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My Food Dairy

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Athenea, 13 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    Well I decided to post my food dairy here just to make sure I keep track of every morsel of food that goes trough my lips...and also to know if I'm doing okay... Feel free to correct me if anything is wrong! as I do Slimming World Online,due to my shift patterns, I don't have the group support (hope to find that here :grouphugg:)

    Healthy Extras Today : Almond Milk Unsweetened and 2 slices of wholemeal bread (hovis nimble)

    Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, 2 bacon medallions (fry light and all fat removed) and a fruit salad (half banana, grapes and strawberries) cover with some fat free natural yoghurt and a cup of coffee with almond milk from allowance and stevia.

    Lunch: beef sandwich (healthy extra) with baby spinach leaves, a nectarine, and a handful of grapes. Diet coke. (used lighter than light mayo, is half syn p/tbsp, used less but will count the full value anyway).

    Syns for the day so far: 1. Will update it later. xxx
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  3. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member


    You're choices are looking good :)

    I will subscribe and we can keep an eye on each other's diaries if you'd like :)
  4. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    To continue with my dairy for today... (I ate way too much fruit today!... feel stuffed... but I suppose it's better than loads of crap)

    My snacks were a bowl of cherries, and for my sinful snacks after dinner I went for M&S chocolate popcorn guilt free snack bag (6syn) and had half of the mini choc chip snack bag (3syn and also from M&S...my fiancé had the other half)

    And the dinner was a homemade dish (wholegrain rice, peppers, onions, mangetout, tomato passata, mushrooms, spinach, beef and some canellini beans, all seasoned with some chilli, paprika, cumin, salt and fresh coriander) it was easy and my OH loved it, there's enough leftover for tomorrow.

    Gym session in the morning and then work from 8-6.... xxx
  5. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Nom nom! sounds good to me.

    Fruits a good thing :)
  6. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    My food dairy for today... Extra Easy option again. healthy extras were almond milk, unsweetened and 2 slices of Hovis nimble wholemeal bread from a small loaf.
    Breakfast: tea, toast and one boiled egg. Syn 1.5 flora light spread.
    Midmorning snack: banana and a coffee
    Lunch: boiled egg, nectarine and one apple, coffee.
    Dinner: cheery tomatoes on the vine, roasted with oven potato and sweet potato chunks, one beef burger (extra lean steak mince, less than 5% fat) 0.5syn from lighter than light mayo. sparkling water.
    Tea snack/dessert: boiled a handful of wholegrain rice with cinnamon and almond milk sweetened with stevia, ate with a banana and half of m&s choc chip snack bag (3syn).Cup of tea.
    Ah! A friend gave me a small square of chocolate which I counted as 1syn
    Had 5 glases of water.
  7. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Did you make ther burger yourself? Sounds good :)
  8. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    Hi Vicky! Yes I did the burger myself with chopped chilli and spring onion :greenapple:
    Today's food diary:
    Healthy extras were as yesterday's : wholemeal bread 2 slices from small loaf and almond milk, unsweetened.
    Breakfast, 2 boiled eggs, strawberries and grapes with natural fat free yogurt and a cup of tea.
    Lunch: cherry tomatoes (red and yellow) cucumber and boiled egg. 1apple and coffee.
    Snack: m&s double choc popcorn 6syn and nectarine
    Dinner: mushrooms, flat mushrooms, spring onion and dryed spaghetti with basil leaves. Banana and mullerlight yogurt.
    Tea snack: m&s popcorn 6syn.
    Is that time of the month... so I really used my syns tonight.... did also some HIIT training this morning before breakfast... and I'm on call tonight
  9. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    I might try making burgers myself soon! nom nom.

    Foods looking good :) i now want boiled eggs! wonder if i could do them the night before? i'm not very clued up in the kitchen lol.

    Like the sound of the chocolate popcorn! We still do need our treats :D thanks to syns ay!
  10. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    you can boil the eggs and consume them within 24 h's as long as they are kept in the fridge. Slimming World burgers are the best! you can do even turkey ones adding some shredded courgette
    Or chilli, onion, mushroom ketchup, Worcestershire sauce.... all sorts :D
  11. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    I think I'm defo going to have to experiment!

    Hope your our days going good :)
  12. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    Hi! Been so busy the last too days, but been good.
    Wednesday my healthy extras were olive oil and light soft cheese. Philadelphia style, with herbs
    I sinned my almond milk, so for 200ml is 1syn.
    Thursday my healthy extras were pistachios, shelled as it says on the webpage and almond milk.
    My syns were used on organic, sugar free peanut butter 10syn I think I counted too much, but better safe than sorry.

    On Wednesday my fiancé roasted a celeriac and it was delicious, had some left over yesterday and ate it for dinner with asparagus, yellow and red cherry tomatoes and lettuce salad on the side :).
  13. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Love pistachios! Glad you're days have been good :)
  14. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    For the last couple of days I have done original choice, so I get 2 HEA and 2 HEB choices. I have not eaten meat because I decided to go a few days without it, will be re-introducing slowly next week. I'm also trying not to eat much dairy as it gives me a bloated stomach, so far felt better.
    Today my food intake so far has been:
    Late breakfast:
    Nectarine and strawberries with cottage cheese and 1tbsp of sugar free organic peanut butter 4.5syn
    Tea with almond milk and Stevia

    Lunchtime snack (had a very late breakfast so I don't fancy eating proper lunch atm)
    Apple with 1 tbsp. sugar free organic peanut butter 4.5 syn

    Healthy extras a almond milk, unsweetened
  15. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    Thanks for reading! Is great to log in to find support and also so many ideas and money saving tips, etc on the threads. Is very inspiring
  16. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Your welcome, and thanks for reading mine. I love this board! So many people in the same place as us, just trying to eat healthy and lose weight etc. I love it and it does help :)
  17. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    Continuing my food dairy for today: I had a edamame and canellinni bean salad with wild rice, peppers, celery and some bits of corn, dressed with a vinaigrette and coriander. Followed by more watermelon and strawberries and blueberries chopped up with a spoonful of fat free natural yoghurt.

    I'm planning to go to the gym in a little while, waiting for the busy hours to pass...hate working out in an overcrowded place! May have something for dinner if I'm hungry but had a lot of good food today so I'm not hungry at all at the moment.
  18. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    I've literally just said the same thing about not having dinner in my diary lol.

    i think it doesn't hurt not to have dinner if you don't feel like it. Plus you may way lighter tomorrow :p
  19. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    Hi just checking in.. How did u do today?
  20. Athenea

    Athenea Member

    Reporting back! I have been busy but kept on plan, did my slimming world online dairy as I ate throughout the weekend. I will post tomorrow my food dairy again
  21. vix88

    vix88 Silver Member

    I always use the diary online too, and then write it on the paper ones for if i need to show my consultant. And then i do it on here aswell.

    I never write down my weekend foods as i'm usually naughty on them days lol.

    Looking forward to seeing your food today :)

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