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My first REAL test!

Well, just been to weigh in tonight and the scales tell me I've put on a pound!!!

I can honestly, hand on heart, say that I have stuck to the plan 100% as usual, and on my scales I'd lost at least 2lb this week. Now, last week I couldn't believe I'd lost 4lb, and from my scales I'd only lost 2 or 3lb at the most.

I have to admit that even though I know that I've not put on weight (how is this even possible because I've stuck to it completely), I'm feeling a bit demoralised!!

Stupid I know, but I think if I was going to rebel, then this would be the time that I'd do it! It was my birthday Tuesday and I stuck to the plan completely, not one little treat passed my lips, (even though I did think of having a diet Coke for my birthday lunch!), I've upped my activity and walked a lot this week while I've been off (not enough to have built up any muscle to speak of I don't think, so don't think this is the reason!), and also I've seen people eat each week in my group and lose weight or stay the same!! Grrr!

Anyway, there were a few more people who got weighed from the next group who also thought that the scales might be playing up a little and I therefore got reweighed and the LLC thought I might actually have stayed the same after all and that's what she wrote in my book - well, I'm going to take that one instead and that's what I'm putting on my ticker - is that cheating?!!

I'm going to have go to bed early and hope I wake up tomorrow with it all in perspective! :sigh:
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Hey PopS. :D Just remember all the posts we have had here, where there is surprise at little, to no, or to even a gain, of weight at the endd of the diet.

Recall all the supportyou gave others, and told them not to worry - that if they've been following the plan, then not to worry, its just the bodys way of dealing with abstainance, and the fact its drawing towards the end, etc.....and then apply that same logic to......you guessed it.....YOU! :D :D :D

Don;t worry hon. :)

Aww Poppy, (((hugs)))

Try to think of it in perspective; it is perfectly possible to have a week where you STS or very close to it, just look at some of BL's losses where she lost a few ounces in a week.

If you did have a STS week, and had more water than usual before going to your WI (1 litre of water = 2.5lbs of weight remember!), not had a bowel movement before it, wore slightly heavier clothing, reatined some water (doesn't have to be your 'week' for that to happen after all!) then it's easy to see that you could show a 1lb 'gain' from many things - but it certainly WON'T be 1lb of fat, so don't worry!

Be sneaky and weight yourself in a few days time - you might be pleasantly suprised :) also see it as good mental preperation for RTM, where some weeks you will inevitably gain!

EDIT: BL beat me to it :p sound advice from her, as usual! :)
Thanks BL and Pete!! You little stars - you're always there to make things seem better!

You are both absolutely right, (as usual ;-))! I know what I'd say to someone else BL and Pete, it is great preparation for RTM.

It's so, so stupid, but I have that sick feeling in my stomach - what would you call that - disappointment, frustration?? It's SO stupid because I know it was just a pound (or a STS!) and I had to expect this at some stage as I've had fab losses all the way through. I suppose I could have accepted it if I'd even had that diet Coke this week, but no, not one morsel passed my lips! It's been a tough week in some ways in that I could have put something in my mouth at least three times but I didn't, although I know that if I just keep going the scales have got to go down!

And Pete, thanks for pointing out that it's not fat and probably just water! That helps a bit! ;-)
LOL Foxy!! (I think that name suits you actually!! Hee hee!) Thank you for the hug, why in god's name am I still so annoyed - it's one tiny little pound, even though we agreed that I'd STS in the end - after all, I've lost 71 of them so far.

Aren't our heads cruel to us??!!


Is back in the saddle!
They certainly are! And you will have to stop losing at some stage and go through the monthly uppy downy bit again. You may not think you're ready just yet but it's given you things to think about and perhaps that's a good thing. Preparation and all.

You are now in the Hall of Inspirers along with BL and SB for me anyway and tomorrow is another day.
They certainly are! And you will have to stop losing at some stage and go through the monthly uppy downy bit again. You may not think you're ready just yet but it's given you things to think about and perhaps that's a good thing. Preparation and all.

You are now in the Hall of Inspirers along with BL and SB for me anyway and tomorrow is another day.
What sense you talk Foxy!!!

And....oh...sweet...jesus....I can't believe you just referred to me as being in the same bracket as the Queens of Minis!! Whoa!! Do you know, that's just lifted my spirits...A LOT!! You little treasure you! :D
LOL - you are funny lot! :D "Aunty Pete" :giggle:

It IS a shock to the system Poppy when you are so used to losing every week - so its OK to feel like shouting Booooo Hisssssssss, lol, but it is al OK, as you knoa, and I know you know :D :D

And it is very VERY strange going into RTM and switching gearst to NOT wanting a loss - to wanting to saty the same, etc. It is all very odd!

BUt you are a little start yourself! SO rock it lady - you are nearly there!!! :D
hi poppy
how are you feeling about it this morning?
i hope you managed to take on board bl and petes advice.

i would like to echo foxy's comments - you are a def inspiration for me - similar age/kids etc, i think what you have achieved is fab and hope i can do as well!
daisy x
Thanks to everyone! BL you are so clever!

I've definitely lost 2-3lb since last week though, a step on the scales this morning confirmed that. I know that lots of you advise against weighing yourself, but I always do and it doesn't affect me negatively, but I'm so glad that I do weigh myself and know my scales, because I KNOW I lost at least 2lb this week, even if the official weigh in tried to tell me different.

Daisy, not been good today to be honest, I'm still feeling mad and wish I could snap out of it. Doesn't help that I feel really stressed today, and on the way home I've just had a bit of a run in with a stupid neighbour!

I can honestly say that I'm the closest I've ever been to craving food since I've been on LL.

I really appreciate you saying I'm an inspiration - that's really, really lovely of you and I can't quite get my head around that one!

I think I should go to bed and give up today as a bad job! ;-)
Poppy, if you are having a tough day, then yes, go to bed! lol
I tell you, it's also suprising how a bad day can come about because of the one previous to it.... sometimes an underlying issue just rolls over, and then you seem to have a bad day for an unknown reason, when actually it is linked to the previous day or days' little things compiling!

I know that's always the way for me, all the little things that I ignore over the week build up slowly, then I suddenly have a day where I just wake up in such a foul mood and the day goes downhill from there! Trying not to do it now though, the whole "being aware of yourself" thing that's coming from LL I'm trying to apply to everything else in my life too, not just eating habits :p

So yeah, go to bed and have a good night's sleep :)


Is back in the saddle!
Don't forget a nice relaxing bath or a bit of a pamper session first though!!
Come on Poppy

It's only a pound. Not nice, but only a pound. We all fluctuate by at least that much every day.
Our LLC would say, "Now, build a bridge - and get over yourself".
By the way, I put on a pound this week too.
hope you're feeling better.i put on 1.8 pounds in the 2 days between my pop in and weigh in so know the feeling but am putting it down to water and getting weighed at different times.

all part of the process - i'm thinking long game here x :sigh:

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