My first weigh in 30th June 2014

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  1. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Theres only me & my other half who know I've started the LT diet, but I'm so buzzing after my first weigh in that I had to share!

    17lb loss ~ whoop!! :party0011:

    By by the middle of week 1 I hated LT.... Today I love it :)

    Real motivation to keep on keeping on!

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  3. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Woohoooooo well done!

    Awesome news!!! That's why wevlove lipotrim! Cos tge resulrs are fab. Its a tough diet but as you see tge weight droppibg off uou are super motivated to continue! Keep going
  4. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    Oh goose, hells bells today was a baaaaaaad day! I had a business meeting today where I new lunch was being served which I knew would be carb overload. To avoid I planned to nip out at lunch and then come back & say I'd grabbed a sandwich ( no one knows apart from my hubby that I'm on LT) that way I could swerve all the food! Anyway lunchtime arrived & everyone decided to carry on with the presentation whilst having lunch.....which meant I couldn't leave! I did all sort of diversions, went the loo, then the kitchen to refill my water bottle hoping all the food would be gone....unfortunately not. I was left no option but to fill my plate! I made an excuse that I had a dicky tum & filled my plate with some salad, a chicken skewer & small amount of rice. I felt like I had some food disorder as I pushed most of it around and nibbled on chicken! I was gutted, I'd managed to ignore the Danish pastries they had provided for breakfast with out a bother, I now I'm annoyed as I know this will slip me out of ketosis & now the next few days are going to be hard, just when the road was getting easier. To be honest, it not that that really bothers me, it the effect it will have on my body as it's probably clinging onto all those carbs ~ boo! Ah well, I'm not going to beat myself up about it, it was a situation I couldn't avoid, just need to get focused again! Lesson learnt, alway carry a spare soup in my bag, I probably could of blagged I just wanted soup if I had!!!

    Urrrrrgh! Tomorrow is another day, I'll let you know if/how it effects my next weigh in on Monday.

    Anyway.... Positive vibes, tell me, how are you getting on with it second time round?
  5. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Aww babes i really wouldn't worry about it too much. Just lots if water tomorrow to flush it out. Baby goose finally asleep.. Am exhUsted.

    Wish i was just slim n didnt have to do all this faffle. Desparate to stay 100% next 4 weeks but find it tiring with a bubba. I can do this!! Ivd gotta!
  6. LeeJay

    LeeJay Full Member

    2nd weigh in & 7lb loss even after my Tuesday blip! Minds is in overtime as to what it may have been I'd I'd been 100%....but hey ho! 24lbs in 2 weeks is like some kind of miracle!


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