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My food diary -from flab to FAB (hopefully)

Hi all

I've decided I need to keep a food diary on here to help keep me focused. I'm going on holiday on 31st July (also my 28th birthday) and I really want to drop another couple of dress sizes at least by then. I've lost 3 stone so far (1 stone with WW and 2 stone with SW) I've got about another 6.5 stone to go so won't get there by the summer but would like to feel a bit more comfortable in front of the inlaws in my swimming costume than I did last year (we're staying at their villa in france for a week)

You may have seen my diary on the weight loss diary sub forum (Vikki's lipsy dress journey) I could have done a food diary on there but decided I needed to start a fresh!! I'll also keep track of my daily exercise here too and add pics and recipies as I go along....feel free to comment and correct me if I'm doing anything wrong.......Any advise would be much appreciated.

So today is looking like this:

Breakfast: Weetabix (HexB) & Semi Skimmed Milk (HexA)

Snack: Apple

Lunch: Syn free Leek and potato soup followed by a cherry mullerlight.

Snack: Mugshot, alpen light bar (3 syns) and grapes

Dinner: Lemon Chicken & bacon Salad with light mayo (3 syns) followed by melon.

Syns today: Alpen light (3) Mayo (3)

Exercise: Body combat for 60 mins at 9am, may go for a walk this evening if rain holds off.

I usually have my WI at group on a tuesday afternoon but cos its hubby's 30th birthday tuesday I'm going tomorrow morning instead, although he's at a royal marine reserve open eveing tuesday night so we're having a special birthday meal tomorrow night. His fave at the moment is BLT so I'm making him them when I get home from Zumba, mine will be made SW style but I might have a couple of slices of white bread as a treat, will syn them of course :S not sure yet, will see how I feel tomorrow and if I've got the spare syns.

Please come and say hello, I need all the support I can get......bye for now xxx
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WI this morning said I've lost half a pound this week so pretty pleased with that!

Today is going to look like this:

Breakfast: Weetabix (HexB) & Semi Skimmed Milk (HexA) - will use rest of milk in coffee/tea

Lunch: Jacket potato with baked beans and salad

Hubby's 30th Birthday dinner: BLT - will use 2 x wholemeal bread from 400g load (6 syns) was going to use as my HexB but forgot when I had my breakfast, bacon with all fat removed and Light mayo (2 syns) followed by melon

Snacks: Apple, strawberries, mullerlight, possibly alpen light bar (3)

Total syns: 11

Exercise: 60 mins Zumba class

Today is going to be a good day!!
Aiming for 4lbs loss this week!! Can i do it? Hope so!!!!
Well yesterday didn't turn out quite as planned. I didn't get to zumba as hubby has a stomach bug so he didn't feel up to looking after our daughter so I had to stay home :( He didn't feel up to eating his special birthday dinner either or washing the mountain of pots (the only job I deteste and ask him to do). I didn't feel like cooking for just me after tackling the huge pile of washing up so I ordered a chinese (egg fried rice and chicken with mushrooms = 9.5 syns probably less cos I didn't eat it all) So with that, a 0.1% fat strawberry actimel probiotic drink (1.5) and an alpen light (3) I had a total of 14 syns yesterday.

Its pretty grey and miserable here today, We were going to go for a nice walk in the woods today but with the weather and the fact hubby is still feeling a bit fragile (poor thing on his 30th birthday too). So instead we are going to go and get our daughter some new shoes this afternoon and pick up his birth certificate from his mums for tonight cos we can't find our copy. We'll have to celebrate properly at the weekend when he's feeling better. I've organised a surprise family get together at hims mums at on sat, his family are coming up from devon and his best mate from essex so should be fun, he has no clue (I hope anyway lol). Enough of my chattering..........

Today is looking like this at the moment:

Breakfast: Weetabix (HexB) Milk (HexA)

Lunch: Leek and potato soup and melon after

Dinner: Chicken pasta (chicken in passata with mushrooms, onions, garlic and peas) with strawberries after.

Snacks: Apple, Alpen Light (3), mullerlight, Actimel (1.5)

So thats 4.5 syns so far, may have a hot choc this evening, will update syns later tonight or in the morning.

Exercise today: 1.5 hours on the Wii tonight when hubby is at the RMR open evening, need to make up for not going to Zumba last night

I've planned this weeks evening meals out, need to nip to the shops to get some bits but this is the list:

Chicken Pasta
Fish in butter sauce (2.5) with rice and broccoli
Diet Coke chicken with mash and veg (saw the recipie on here, not tried it yet but looks interesting)
Meat and potato pie (trying recipie in the march/april mag)
Spicy chicken drumsticks with chips and coleslaw (again trying recipie from the march/april mag)
Chicken wrapped in bacon stuffed with Salad
Lemon chicken salad

Has any one tried the diet coke chicken or recipies from the new mag? If so how did they turn out?
I want to aim to try at least 1 new recipie a week, will post pics and recipies if any good :D
Are any of the other recipies from the new mag any good?

I hope I have some replies soon, feel a bit lonely here on my tod lol.

Have a great day everyone. Happy 1st of March!! xx
Hello! I reply to your last post I made the Lemon and Garlic roast chicken bake and it was really yummy. I am making the Smoked Haddock Fish Pie tonight so I will have to let you know how that goes.
Hi Bubbalicious, Oh yes they both looked good in the mag! I'd love to make the fish pie but no one else likes fish in my house. Is is suitable for home freezing? Look forward to hearing how it goes!!
Update on fish pie..... it was yummy!!

I actually cut the ingriedient in half and only cooked for 2 people and I didnt use one dish I split it into two separate ovenproof dishes so we each had an individual pie. Worked really well. I think it would be OK to freeze as long as the fish you are using wasnt frozen to begin with. :)
Mmmm sounds lovely, think I might give it a go next week! Thanks for that :D
There shouldn't be a problem with freezing, even if you use frozen fish, as long as the fish pie is cooked before freezing. I often freeze things once cooked having used frozen raw ingredients.

The only time there would be a problem is if you defrosted the fish, made the fish pie and then refroze it without cooking.

Last night I decided to have 28g cheese on my pasta (6 syns) so had total of 10.5 syns yesterday.

Today has been hectic to say the least! Did all my cleaning this morning whilst my daughter played happily, pretending to bake a cake hehe, wish it was a real yummy syn free cake hehe. In the afternoon I met a load of the girls at the park and ran round after the kiddies, we had to run to keep warm, it was :gen125: then came home late afternoon and my sister and her two LOs came round for tea.

My food has been a little unplanned (apart from dinner) as I've been so busy and its the day before payday and food shop day so the cupboards look a bit sad lol :cry:.

So today has looked like this:

Breakfast: Beans on toast (2 slices wholemeal bread from 400g loaf HexB)

Lunch: Nothing apart from a couple of snacks below.

Dinner: Fish in butter sauce (2.5) boiled rice and plum tomatoes (had planned on broccoli but had none left :( ) Melon after

Snacks: Actimel (1.5) Alpen light (3), SW cookie (2), mullerlight, Apple, Milk in cups of tea HexA

Total syns = 9

Exercise today = Running round the park for nearly 2 hours after kids.

I really can't wait to go and get my food shop tomorrow for more fruit, hate this time of the week lol.

trying the diet coke chicken tomorrow, excited!

Oh yeah nearly forgot to mention, I decided to measure myself today and from when I started losing weight I have lost a total of 22.5 inches. 7.5 inches from my waist, 6 from my hips, 3 from my arms and 6 from my thighs. I really didn't expect it to be that much and I've just thought I only take the measurements from 1 arm and 1 leg so its probably more. I am starting to notice a bit more now.

Anyways, I need to finish hubby's tea, he's just got in from college.

Nighty night xxx
There shouldn't be a problem with freezing, even if you use frozen fish, as long as the fish pie is cooked before freezing. I often freeze things once cooked having used frozen raw ingredients.

The only time there would be a problem is if you defrosted the fish, made the fish pie and then refroze it without cooking.


Thanks for that Denise! I've always wondered about refreezing after cooking something that had been frozen so I've never done it. I assumed it would be ok after its been cooked but was never 100%

I'm looking forward to getting the bits for it tomorrow. xx
Also meant to say the SW cookie I had today was made by one of the girls. They were amazing and 2 syns each, really tasted naughty. I'm gunna get the recipie from her tomorrow and I'll post it here, I'll also make them and take some piccies.

There were 6 of us in total + kiddies at the park today and all of us are on SW so it was fab to get some ideas and motivation from them! Its great now cos we were all at school together (not all in the same year group) but we've known each other years and all our little ones are around the same age so its really nice to have them all for support and ideas for SW at the same time as all the LOs playing together. Can't wait for summer and we can do it more!

Anyways enough ramblings from me, see you tomorrow
AAGGGHHHH well todays menu has gone completely out the window. I was meant to go food shopping tonight for the weekly shop including the ingredients for tonights tea but we've had a call from the bank today saying we owe money we had no idea about as we hadn't been receiving bank statements so I've spent all evening trying to sort it out and now its neary 9pm no food shopping done, nothing in for tea and now no money to buy any flipping food. I had to pay it cos I hate oweing money, it stresses me out and I can't sleep. Anyone got any tips for cutting down food shopping bills? :S

The rest of the weeks menu will be out the window too, will have to revise so I don't need to buy so many spices and cupboard bits I haven't got.

I seriously need to get this job I had an interview for last week, otherwise I have no idea how we are going to put food on the table and buy nappies etc.

Will update todays food after I've figured out what to eat tonight and when I'm in a better less stressed mood :(

Sorry for the rant
Well it was hubby's surprise 30th birthday party this weekend so I've been mega busy organising that and not had much of a chance to update this or my paper copy I keep and to be honest there hasn't been much to write apart from some birthday cake and val o vants (SP) I've stayed pretty much on track, apart from tonight, I'm absolutely shattered and was meant to pick up some chicken from tesco but my daughter is really clingy cos she's teething so I've not been able to leave her today and she won't settle to sleep so I've ended up cooking us pizza and curly fries.

Starting this all again tomorrow, need to stay 100% now cos not only will we be holidaying with the in-laws in the summer but also hubby's cousin and his wife to be will be joining us too, and there is no way they will be seeing my blubba in a swimming costume until I've lost at least another 2 stone, even then I won't feel great, just a tiny bit better about the situation lol.
Its so lovely and sunny here today :D it always puts me in a good mood. I've been to my friends for a cuppa this morning. I've just had lunch whilst my daughter is napping and I'm off to the dentists again this afternoon booooo :sigh:, busy day here.

My food today looks like this!

Breakfast: Weetabix (HexB) Semi Skimmed milk (HexA)

Lunch: Mugshot, Melon & muller light

Dinner: Lemon chicken & bacon salad with light mayo (2)

Snacks: Apple, 2 finger kitkat (5.5)
Total syns = 7.5

Exercise today will be 60 mins zumba and my push up and sit ups before bed.

Hopefully I'll be able to buy some bits to make the cookies this week so I'll post a pic and the recipie, although I think they're more like rock cakes, they're yummy either way.

I'm feeling pretty good atm, loads of my hubbys family commented at the weekend on how well i'm doing with this and how good I look, I've still got a long way to go but its really encouraging. Its given me a kick up the bum. They don't see me that often cos they live in devon so it was really lovely.

Anyways need to get bits ready for my mum to have my daughter while I'm at the dentists. Back soon xx
I'm still in shock, got in from my Zumba class and hubby had cooked the dinner, he never cooks for me lol
What another gorgeous day here!!! I LOVE the sunshine!!!! Just been for a lovely walk round the lakes to feed the ducks with my daugher, sister, neice and nephew. I've got WI at 4pm :innocent0001: please let it be ok!

I don't eat loads before weigh in so not had much today yet. Today will look like this:

Breakfast: Apple

Lunch: Melon and mullerlight

Dinner: Chorizo pasta (5) and a pancake for pud.

Snacks: Mugshot, Hifi bar (HexB) Coffees (HexA milk used in coffee)

Exercise today: hour walk round lakes and my sit ups and push ups before bed.

Anyone know how many syns 1 pancake is?

Still not heard about this job, looks like I'll be signing on next week :( just to give me a bit of time to find some clients for my cleaning business I'm in the process of setting up.

Right need to get on with some jobs before DD wakes up from her nap.......
Half a pound off again today, bit gutted it wasn't more but oh well, thats what a surprise birthday party does to you I guess.

Well I decided against the pancakes. I've had one of hubbys pack up chocolate bars instead oops, 6 syns there so total of 11 syns today, at least I've not gone over.

Me and my daughter went for another walk round the lakes this evening whilst hubby did his run round it. I seriously love this sunshine!! I really want to try this couch to 5k that people have been talking about on here, I just need to figure out how to get my ipod onto this computer, I'm also going to get the 30 day shred dvd when hubby gets paid too, I've really got to step this up a gear. Got 9lbs to lose still on my march challenge so thats 3lbs a week for 3 weeks, I will do this!!

Hubby is on a stag do weekend this weekend so I'll only be cooking for me which may help (my daughter eats earlier so I still cook seperately for her atm, hoping to change it soon so we all eat together).

Anyways, need to get some beauty sleep and do my situps etc.

Night xxxx
So much for waiting til hubby gets paid to order the 30 day shred, I've just ordered it! Eeeek, I'm scared now. I do love Jillian Michaels in the Biggest loser USA but I have a feeling I'll be cursing her a lot during the dvd, hopefully I'll love her again by the end of it lol.
Today has been a bad day :(

My daughter has been on one all day and refused to nap, I finally got her to sleep about 3.50pm and had to wake her up at 4.30 so she would sleep tonight. ZZZZzzzzzzzzz This meant I didn't get time to make myself a proper lunch and I had planned on giving up cheese for lent but I grabbed a 28g portion whilst pulling my hair out. :(

So unfortunately today looked like this:

Breakfast = Poached egg on toast (HexB), I can't believe its not butter light (1) Ketchup (1)

Lunch = Beef & tomato asda noodle snack (6.5) (nothing else quick in and didn't eat until 4pm) Muller light and apple.

Dinner = Fish in butter sauce (2.5) rice, carrots and cauli.

Milk in cuppas (HexA) Cheese (6)

Total syns = 17 :(

Hubby has just got in from college and I've cooked him pizza and curly fries, he's left 2 peices of pizza and has just left it right in my reach tormenting me, I've asked him to move it as in take it in the kitchen and he's just moved it about 2 inches, the smell is really making me want it :( how insensitive, not only do I have to cook it for him, i have to sit here with the smell when I'm feeling weak enough as it is today AAAGGGHHHH and I'm craving chocolate so bad, i've had such a bad day :( I think I'm just going to have some melon and go to bed.

Oh and I've not had time to do any exercise today. GGRRRR hello big gain on tuesday!

Well I'm in a much better mood today :D:D:D:D:D. Sorry for the rant yesterday, I was in a foul mood :badmood:everything went wrong :confused:. So far having a much better day today but my word its windy here. Nipped to asda this morning and about got blown away and thats saying something lol. My daughter is already down for her nap :woohoo:, I've got a jacket pot in the oven for lunch and I've just had a yummy kit kat and a coffee whilst catching up on emails etc and researching my new business venture.

So todays food looks like this:

Breakfast: Melon

Lunch: Jacket potato, baked beans and salad.

Dinner: Pork Ragu with rice (will post recipie and pic later)

Snacks: 2 finger kit kat (5.5), apple, muller light, milk in cuppas (HexA), 2x Alpen light (HexB)

Total Syns: 5.5

:character00116:Exercise today: Will try and squeeze in 30 mins on the Wii fit somehere today and also my daily sit ups and push ups, I'm starting to notice a difference round my middle since doing them.

I'm trying to stick to 7 syns a day for the rest of the week to hopefully see a greater result on the scales on tuesday, getting fed up with low numbers, think I'll just stick to some choc a day so I get my sweet fix :17729:

Oh yeah before I forget, has anyone got a good chicken curry recipie? Hubby is away on a stag do this weekend and MIL is having my daughter sat night so my sis (also on SW) is coming over and we're making a SW curry. We like the spicy chicken, potato and spinach one but fancy a change, any ideas? Always prefer to try ones I know people like, would be muchly appreciated :D

Right, need to get on with some work...........see you all later :D:D