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My feet have shrunk

I have heard of people having feet shrinkage and never believed it... but yes in down from a 7 to a 6 .. all my shoes keep slipping off so went into town and even a 6 is a lil roomie now!

Anyone else had this?

funnily enough i bought a size 7 pair of shoes and they are slipping from my feet. in fact slipping is an understatement.

it's a cute pair of ballet pumps and i am a bit surprised as i am definitely a size 7. it must be that particular shoe?
hehe i dunno all my shoes seem massive now ive just done a try on of a good chunk.. worst is high heels ... i hate slipping high heals....

well u know what?? good excuse to shoe buy!


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Mine are all too big too, and I am a real shoeaholic some have only been worn once, was trying them on with outfits today and my 6's are too big now xx


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It will be heaven if my feet shrink! In Spain they don't go over a 41 for ladies and in some places a 40. In UK I am 8 or 8 and a half which is 42. If my feet go down to 41 I will be able to get shoes over here which will be wonderful!


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I'd be interested to know if other people's feet have shrunk and how much weight they had lost before they noticed a difference in their show size!


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That's great news, I'm really looking forward to this happening! I have experienced the opposite since my pregnancy the weight put on after it. My shoes don't fit,and had to get a size bigger or wide fitting versions. Recently I have noticed them getting slightly roomier,but still not nowhere near comfortable to wear. So I'll keep waiting and hoping for the best!
I've lost 63lbs and my size 8(41) are now too big, slipping off. I tried on a 7(40) and they fitted. Not really what to make of it, will need to try more sizes x
Do you need shoes!

In Spain they don't go over a 41 for ladies and in some places a 40.

Do you need shoes in Spain? lol That was interesting to learn. Seriously, I wonder why they don't have bigger shoes... not all Spanish women are tiny.
Most Spanish women are on the small side. I'm 5' 9" which is normal by UK standards but over here when with Spanish friends most of the conversation goes on under my chin!
lol and yes we need shoes - it gets cold here in the winter! Sometimes it even snows. We only get about half an inch but it's hilarious cos they don't know how to deal with it, You aren't allowed to drive in it if you don't have chains on the tyres. In general the whole country grinds to a halt if it snows!
Yep mine too I have gone down a size but the funniest thing was, when I started this diet I was 5'8 and now im 5'6.6 whats that all about.
haha im telling you I have, I have always been 5'8 and when i get measured at boots with that buzzy thing it reads 5.6.6, my cdc told me its natural that the spine curves as you get older, thought it would have been a lot later in life, but when i got married I had to take my shoes off so I was same height as my husband, grrr he is a tad taller now and takes the p*ss as I have for years. not sure how to answer why etc, but she put me down from four shakes to three so ive lost out now.
Yeah i know we lose height as we get older....but your not older lol thats why i got confused! Poor you losing over an inch! thats alot really aint it?

Has it effected your trouser lengths lol? ah well least ya slim now :) thats better than the taller thing lol
OMG yes it has, I never wear heals, and I have had to buy some as my trouser legs are getting caught under my shoes.:cry:
Finding Shoes in Spain can be a Pain!

In general the whole country grinds to a halt if it snows!

Is this anything like having leaves on the railway lines in the UK? I thought this was the funniest thing I'd ever heard -- before I realised it was serious. lol

Must be nice to be 5'9" -- most women have no choice but to look up to you!

Good Luck with the Shoe Shopping,


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