My first days on VLCD with some questions

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  1. zee1988

    zee1988 Member

    Its actually the start of my 3 day now as its after 12 am.
    I have previously done SW for a few weeks but this seems quite extreme compared to that.
    I’m using Weight to Go products atm, as I bought a week trial. I am 98% sure after this I will use SnS products.
    First 2 days have been fine, haven't felt hungry. I made my soup last thing after work but I didn't really like it so I left over half of it. Even went swimming this morning, I'm usually ravenous after swimming.
    I have been drinking 1.5 litres of water each day which I think has definitely helped. I've also made up 2 of the shakes into one and take a chug as and when I need it through the day at work.

    Now, I have a few questions about ketosis.
    Once I get into this state, am I in it constantly unless I accidentally eat something I shouldn’t? If slip out of ketosis, how long before I enter it again? Does exercise help get you to ketosis quicker?

    I saw something mentioned on this forum about zero noodles. Are you able to add these to your meals as much as you like?
    What about these zero noodles makes this so? Can I check the backs of other noodles to see if they have the same nutritional values and use them?

    I'm planning on a normal meal for valentines day. Will it make me sick if I have been eating so little calories for 4 weeks before that?
    How bad is diet coke for ketosis (citric acid wise)
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  3. Mo-Jo

    Mo-Jo Full Member

    heya zee:)
    k ketosis , everyone is different me personaly if I have 2 packs together it knocks me out.if you knock yourself out of ketosis again it would depend how many carbs you had had to how long it would take to get back in..if you absolutely have to have something extra maybe choose cold meat not veggies ...and as for exersise I would imagine exersise probly would get you there faster cos its using your carb reserve BUT dont over do it and if you feel dizzy stop personaly Iv noticed my heart rate in the gym is way higher when Im on a VLCD.
    Im doing slim and save and they recomend not more than 1 pack of zero noodles/slim pasta per day...other noodles would be too high in carbs to even consider having.
    diet coke-some ppl can get away with citric acid some cant , do you know that coke zero is ok cos it has no citric acid?
    also if I was you I would aim to get thru closer to 3L of water per day , firstly cos you need it to flush the ketones from your system and secondly cos a lotta ppl get constipated on a VLCD and the extra water does help prevent that.
    and as for your valentines meal , when Iv come off plan in the past the worse side effect has been that food goes thru kinda fast lol I wouldnt imagine for a minute it would make you sick but you wouldnt be able to manage half as much as pre VLCD
    something I would recomend is using MFP , it will give you a better idea of how many carbs your having and what foods are higher or lower in carbs...I keep my carbs under 70g per day and that does seem to keep me in ketosis constantly ( unless I have my packs too close together )
    ALSO Im sure that your supposed to have your packs within 15 mins of making them up cos the vitamins and minerals do deteriorate and you need every bit thats in there to get your RDA.
    Best of luck on your journey!
    Jo x
  4. zee1988

    zee1988 Member

    Just asking hypothetical questions. I dont think I have even got to ketosis yet.
    I have not eaten anything other than the food packs for the first 2 days. Can you have too much carbs in a day just from the packs alone? They are spaced out through the day.
    Making up the shakes up at work shouldn't be an issue but I was sure I read they will last 6 hours out of the fridge. I read they were supposed to taste better the sooner you had them.
    I knew Coke Zero was ok compared to Pepsi diet/max, but my BF came home with a 30 can pack of diet coke which I didnt know till I looked at the ingredients that it had citric acid in.
    I really dont think I'll be able to manage 3L of water a day, 1.5 is a struggle as it is but I used to drink nothing but sugar free fizzy drinks previously so anything is an improvement.
    What is MFP?
  5. Mo-Jo

    Mo-Jo Full Member

    me personaly I take 5 days ish to hit ketosis but everyone is different.
    the diet coke - you will get away with a can a day I would say maybe more again everyones different
    Iv done Cambridge Diet and Slim and Save NOT the one you are on so maybe your shakes are ok for longer hun I dunno...CD and s+s you have to have them straight away pretty much
    The water ...realy try!.....I have one of those 3/4 litre sports Vittel bottles ( just the throw away type) I try and get one down with every pack and then refill it...I was never big on water either before VLCD but trust me when you get constipated you will force it down more lol.
    and MFP sorry before I came on minimins I had never heard of it either but its SO handy!
    Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal |
    Its fab , have a look:)
  6. tannert

    tannert Full Member


    I am on Ligherlife, I took 4 days to get into ketosis and that 4 days is really hard so personally I would not chance coming out of it for a taste of diet coke or a bit of food, I think it takes a huge commitment to do a VLCD its not easy but the results are great, but for me anyway, it has to be done 100% as recommended by the provided with no deviations for it to work. Do they provide water flavourings with your plan? These can help to get the water down, it is very important to get at least 3 litres down a day, once you get there it will be a habit that stays with you for life, I am on LL for the second time and in between I continued to drink 3 litres of water a day, I even take a pint glass to bed as I wake through the night thirsty. I understand it to be the case that the packs should be consumed immediately due to nutritional content! best to check that with your provider. But we are all different and experiment if you need to but I would at least get a fortnight underway before you do.

    Good luck
  7. Mere

    Mere Gold Member

    You have just asked all the questions I was wondering about. I have been on Exante for 8 days now and cannot imagine how I will feel trying to eat a normal meal. I guess I am scared it will knock me out of ketosis. I will be interested to hear more from you as you progress. Mere x
  8. Mere

    Mere Gold Member

    Hi Mo-Jo
    Your sharing your knowledge on this site is so great for beginners like me. Thanks a million. I am sure I will get to goal because of helpful people like you. Good luck on your weight loss journey and keep the good advice coming.:) Mere x
  9. Mo-Jo

    Mo-Jo Full Member

    thats so nice Mere thankyou so much!
  10. zee1988

    zee1988 Member

    I haven't had any fizzy drinks of any variety for 3 days now and I dont think I am craving it. If you had told me last week I would go 3 days without coke/pepsi last week I would have laughed my socks off.
  11. Starlit_Cazza

    Starlit_Cazza Restart 3/9/2013

    Hi Zee... Weight 2 go is not a VLCD, therefore you will not go into ketosis on this diet. Therefore you can consume as much diet coke as you like. Weight 2 go shakes will last for 6 hours out of the fridge apparently...

    Weight To Go FAQs | Healthy Diet | Low Calorie Diet
  12. jess33

    jess33 Full Member

    Diet is full of crap even if its not sugar, read up on the negative effects, it'll put you off getting through 30 cans

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