My family are eating fish & chips in the other room...feels like torture tonight :(

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  1. ja9cd

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    Just needed to vent a little.

    I feel so mad, it's not that they are not supportive because they are very supportive and behind me 100%, but sometimes, when they are being the food police it drives me crazy! :(

    I was so tempted to steal some of their food but my DH always stops me and tells me to keep on track, it will be worth it etc etc. and even though I know he is trying to help, it makes me so moody with him.

    I suppose I am also mad at myself for getting myself into such a state with food and dieting that this drastic (and so very difficult at times) diet is what it has come to. :(

    Anyway, clearly I am not stealing any fish and chips although the smell is pure torture....thanks for listening, hope you all are having a good day :)

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  3. Julesy

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    Well done you on not giving in to that temptation and also how great that you have such a supportive family behind you too!

    Just imagine all that fat and grease in those fish and chips and instead get yourself a yummy healthy shake.....(yes I know I'm sick and weird! lol!)

    Y'know its the smells of foods that gets to me at times too.......I just cooked the kids baked potato and cheesey beans and you wouldn't actually think that could smell as good as it did....but trust me I had saliva dribbling out my mouh like Homer with his donuts.......

    Keep going with that excellent motivation and you'll be at goal in no time! :)

    ((((Big non greasy hugs))))
  4. Whitey

    Whitey Full Member

    I know how you feel I have banned any garlic bread while i'm ss. Yes i know its selfish but as i look at it I'm makeing another huge change in my life as i stopped smoking 2 years ago which was hard I'm sure they can cope without garlic bread for a few weeks whilst I become a skinner happy person. Just make sure you squirt washin up liquid on any left overs so your not tempted. Keep up the good work and well done for even letting takeaway food into the house:)
  5. cora xxx

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    Oh no, it is sooo hard isnt it, sometimes I can smell food even when no one else can and there is no food being cooked???

    Last night I had hot apple pie smothered in cold custard, it was soooooo nice but then I felt so guilty that i went upstairs and forced myself to be sick but then worried cos of what I had just done so now I am just going to stick to my chicken breast or fish and thats all

    well done you for being strong xxx
  6. shinyhappyperson

    shinyhappyperson Silver Member

    I know how you feel, a friend brought over a big pasta bake to feed the 7 kids, so I baked lots of garlic bread to go with it. That was REALLY hard to resist.

    Well done ... the smell of the chips must have been scrumptious!
  7. Porgeous

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    It's sooo difficult sometimes isn't it hun, I used to tell myself that it can't possibly taste as good as it smells and trust me it will never give you the buzz that slipping into a smaller size will!!! Hang in there you are doing brilliantly!

  8. ja9cd

    ja9cd Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thanks guys :)

    Now some time has passed and I have had more water and my last pack of the day I feel much better. Hubby put all the leftovers straight in the bin (probably knew I would struggle not to have a couple away if he left them on the plate!) and now the smell has finally gone from the house!

    Yey! am very happy I did not give in and stuck with it...doesnt seem so bad now and the weigh in is only 2 days's to a great weight loss (better than fish & chips - just! :) )

    Thanks for all your posts :)
  9. mandye

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    Having just got back in from cooking a couple of hundred fish and chips (work in chippy lol)dont know what all the fuss is about .But if we were talking about a ham salad french stick now think I might fight you for it .Some days are just harder than others Im lucky no ham or french stick in the house well done for resisting xxx
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