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My first weigh in!


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Thanks D_Q the tub will be sealed until next week im not taking any chances.

Can i just ask has CD always been based around getting into ketosis? i had never heard of ketosis until a couple of years ago when i started doing Atkins but i had heard of CD long before that.




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Hello All,

Well im onto day 3 now and cant belive i've come this far without putting a drop of food in my mouth! a first time for me!

well today i feel just a little bit sick but i know drinking so much water has caused that.

I weighed my self yesterday in superdrug and i had lost a lb hehe i know i shouldnt have but i havnt got scales in the house, so im noy getting obssesed by them.

Getting through the day is always the most difficult so im taking it an hour at a time as so many times before i startt the day being so motivated and end it in a binge!! but not this time!!!




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Hya everyone,

Day 5 and things are going great im not expecting the huge weight losses some of you are experiencing mainly beacause i have did Akins a few times in the past and the more often you have a restart the less the weightloss will be in the first week! So i was told.

I was a little worried yesterday as my daughter was coming home from Benidorm but she arrived safley at 2am this morning.

I am dreading the weekend as they have always been my downfall! But i just have to did my heels in and be positive!!

I am meant to go back to my Counsellor on monday but can't make it so im going to have to phone her to see if i can go at weekend as i havn't enough shakes till tuesday! So that means im going to be weighed a day or 2 early oh well not too worry. I moght even ask her not to tell me what i weigh, if i don't have a huge weightloss i know it might affect me phsycologically and end up gorging everything in sight because i havn'e lost as much as i expected.

Hope everyone is doing ok.



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Sounds like you're doing good honey!! Stick around on here over the weekend - we'll keep you on the straight and narrow :)


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what a fantastic weight loss!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the fantastic work



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Cheers Vicky,

I was sooo tempted last nigt to have a takeaway as it's going to be almost 10 day's before i see my counsellor again but thankfully i seen sense!!



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S: 9st12lb C: 9st3lb G: 8st6lb Loss: 0st9lb(6.52%)
Well done!!!! 10lbs is ace:D