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My first food diary - hoping THIS time I'll suceed!

So, here I am, the typical yo-yo dieter. Never kept any weight off, and never kept a diary. Let's see if this time can be different!

Started Monday, which went OK....

B/fast - 2 egg omelette with cheese from HE

Lunch - Pasta salad, made the night before - fried onion & garlic in Fry Light, added cherry toms, a little stock, seasoning, and lots of fresh oregano then mixed with cooked pasta.

Dinner - huge veggie stir fry with noodles.

Syns - a hot chocolate from the machine at work....not sure how many that is???

Tuesday, started well....

Breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs with mushrooms

Lunch - lots of pasta that i made the night before and heaated in microwave (sauce made of fresh veg, with tinned chopped toms, splash of white wine, stock, seasoning, and oregano)

Afternoon tea - small slice of homemade chocolate cake that someone from work bought in, mmmm..... Guess about 10 syns????

And then it all went wrong.... :cry:

Ended up working really late, someone ordered in takeway pizza and garlic bread, and sadly i was very weak willed..... And ate a HUGE amount. Followed by a couple of hot chocs. I don't know why I do this!!! Whenever I stop being 'good' I'm terrible! Grr...


Due to late night working (home after midnight yest) didn't have time to prepare lunch. And no time for reakfast as running late for work so grabbed a bagel (with butter!) at work.

At this stage, (diet failure) I usually give up / go into binge mode again. But somehow I managed to go the whole day without buying any more food - i know its very bad to skip lunch, but I was pretty busy.

Anyhow, got home about 9ish and - must be a first - instead of pigging out on crisps and chocolates and grabbing chips on my way home, actually managed to control my hunger and cook a healthy meal! Yay!!! Tried the SW chilli recipe, made with Quorn, and had rice with it. Was so YUMMY!

Tho I am slightly concerned that my portion was way too big. I think I'll not worry too about how much I eat for now, just what. And if I don't lose anything, maybe cut back.

I decided to start this diary yest, and think that the fact I knew I was gonna write it today helped me stay on track (excluding breakfast). I''m doing this at home rather than attending a class, for several reasons. I know that the groups will be supportive and friendly and everything, but I'm quite shy and very secretive about my weightloss - basically because I don't want ppl to know if I fail, which is what usually happens sadly. But also, I study as well as work so often find myself working long hours - not gd for my eating habits or attending groups. So if anyone has any advice, I'd be very grateful!
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Again, running late so was naughty and didn't bother with b/fast

Lunch - left over chilli from yest
Snack - 3 orange chocs
Dinner - large jacket potato with beans and cheese (H. extra)

Syns - not sure how many?? Guess about 6-10???


B/fast - 2xscrambled eggs, 1/2 tin beans

Snack - pack of crisps (7 syns)

Then straight to pub from work for a glass of white wine....followed by 3 more and some nachos (doh!)

On way home, was very tempted to stop by chippie but just about managed to resist. So cooked yet more scrambled egg and beans - prob not v healthy as same as b/fast but all I had in the house....

Syns - waaay too many :(

Up late, so didn't bother with b/fast.

Lunch - huge veg and tofu stir-fry with noodles.

Dinner - was feeling in a very 'binge on junk food mood', grrr.... Norm I would be off to the take-away in a flash followed by huge bag of crisps and tub of ice-cream in front of telly. Instead, made some SW 'doritos', potato skins, and onion bhajiis with dip made from natural yog, garlic, and fresh herbs. I know technically these things aren't meant to be free as there a bit snacky, but I guess it's an improvement on what I'd norm have.

Late evening - homemade syn-free lemon mouse, and strawberrys. Then 2 lindor lindt.

B/fast - potato cakes (made from left-over pot from yest's skins) with baked beans.

Snack - left over onion bhajjis and cherry toms with dip from yest.

Another snack - leftover lemon mouse from yest and strawberrys.

Dinner - huge stir fry - veg, tofu, and noodle.

Snack - more strawberrys.


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Hi ya,
What plan are you following? GREEN??
I know you are not likely to know when your going to be working late, so my advise is to get prepared.
Have a supply of stuff in your car?/ bag/ desk at work for emergencies. fruit and free stuff to snack on if your hungry
so if you are running late for work you can grab breakfast at work from your brekki supply. have emergency lunchs, mugshots, supernoodles to go, tinned free stuff ( think you said you had access to microwave)
on a day off, batch cook and freeze a load of stuff, for lunchs, and dinners.
so if you get back at midnight again, you can take a frozen homemade sw friendly 'readymeal' out the freezer for dinner and one one for lunch the next day.
I just got a slow cooker, havent used it yet, but you can chuck a load in in the morning and dinner will be done when you get home. I'm a great lover of planning, if i know what i am cooking when i get in, and know i have all the ingredients, i can stave off the hunger till its done.

I think your falls from the wagon are occuring because your getting hungry from not eating at the right times and then you just grab what ever is there.

breakfast really does set you up for the day, can you not just get up a bit earlier?? so you make time for brekki
Hi Honey,

Thanks for the advice! You're totally right, I need to learn to plan. I did actually get home earlier yest, so made a big batch of homemade veg soup which should last me for a few days lunches! I also bought some apples and a couple of baking potatos and put them in my desk at work - which may make me look slightly weird, but if I get desperate I can microwave one with a bit of cheese and some baked beans (which i also now have at work).

I am really going to make an effort to have breakfast from now on as well! I've never really eaten any, as usually just dash out the house and drive straight to work! But you're right, it will prob help me keep more on track.

B/fast - scrambled eggs, mushrooms, and tomatos follwed by strawberrys and fat free natural yog
Lunch - pasta salad - made yest from pasta, veg, and a bit of quark
Dinner - jacket potato with beans and cheese

Snack - strawberrys, packet of crisps

Syns = 7


B/fast - strawberrys with natural yogurt
Lunch - jacket pot with cheese and beans
Dinner - veg soup

Snack - cherry toms, slice of cake (guess about 10 syns??)


Another bad day, as it involved the pub and cake :(

B/fast - apple and banana, eaten at desk at work
Mid-morn - large slice of cake (am so bad at resisting when its there in front of me, need to be stronger....)
Lunch - veggie soup
Afternoon - a slightly smaller slice of cake, but now def over my syn limit, sigh...

After work - pub - 3 glasses of wine, which progressed from small to large, and crisps.

Another absolutely crazy day at work, I really need to make more effort with what I eat, really annoyed with myself, but will post my shameful days food anyhow.

Lunch - homemade soup, reheated in microwave

Mid-afternoon - cake

Late evening (still at work, grr) - more cake :mad:

Got home, and went straight to bed. In terms of calories i guess not too horrific, but soooo unhealthy, hate it.

Syns - too many, boo. And no hexs, double boo.


Much better, and things have calmed down a bit. Am determined to make a new start and be good and stick to this diet!

Breakfast - grapefruit, followed by strawberrrys with fat free natural yogurt

Lunch - the last of my veg soup, reheated

Snack - about 1/2 can roasted chickpeas (roasted w/ salt, pepper, and cajun spice, mmm.....).

Dinner - put 2 baking pots in oven, scooped out flesh and mashed with seasoning, fresh thyme, little milk and 2 beaten eggs. Back in oven in a dish, with cheese (Hex) on top. Had 1/2 today and will save rest for tomorrow. Made potato skins with the skins, and had with a natural yog and garlic / herb dip. Also had some leek and mushrooms, fried in Fry light.

Snack - 1/2 tub of quark, mixed with a toffee mullerlight and white choc options, and then frozen (until still softish)

Syns - 2.5, hexs - cheese, milk
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Back to being good :D

B/fast - 2 scrambled eggs, beans.

Lunch - working unfortunately, so bought in some cous cous with roasted veg (aubergine, courgette, mushrooms, cherry toms, red onion, garlic, and thyme) that I prepared yest.

Snack - 1 apple, few strawberrys, few raspberrys

Dinner - left over cheese and potato pie thing from yest with baked beans, a corn on the cob, followed by some homemade carrot and celery soup.

Finally managed to buy some Alpen light today! My local tesco and sains don't seem to sell them, so had to trek to waitrose and luckily they had them in stock. I've been really bad about getting my hexb until now as didn't want to eat bread (as i find it easier to just cut it out than limit myself!) and not a massive fan of cereal. But just had 2 alpen light, and they are YUMMY, mmm...

May have one or two lindor lindt later if I get a craving, but otherwise will remain syn-free to make up for my bad-ness earlier in the week.

Have a day off tomorrow, so am going to properly plan out my weeks meals, and maybe cook some soups or meals that I can freeze then heat up if I get home late - am actually looking forward to it (the food planning, not the potential getting back late obviously....)
So, for the first time ever I have just planned my weeks (well 1/2 a weeks) meals, woo hoo! Took a couple of hr longer than it prob should have, lol, but guess I'll get quicker with practice. Went to supermarket earlier today and bought everything, so here's my plans for the next few days....

Sunday - green

B/f - Mullerlight, strawberrys, raspberrys
L - cous cous with roasted veg
Snack - apple
D - syn-free falafels with dip, syn-free potato salad, salad, corn on the cob

Monday - green

L - left over falafels, salad, pot salad
D - risotto carbonara with mushrooms (bacon as HexB), baby courgettes

Tuesday - red

L - chicken and bacon salad (prob cheese as HexA)
D - stew, homemade using beef, butternut squash, and veg

I was a bit scared of doing red days before, i know its silly but unless i carry the book around i get confused about what i can't eat (eg sweetcorn, peas) and also struggle to replace the carbs, whereas with green you can at least just cook a huge plate of pasta with veg and know its fine!

Wednesday - red

L - chicken and bacon salad
D - Fish and butternut squash 'chips', baked beans as Hexb

Thursday - green

L - tuna (Hexb) and sweetcorn fritters with salad
D - ??

I have a 1/2 day thurs, so was going to plan the next few days meals then. Breakfast, I will decide on each day but have got some mullerlights, natural yog, fruit, alpen light, and eggs - some of which i can just grab as i dash out the house, so no excuses for not eating any! Same with Hexs, I have some cheese and alpen lights to munch on if I havnt used them up in my meals.

Any comments, more than appreciated!
Well done for planning. I like to plan the weeks evening meals before I go shopping but don't always stick to it but use the main ingredient. My consultant says it's good to plan for 2 days at a time as you never know what may come up.
Hi Knitter! I think I will prob plan a few days at a time rather than a whole week, you're right, you never know when something might come up! Also, I struggle to find things with a best before date of more than about 1/2 a week, tho that could just be my supermarket!

I'm going to still update this with each days food - even tho i will (hopefully! as it means i'm sticking to plan) be repeating myself a bit, but I think recording exactly what I eat helps keep me on track. Plus if I don't lose, it will be easier to see where i've gone wrong, and others can point out what I should be doing better / differently.


Free food as per plan
Hexs - milk, alpen light
Syns - white choc options (2.5) made up with milk from Hexa, and 1 lindor lindt (4)
Total syns = 6.5


B/fast - 2 scrambled eggs
Lunch and dinner - as per plan
Snacks - apple, falafel, another apple, 2 mini corn on the cob
Hexs - bacon and cheese, in risotto
Syns - none so far, and feeling stuffed after dinner, but will update tmr if i do have any
Today's update


Free food as per plan :D

B/fast - mullerlight, eaten at desk as was running late, yet again, lol. Apple
Snacks - strawberrys, another apple

Hexa - cheese, added to my beef and veg stew
Hexb - gonna have alpen light bar shortly

Have eaten A LOT today, portions were huge. Am slightly concerned that i'm not gonna lose anything coz i'm just eating waaay too much :sigh: Maybe i will try and eat less tmr...
Another red day


Free food as per plan

b/fast - grapes, apple
snack - strawberrys, raspberrys
Hexa - cheese, for my cheesy herby fish
Hexb - baked beans, a few oats (used in the crust for my fish) plus nibbled on some tuna and sweetcorn fritters that i made tonight for my lunch tmr. I am guessing it won't be more than 2 hexb in total as 3 potatos and 2 cans of sweetcorn made about 14 fritters, and i had about 1/2.... And even if it is, my day has been syn-free :) so surely that would make up for it
Still sticking to plan, woo hoo

Thursday - green

B/fast - 'fried egg' and a tuna / sweetcorn fritter (i have so many of them!)

Snack - apple

Lunch - salad (lettuce, cherry toms, cucumber, roasted butternut squash, and balsalmic vinegar), and 4 tuna (Hexb) sweetcorn fritters

Snack - strawberrys, raspberrys

Dinner - huge bowl of brocolli and cauliflower cheese soup (hexa), then later carrot and coriander soup (i made a load of soup today that i can take in for my lunches)

So, hexa was cheese, hexb was tuna. No syns, but will update tmr if i have any
Another green day

Friday - green again

B/fast - 'fried' egg and 2 tuna sweetcorn fritters

Snacks - 1 grapefruit, strawberrys, blackberries

Lunch - brocolli and cauliflower cheese soup (1/2 hexa)

Snacks - 3 small falafels, 1/2 a melon, more strawberrys

Dinner - 2 'fried' eggs, can of baked beans, 2 tuna (hexb) sweetcorn fritters

2 alpen bars (hexb), microwaved, then topped with a vanilla mullerlight - scrummy :p

White choc options (2.5 syns) made with skimmed milk (hexa), 2 lindor lindt (8 syns)

Hexa - 1 1/2 (milk and cheese)
Hexb - 2 (tuna in fritters, and 2 alpen light
Syns - 10.5 (white choc options, 2 lindor lindt)

Don't know why, but i keep feeling so hungry at the moment. Feel like such a pig, and although i've kept to mainly free stuff i bet i won't lose anything this week - arrrghhh!!! :(

Any advice for how i can cut down how much i'm eating without feeling hungry / low on energy??


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Day looks fine to me.
Why do you want to cut down how much your eating?? you gotta get your head out of 'your on a diet' cos SW is like NO other diet.......... you can actually eat on this one :)
I've ad tons all week! When i'm sitting eating my HUGE plateful of food you'll often hear me say to hubby ( on SW too) "great this diet, isnt it? :) "

IF you have a gain, then maybe look in to what your eating, but generally with SW the more you eat the more you lose!
When is WI??
Thanks honey, you're right - i guess i've got to stop thinking about this as a diet!!

Weigh-in's Monday. I think the reason i'm a bit concerned is coz i had a sneak peak a couple of days ago, and think i've gained 1lb :eek:

Its possible that last weigh-in was just a bit of a fluke, coz i lost 3.5lb, but only 1lb my first week. Norm i'm quite slow with my lossses when i've been on diets in the past, so even if i STS, 4.5lb in 3 weeks is quicker than normal.

I'm just a bit upset coz i was purposefully trying to be really good this week - at least 1/3 superfree, usually more, with most meals, and mostly snacking on superfree - so was hoping for a good loss. Next week i'm away for a few days and will have little control over what i eat, going to try and stay as much to plan as poss, but inevitable i will go over my syns. Plus am gonna have a few drinks. So i wanted to make up for it this week, and beginning of next.

Guess at this point tho, its still all speculation, and i should just wait until weigh-in (i am always quite impatient, lol). And try not to be too disappointed and demotivated if i do get a gain or a STS.
And another green day!

Saturday - green

B/fast - 2 scrambled eggs, grapefruit

Lunch - carrot and coriander soup

Snack - 2 tuna (hexb) sweetcorn fritters (the last of them!), 1/2 a melon, strawberrys, mango

Dinner - brocolli and cauliflower cheese soup.
A roasted parsnip - bit random, but i bought some reduced price casserole veg and beef some sainsburys today, gonna have a red day tmr and make a stew. But then i realised parsnips aren't free on red. Doh!

snack - blueberrys. Gonna also have 2 microwaved alpen light topped with mullerlight and a white choc options made with skimmed milk to use up my remaining hexs

Hexa - milk, cheese
Hexb - tuna, alpen light
Syns - white choc options, 2.5. May also have a ferrero rocher to bring the total to 6.
The start of a few red days...

Sunday - red

B/fast - 2 fresh figs cut up, blackberries, and fresh pineapple chunks, topped with vlf fromage frais

Lunch - king prawn, mango, and coriander salad. Followed by more pineapple and blackberries

Snack - small bowl of carrot and coriander soup. More pineapple, and few blueberries.

Dinner - stew made from beef, celery, onion, carrot, swede, courgette, mushrooms, tinned toms, paprika, and herbs. 25g cheese (hexa)

2 alpen light (hexb), microwaved, topped with vanilla mullerlight and raspberrys.

Just about to have a belgium choc options, made with skimmed milk to use up my 2nd hexa

Hexa - cheese, milk
Hexb - alpen light
Syns - options, 2.5

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