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my first weigh in

I started ww last week and I dont know why but im really worried about going for my weigh in on wed. I didnt follow the fast start reciepies but did remain with in my points each day. I think im gonna go back and have lost nothing :(
I dont weigh until 6pm can anyone tell me whats best to eat that day so im as light as possible? lol
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If you stuck to your points there should be no reason you dont lose :confused: It doesnt matter that you dont follow the fast track plan, i've never followed it.

On weigh in day i have to say i eat as normal, if i dont im starving and want to pass out! I dont have tea until after though :giggle: I do however wear the lightest outfit i own and make sure i wear it every week!


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Im sure you'll be fine. I dont go to classes, just do it alone and at first I worked out my points at 26 a day ( i was wrong, it should have been 22!!) but even though I had extra points I lost 5lbs the first week. Have a light lunch and have your dinner after the WI.Well thats what I'd do anyway lol xx


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you should be fine, eat as normal on the WI day I have in the past starved myself from getting up to WI but its pointless because if you eat normally each week you'll see the losses. Good luck! xxx


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good luck with your weigh-in lets us all know how you got on :):)


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I get weighed at a morning meeting so I can't really advise but if you've stayed within your points there is no reason for you not to have lost.
Good luck!! :)


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Weigh ins are supposed to be motivational- not scary! Don't worry about what you may lose or not lose. No one is judging you, you are all there for the same reason! If it turns out you maintain weight, then firstly well done for not gaining ;-) and secondly you can go back and see where you think you've gone wrong, and iron out some dieting creases!

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