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  1. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Hi all,

    Have started today for the fourth time (did LL first two times and Cambridge more recently) and I have promised myself it WILL be the last, I WILL follow maintenance and I WON'T let myself get to this position again. Not least because it's an expensive thing to fail...

    Met my latest CDC who is lovely and so supportive (I worry she won't be quite firm enough...) and have picked up my packs for the week. I have got all tetra's as I like the simplicity of it, though they are a bit pricier (£51.45 for the week).

    That going-into-ketosis feeling obviously hasn't started quite yet but I imagine this time tomorrow I'll be feeling pretty crap! So excited to get the weight off and telling myself that this isn't the battle - this is the easy bit. Keeping it OFF is where the 'journey' starts, so I'm not going to allow myself to find it difficult!

    I have a holiday booked on 29th March so I will have a week off then but I have accounted for that already and won't be feeling guilty about it.

    Here we go again..for the final time...wish me luck!
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  3. teebeexxx

    teebeexxx Member

    Good luck, stick with it!!
  4. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Thanks teebee, really determined this time! :) xx
  5. Essexjules

    Essexjules Member


    i am also starting today for the second time!! I am so annoyed to be back here.....this time last year I felt fantastic but now I'm back to the starting blocks!! I lost 3.5stone last year and I am starting half a stone lighter the time.

    i feel the same as you do....this has to be last time and I must to the diet 100% from start to finish.

    i am hungry and desperate to grab some chocolate and coke zero (my weakness!) but I just keep thinking how fab I will feel in a months time! Good luck xxxxx
  6. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Hi Jules! We can do this!

    im v hungry too, and grumpy! The two normally go hand in hand, haha. Doesn't help that my bf is tucking into pizza!

    looking forward to being in ketosis now when the hunger is easier to bear and I'm not so grumpy!

  7. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Morning of Day 2 and feeling surprisingly good, although generally I have found days 3 and 4 the toughest. once i'm in ketosis i hope it's all plain sailing, as i actually enjoy the feeling of it (not so much the disgusting dog breath but hey ho).

    had my choc tetra this morning (so tasty) and have managed 2 black coffees and a litre of water. as i'm only having tetras i need to be really making a conscious effort to drink about 4 litres as i'm not getting the liquid i would in a shake or soup. did pretty well with my intake yesterday and showed a -6lbs on the scales, but i'm not reading into that as i was naked and safe to say i was fully clothed at my CDC's house yesterday haha.

    im now having my weekly weigh ins on mondays so will only have 5 days on plan before i get my first weigh in, being realistic with myself of a 5 to 7 lb loss.

    hows everyone else getting on today? excited to have my banana tetra at lunch and ploughing on through hunger pangs until ketosis kicks in!
  8. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Full Member

    Hi Harriet, welcome back.. im also doing the cambridge for the fourth time. Once and for all.. ive never went to the maintenance stage.. go cocky then got fat haha. Hope you battle on through your first week. I'm sure you will do fine.. Good luck xxx
  9. jay631

    jay631 Member


    Good Job in coming back to it. At least you havnt given up. you can do this. :)
  10. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Haha ciara, got cocky and then got fat! Me too! I lost about 3 st (needed to lose 5) and felt pretty good so just stopped altogether and rewarded myself by eating crap?!?! how my brain worked that one out i do not know.

    hi Jay, thanks very much! I'm glad to be back as i know it works. im more terrified of maintenance than the actual plan! My CDC is lovely though and really really experienced so hopefully with her help it can be done. think i also need to accept i will have to use my fitness pal and calorie count for the rest of my life really!

    how are you both getting on today? xx
  11. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Full Member

    hahhaah i was the same.. i lost 2.5 stone last time and thought i could lose the last stone on my own... but it seems eating junk food isnt the key. 3 stone later im back here again :eek:. Keep us posted hun xxx
  12. Essexjules

    Essexjules Member

    Day 2 done.....missing food, but not too bad.....yet!!! I remember last time, day 3/4 being rather rubbish!!!

    good luck with day 3.

    must add, I also got cocky and got fat again!!!
  13. Daisy65

    Daisy65 Silver Member

    Hi - I am also here for a second time - so was relieved to hear I'm not alone. Am now on day 19 so well into ketosis. Felt awful on days 2 and 3 - I feel for you! I guess we'll just have to learn from past mistakes.
  14. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Jules - good luck for your day 3 tomorrow. i'm expecting the worst but hoping for the best! my mouth already feels rank so i know ketosis should be on its way...

    Daisy - hello! my 2nd time on cambridge and my 4th time doing a vlcd...sounds terrible but all my own fault that i'm back here again. this time it is make or break so i need to make sure i follow maintenance and from then on will be trying to live a predominantly low carb lifestyle as i think whilst im not a huge carb lover they are my biggest downfall...i get really bloated and my skin is awful when i've eaten too many so i do think i have a slight intolerance.

    stay motivated all!! :) xxx
  15. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Morning everyone,
    Beginning of Day 3 here and I'm fairly sure I'm now in ketosis. No hunger at all, tongue that feels like fur and feeling full of energy!

    Showed 215lbs on the scales this morning, so in only 2 days I'm showing a 7lb drop (though I would put it more like 4 as I was wearing quite a few layers and heavy jeans on my CDC's scales).

    Feeling really positive today although a little nervous for what the weekend will bring...luckily I don't have any plans and my boyfriend is working both days so there's not temptation to eat his food!! i think one of the hardest things about CWP for me is not being able to eat lovely meals with my boyfriend as it really is such a big part of our relationship (in a good way...we're both "foodies") He is shedding some weight too although doing it 'conventionally' as he doesn't have a lot to lose and also has a massive appetite. i really don't think he could manage this kind of abstinence!

    Good luck today all, stay focused! x x
  16. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Officially in ketosis! My ketostix arrived this morning and have just tested. so relieved! That was quick too!
  17. ciaraxx

    ciaraxx Full Member

    Hi all - sounds like we are all in the same boat, fighting our way to mount skinny!!! :) This time round im suprised i felt relitively fine but last time it was awful.. thought i was knocking on deaths door. My consultant was chuffed with my results as much as i was yesterday. I'm now on 2 shakes and a bar which will be easier this weekend knowing i got a delish bar to chow down on. Keep focused for this weekend chick, you can do it and you will. Think of the loss thats waiting for you on WI. I struggle with weekends too but i know that the weekends and junkfood have got me in this situation in the first place. Hows everyone today? xxxx
  18. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    well done you on a fab loss!!!

    i also felt horrid getting into ketosis last time but this time i seem to have slipped into it without much aggro at all! yay!

    Ooh and you have gone down into the overweight BMI category! (I know you didnt have far to go to get there but hey, every little counts!!) :)

    hope everyone is doing well today xx
  19. Soph2910

    Soph2910 Full Member

    Hi all - welcome back! This is my first time on CD and I am on day 4 - starting to feel alot better now and into it! I do get really aggy and ready to throw the towel in when I am approaching my lunch time product!
    I am going to be my sister's Maid of Honour on the 26th April - and I want atleast a couple stone off in these 2 months. I'm even dedicated to staying on plan for the whole of her hen weekend in Barcelona. Eyes on the prize = the wedding day!

    I think next week or week after I am going to make a conscious effort to do a 10-20mins walk a day just to add a bit of movement into it.
    Going to test on my ketostix tonight and hoping for a good loss on Sunday (even though will have only been on it 5 whole days)!

    Worried about the weekend and like you Harriet I am already missing the social eating with my boyfriend as we are both foodies too - he is doing Herbalife but he cheats alot (there is nothing of him and he doesnt have to lose weight at all!) and I just dont want to watch him do it cause I know I cant afford to! x
  20. harrietm127

    harrietm127 Member

    Hi Soph! It is quite a change not eating together - it upsets me more than it should really! We both love our healthy food just as much as our junk so hopefully once we've both slimmed down we will settle into a routine of cooking fresh, clean and healthy to maintain our losses.

    I also need to incorporate exercise at some point, I think once I hit the 2.5/3 stone mark I'll be feeling the urge to start toning up and may move up a step or two at the same time as I'm SSing at the moment.

    How exciting for you being a bridesmaid! It's great to have that kind of incentive. My 'goal date' is my birthday so I'd love to be able to see a photograph of me on my bday and not think oh my god I can't be that big! (for a change!)

    I'm also going to be filmed for a tv show on March 14th so would be lovely to be at least a BIT slimmer by then, and then going to new york with my family on the 29th - hopefully will be a good 2 stone or so down by then! *fingers crossed* Will definitely not be CDing in New York but WILL be getting straight back into it when I get home!!

    Hope everyone's early evenings are going well...keep going!! xxx
  21. Soph2910

    Soph2910 Full Member

    I am definitely struggling today with the emotions - feeling very sorry for myself! I just have my eyes set on the goal for the wedding, I dont know how I will feel afterwards. I almost feel like the whole weight loss/struggle has put a rather large dampener on the wedding (which is very sad) because it is so hard and I feel so stressed about losing the weight! But as I keep thinking - 8 weeks of sacrifice to look and feel good on the wedding day will be worth it!

    Wow sounds amazing! Good luck with it all!! Keep me posted im sure this weekend being my first I will need lots of support! xxxx

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