bad at all....I can eat these babies without gagging! Lol...and I drank some more water..
The hubby eventually picked me up at about 3:30 and we set off for the long drive back..I got a text from a friend reminding me that we had drinks with the girls planned and that she would pick me up at 7:30 :eek: Do the maths..I was never going to be back and ready in time, So I told her I would meet them there...We stopped at a services and I needed to spruce up..I thought I would push my luck and try one of the size 14 tops on...it fitted! It is generous though so Im not too excited ..Anyway I got dropped at the pub and even though the girls were all drinking wine and I was frowned upon for doing 'that stupid diet' I drank water all night like a good girl :) After a lovely evening I got home around 11:00 and went straight to sleep, woke up at 3:00 thinking 'oh no, I only had 1 pack today' I didnt mean that to happen at all, I am just not hungry so I didnt think about it at all! This is bad and I am not going to do that again...I will have all 3 today! On the plus side, I am feeling flatter already and can see the starts of 1 chin dissapearance!!

Hope you are all well....xx


Mistress of the Dark
S: 21st4lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 4st10lb(22.15%)
Well done you!

I'm terrible for buying clothes! I have jeans in all sizes from 24-12! Got to be prepared you see lol! x
Well done :D your doing great....eat all 3 packs from now on tho tut tut lol.

Elvira.....any jeans u have that are too big, get them in the bin lol.....you aint needin them again ;) xxx


Mistress of the Dark
S: 21st4lb C: 16st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 4st10lb(22.15%)
None that are too big...yet!

But I will definitely be charity shop-ing them as soon as I can! x

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