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my first food diary thread


Will be a skinny mini!
Hi all Im on day two of my slimming world journey,

My first Day posting so far ive eaten,

Breakfast 2 sausages (weight watchers) and scrambled egg

Snack muller light and spicy cous cous

Planned Dinner quorn sausages mash potato and onions

Drink; 1.5litres water and a bottle of coke zero

I don't think. Eating enuf if thats possible? Anybody help?
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Better to Drink your Syns
Are you doing extra easy?
If so, make sure that you are filling your plate up with the 1/3rd superfree, as this really helps.
Good luck x


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Like ginlin says, if you're doing extra easy make sure that at least a third of your plate is SuperFree...

Also, I eat loads more than this myself, but at the same time, don't eat just because you can eat loads...only eat as much as you feel you need too but there is no need to starve yourself by any stretch!

If you want some ideas feel free to look at my food diary (link on bottom of signature) although recent days are mostly me ranting about all the hotel food I'm eating due to being away from work, but the earlier stuff should give you a pretty good idea :)

Give us a shout if you need a hand :)


Will be a skinny mini!
yeah im doing the extra easy plan, thanks for your advice xxx


Will be a skinny mini!
Day 3 of extra easy

B: vanilla muller light with a bannana
L: pasta with roasted veg
D: steamed veggies with Chinese five spice chicken breast
Snk: muller light

4 litres of water

Plus 1hr of swimming :)

Not bad for my third day! Altho Im getting stuck with my healthy extras!


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How are you stuck on HEXs hun? Can I help in any way? x

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Will be a skinny mini!
Im finding it hard to Atchully use them ie my milk and cereal? not really a great fan of cheese either lol


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Aaah I see....it's important to have them because it's ensuring a balanced diet....I'll have a look about and see what alternatives there are....I know for my HEXB if I've not had anything that day I scoff a couple of alpen lights, there's also a great recipe on here for HEXB flapjacks which is also handy if you find you've not had anything x

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Will be a skinny mini!
Day 4

B, muller light
L,cous cous
Snk, bannana
D, sw doner kebab and home made yogurt and cucumber dip
2.5l of water


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hiya hun!

how are you doing?



Will be a skinny mini!
Im doing good thank you alot better this week after my first wi i gained a pound was my totm :-( but Im on it this week! thanks for asking x

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