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  1. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Hiya and welcome to my Exante diary :)

    A bit about myself and how I ended up with my weight issue... Well I moved out at 15 and up to then I'd never had a problem with food or my weight, I think where I had the choice to make my meals and I had to do everything for myself I relied on junk food. I then got pregnant at 17 and obviously put on a lot more weight and just didn't lose it.. Kept eating loads and piling on more weight, and here I am, 23, 18st4lb and at only 5ft, morbidly obese :(

    I come across this site and thought I'd give exante a go as a last resort as nothing else seems to work for me, as I feel I need to come away from food to be able to change my relationship with it to stop future weight gain.

    For my height, my ideal weight should be between 7 and 9 stone according to the NHS website, so I've set my goal at 8 stone :) I have a long journey of 10 stone to go, but I will make it work this time, I want to be able to run around with my daughter without becoming breathless or being constantly aware how big I am, so I'm feeling very positive this time - The Last Time :D

    I haven't started Exante yet, my delivery is coming on Monday and I will be starting also on Monday. I've been reading through many other threads on exante and it looks like a very successful way to lose weight :)

    Id be grateful for any advice or support, and will update on Monday - Day One Of The New Me!! :)
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  3. mandyw8

    mandyw8 Full Member

    Hi and welcome! There is great support on here and the Exante diet is good and certainly delivers.The first couple of days are sometimes the hardest so do use the forum for support and distraction if needed. Look forward to checking in and seeing your progress.
  4. kimmi1982

    kimmi1982 serial binger


    Good luck on your new journey! I've done the diet before and it worked!! I fell off the wagon and now debating on whether I should try again. I m a shorty too at 5ft so need to lose about 7 stone :-(.

    Good luck x x
  5. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Thanks for your messages.. I must admit I did make the most of my last eating day today... Ate way more than planned.. But that's it now - 100% from tomorrow :) I've spent the evening reading through other Exante Diaries and they are very inspirational. We can do this :)

    Now I'm looking forward to starting tomorrow.. Hoping that I like the packs *fingers crossed* I should be fine..

    Anyways I'm off to bed and will update tomorrow :)
  6. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    Good luck for your start tomorrow :D
    Remember to become an aquaholic ;)
  7. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Thanks Marge :) I have a litre bottle that I'm going to fill up between 3 & 4 times a day :) been at it this morning already :) my delivery is coming between 9.50 and 10.50.. So haven't got too long to wait I suppose :) feeling quite hungry tbh.. But it'll pass :) feeling positive :)
  8. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Well delivery was very prompt this morning at 9.50 exactly lol.. I had a vanilla shake at 10am - didn't add anything to it because I wanted to try it on its own to start - I found it quite powdery even though I blended it.. It was still drinkable though and looking forward to experimenting with different flavours.. I've decided my next to packs will be a choc orange bar and a soup but don't know what flavour yet, maybe Thai chicken.. Bit unsure of the soups but will try them.. On a not so good note, I've had an awful headache since about 10.30 and nausea since about 11.. Decided to go to bed to try and sleep it off instead of reaching to the cupboards like I would normally... As long as I get through the first couple of days I'll be fine :) I'm about half way through 2nd litre of water so doing well.. Have stocked up on coke zero and will limit to one can a day as a treat to begin with :) also have peppermint tea that I'm yet to try :) still feeling positive beneath the headache and nausea :)
  9. Noor30

    Noor30 Silver Member

    Hi and welcome Keirasmummy, all the best with ur goals and we will all do our best to support u and each other :)
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  10. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Hey Keirasmummy :D

    Really looking forward to following your journey! Best of luck hun xx
  11. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    The peppermint tea may help with the sicky feeling :)
  12. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Thanks ED :) and to you and your WI Tomorrow :)

    Marge, I will try that when I get home.. Had my afternoon bar with 2 pain killers and lots of water and seems to have settled a little :) but will have a peppermint tea when I get in after taking the little one swimming :)

    Am now debating on what to have for dinner... I have all the soups and a carbonara... Anyone have any favourites? :)
  13. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    I've just had the Thai chicken soup which wasn't too bad, although towards the end there was a few lumps which were a little off putting... But nevertheless I done it.. I am now enjoying a can of coke zero and going to have an early night to stop any boredom caused visits to the fridge :)
  14. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    I get really tired on vlcd anyway, so an early night is a good idea chick :)
  15. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Day 2!!!

    Wow.. Didn't even think I'd finish day one tbh.. I didn't even eat a morsel of food :) feel really good this morning so far apart from being quite thirsty :)..

    I have an awful habit of daily weighing, and I'm yet to get rid of it.. So I weighed this morning and I'm -3lb :) I know it's mostly water and stuff the first week but its still a nice motivation :)

    I'm off to do the school run and walk the dog and will have my first shake afterwards..

    Have a nice day everyone :)
  16. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Thats fab hun :) It will get easier until soon you wont even be trying to be good - it will just become your lifestyle! Have a lovely day :) xx
  17. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Yeah today is quite tricky, already had my lunchtime bar and trying to fill up on a can of coke zero but I must build up the energy to do my ironing lol.. OH has gone away for the night to Milton Keynes for indoor skydiving in a wind tunnel.. So will be another early night for me.. Hope energy levels increase a bit before tomorrow afternoon as I'm back at work.. I will do this :) going to try a tomato soup later on... Hoping I like it... Lol :) xx
  18. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    You are doing great chick.... keep drinking water and you will get there :)
  19. notsoskinnymarge

    notsoskinnymarge Gold Member

    You are doing great chick.... keep drinking water and you will get there :)
  20. keirasmummy

    keirasmummy Full Member

    Thanks Marge ;) have had 3 litres of water plus 1 can of coke zero... Very regular trips to the loo! Lol.. I had the carbonara for tea.. Was ok but quite a bit salty.. But before the I was very hungry :( I ended up having 100g of Bernard Matthews chicken breast (5 slices) does anyone know if this will make a big impact on getting to ketosis? Apart from that its been a gd day :)
  21. ED.

    ED. Champion Weight Gainer. Repeat offender.

    Well done hun :) Found the values on my fitness pal, as follows:

    View attachment 78168

    A lot better than sticking them in some bread as a sandwich! You did well xx

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