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My extra easy food recipes

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by kann32gym, 26 November 2012 Social URL.

  1. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Lemon and raspberry syllabub

    Serves: 4
    Syns per serving: ½

    200g frozen raspberries sweetened with 1 tbsp of sweetener
    2 x 125g pots Müllerlight Greek-style luscious lemon fat-free yogurt
    300g natural fat free fromage frais
    150g Quark
    20g sweetener
    Defrost the raspberries and sweeten with 1 tbsp of artificial sweetener. Divide between 4 glasses.

    Place the yogurt, lemon zest, fromage frais, Quark and sweetener in a bowl and whisk until well combined. Spoon the mixture evenly on top of the raspberries.

    Decorate with fresh raspberries and mint.

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  3. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    image.jpg Chocolate and Vanilla cheesecakeServes 8-10 I based syns on 8 - 2syns each

    12 Alpine light bars (any) I used summer fruits. (Heb)
    50g Dark chocolate broken in small pieces. I used Sainsbury's dark no added sugar 13 syns
    2 tbsp powdered gelatine
    3 165g Mullerlight New York Style Cheesecake yogurt - I used Vanilla 3 syns in total
    100g quark
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    4 tbsp sweetener

    Put Alpine bars into bowl into Microwave for 45seconds. Then place into 20cm Loose bottom tin, flatten evenly and place into fridge to chilli. Dies not take long.

    Put chocolate into heatproof bowl and place over pan of simmering water for 2-3 mins or until melted. Allow to cool.

    Sprinkle gelatine in to 75ml boiling water and stir to dissolve. Put in mullerlight yogurt, quark,vanilla extract,sweetener and gelatine mixture into food processor and blend till smooth.I did this by hand by using a fork it didn't take long to go smooth.

    If using food processor transfer mixture to bowl, then using a fork swirl in the melted chocolate. Pour mixture over alpine base and put into Fridge. It states over night but I have left for 5 hrs and it was long enough.

    Enjoy !!
  4. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Bubble and squeak cakes. Lovely for breakfast with egg and beans

    These are syn free
    2lb/908g floury potatoes
    7oz/198g cabbage
    6 spring onions
    1 egg yolk, cook the potatoes till tender, preheat oven 220c. Whilst potato are cooking shred the cabbage and chop onion

    Drain potatoes let cool then mx in cabbage, onion and egg yolk. Make mixture into individual patties, place on baking tray and cook for 20-25 till they turn slightly brown
    Forgot to say mash the potatoes first before adding cabbage etc

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  5. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Penne, courgette, onion pasta bake
    Syn free using cheese from HEA

    Easy dish made with pasta, courgette, onion, sweetcorn, mushrooms. Add what ever you want to it.

    Sauce s made up by cottage cheese, 2 eggs and reduced fat cheese.

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  6. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    This is my adapted version of the Key Lime pie. Hope you will like it. Let me know

    Serves 8 people

    You will need 18" loose bottomed cake tin

    8 Alpine light bars I used chocolate and fudge. (Heb)
    1 Sachet no added sugar lemon and lime jelly crystals. I used Hartley's. 1.5 syns for whole sachet
    2 tsp powdered gelatine
    juice of 4 limes
    400g mullerlight vanilla yogurt
    200g Quark
    6 tbsp sweetener

    Put Alpine bars in a bowl place in microwave for 45 seconds, then stir and place in the 18cm tin, press evenly over the base put into fridge to chill. Won't take long.

    Mix jelly crystals with 140ml boiling water and then stir in the gelatine. Set a side to cool.

    Put lime juice in to a bowl or food processor (I put mine in to a bowl). Add the cool jelly mixture, yogurt, quark and sweetener and blend until smooth. ( I done this by using a fork it did not take long). Then pour on to the alpine base and put into fridge to cool. I left mine in there for 5 hours it does say over night but found 5 hours long enough especially if your keen to have some. Lol.

    i calculated it to 0.5 which will be over the syns used. But then you can always slice it up for four people which will still be 0.5 syns. Hope it makes sense. The only syn part is the jelly which is 1.5 for the whole lot in the cake so I just divided this to the serving qty x

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  7. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Chicken pizza melts syn free using cheese as HEA

  8. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Spiced Plum Clafoutis
    Serves 6 4 syns per serving
    500g plums halved and stoned
    Finely grated zest of 1 orange
    1 tsp ground cinnamon
    A pinch of ground cardamom seeds
    A large pinch of ground all spice
    6tbsp sweetener
    2 eggs separated
    3 levels tbsp plain flour, sieved
    1 level tbsp ground almonds
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    70ml skimmed milk

    Preheat oven 180c/fan 160c lightly spray a shallow 20cm diameter baking dish with fry light.
    Put plums, zest,cinnamon,all spice and tbsp sweetener in mixing bowl and toss well. Put mixture then in baking dish.
    Put egg yolks and remaining sweetener in another bowl and beat until pale and fluffy. Fold in flour, almonds,vanilla extract and milk.
    Put egg whites into clean glass bowl. Beat until form soft peaks when whisk is lifted. Fold egg whites then into the batter mixture.
    Then spoon mixture over the fruit and bake in middle of the oven for 20-25 mins or til batter is puffed and golden brown.

  9. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Syn free

    397g/14oz each of sweet potato and white potato, peeled and chopped.
    Salt and freshly ground black pepper
    100ml/3 1/3 fl oz chicken stock
    4 tbsp finely chopped parsley
    1 egg lightly beaten

    For filling
    312ml/11fl oz chicken stock
    2leeks trimmed and chopped
    1 garlic clove peeled and crushed
    312g/11oz carrots cut into cubes
    198g/7oz fresh or frozen peas
    100g/3 1/2oz mushrooms sliced
    596g/1lb 5oz cooked chicken cut into cubes
    3tbsp chopped Tarragon

    Preheat oven 180c/gas4. Boil potatoes in large pan for 15-20mins or til tender. Drain and return to pan with stock, mash until smooth and season well. Stir in parsley and set aside.

    To make filling place stock,leeks,garlic,carrots,peas,mushrooms in a pan and cook over gently heat for 12-15mins. Stirring often, until leek have softened. Add chicken to pan stir to mix.

    Add tarragon, season well and cook gently for 3-4 mins stir often. Remove from heat and transfer to medium pie dish.

    Spread mash mixture over the chicken mix and brush top with beaten egg. Bake in oven for 20-25 mins or until golden and bubbling.

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  10. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Dime bar cheese cake

    6 Alpen light choc & fudge
    1 tub quark
    1 ww toffee yogurt
    3 tblsp sweetener
    1 sachet gelatine dissolved in 50ml hot water
    1 dime bar (bash into small pieces whilst in wrapper)

    Put the 6 alpen bars in the microwave and warm for 45 seconds until starting to melt.
    put in the bottom a 6 inch lose bottom tin. Put into fridge to set.
    Meanwhile mix the quark with the yogurt and 3 tblsp sweetener.
    Dissolve the gelatine. leave to cool for a bit before mixing into the quark mixture.
    Pour on top of the alpen bars.
    Leave to set. Once it starts to thicken sprinkle over the crushed dime bar into 3 for 2 1/2 syns & HEb choice per serving or slice into 4 for 2 syns & 3/4 HEb choice.

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  11. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Syn free breakfast

  12. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Syn free dinner using Philadelphia light cheese spread as HEA.

    jacket potato with spread cheese, topped with baked beans with salad

  13. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    I shall be giving some of these a try they sound lovely especially the dime bar cake yummy
  14. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    image.jpg Chickpea Dahl loaf. Syn free

    1 x pack Batchelors golden savoury rice cooked and left to cool.
    1 x 62.5g pack of Uncle Bens boil in the bag rice cooked and left to cool
    1 tin of Asda chosen by you Chickpea Dahl or Mazadar chickpea dhal (spelt differently online) (other brands have syns)
    3 eggs beaten.

    Grease a loaf tin with fry light and line. (I used a large one and the bottom measured 9 1/4" x 4 1//4")
    Mix the rice and Dahl together.
    Mix with the beaten eggs.
    Pour into the loaf tin and level off.
    Bake in oven on 170 oC fan oven for 45-60 minutes until firm to the touch.
    Serve hot or cold.

    Can also add sliced mushrooms, peppers, onions and other veggies to the mixture.
  15. cupofteapet

    cupofteapet Full Member

    great recipes, thanks
  16. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Dime bar cheesecake is my favourite.

    Let me know what you think x
  17. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    I certainly will im sure ill love it lol x
  18. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    image.jpg image.jpg

    Chicken lasagna with mushroom and onion, topping of lasagna is Philadelphia light cheese with chilli

    This is for serving for 2, using Hea. Syn free

    Diced chicken


    Cook chicken then add mushrooms and onion
    Stir in chopped tomatoes
    Put the philadelphia cheese in a pan with splash of water add more if required and slowly melt the cheese to make sauce.
    My dish was smaller then the length of lasagna so snapped the end to make fit.
    Put a two sheets of lasagna side by side in dish, chicken mix, lasagna sheets, chicken mix, lasagna sheets then cheese sauce mix (my dish was not deep enough but you could do chicken mix again then cheese sauce)
  19. Rachc7

    Rachc7 Full Member

    This looks lovely, what's the recipe please?
  20. kann32gym

    kann32gym Full Member

    Serves 4

    4 skinless chicken breasts
    4tbsp passata
    fry light
    150g slice mushrooms
    120g grated reduce fat cheese
    chopped onion

    Preheat oven 190c/gas 7. Using sharpe knife cut each chicken breast lengthways, but not all the way through and open so it's out flat. Put each chicken breast on a separate square of kitchen foil and transfer to baking trays.

    Spread 1 tbsp of passata over each breast, then spray the edges with fry light, top with mushrooms and onion. Then sprinkle over the cheese.

    fold edges of the foil up around the sides of the chicken to catch juices. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until cooked through.

    if need to put under grill to brown the top. I found I didn't need to do this,

    hope you enjoy it x x
  21. Kingsbottom

    Kingsbottom Full Member

    Some really nice recipes, thanks for sharing :)

    What would you serve the chickpea dahl loaf with?

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