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My Food + My Life + My Journey... Here goes!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by MissPeriPeri, 18 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Hi readers! My names not really Peri, but I go by that name because, i'm sure you'll come to know, i heart nando's, like a ridiculous amount, like an amount thats so unhealthy i've even nicknamed myself after the sauce. Strange but true!
    I literally have been stalking so many peoples diaries on Minimins, that I thought why not just start my own! If not to meet new people and get as much motivation as I can, then at least its a way to track for myself what I'm doing, because frankly i live on my laptop! Another reason why I have decided to start this diary, is because i'm only on day number 2 and i have to be honest, I am seriously struggling to get to grips with the different plans, and understanding the difference, so hopefully i'll be able to get lots of advice and support from this! (oh and another thing, its like writing in my diary without having to worry about my mum finding it.. that has happened before and it was uber awkward.) so you guys are in for a lucky treat, because im probably going to share my incredibly non-juicy life stories with you all. Hurrah!
    Thats enough blabbering i think.

    Sooooooooo here goes. Today was an attemp at an EE day and this is what I have in store for my belly!

    B: 2xweetabix (Heb) with ssmilk (HeA) and a banana
    S: Apple + Rose's dairy milk thingy bob (2.5 syns)
    L: Large salad (inc peppers, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumber) with 2 boiled eggs and 3 grilled bacons minus the fat (sad times)
    S: Orange
    D: Pasta in a tomato, leek, sweetcorn, chilli and ham sauce topped with cheese (3 syns) sw chips and a side salad

    So far i've had 5.5 syns, but i'll be honest covering reception for the day with a huge bowl of roses sat in front of me, i swear its calling my name. I will not be tempted. I WILL NOT!!
    Suggestions for useful way's to use syns is much appreciated!

    On another note, the weathers not as bad as it has been last week, but im still praying for a white christmas! come on snowww!!! I keep staring at the clouds and its just not doing anything.

    Please do introduce yourselves, and let me know how your day is going! :)

    Hugs and Kisses,
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  3. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Well a big howdy mc dally to everyone this fine morning.

    I've had a great start this morning because my manager has only just gone and brought me a mini heater! (yes!!) no more days of walking around the office with a hot water bottle shoved down my trousers!

    Yesterday's pasta was DIVINE! and I have to admit it was the first time I had used leeks, and they were soo yummy! I can also see why alot of people eat the SW chips, they were soo good too! I did succumb to the choccy tho and had a mini kit kat (2fingers) last night which is 5.5 syns totalling my syns for yday to 11 syns!

    Today my food will be:

    B: 2 weetabix (HeB) with ssmilk (HeA) and a level teaspoon of sugar sprinkled on the top (1 syn) and a huge handful of grapes + pond water (Green Tea)
    S: Mullerlight
    L: Left over yesterdays pasta + cheese (3syns) with huge salad + pond water
    S: Large orange
    D: SW quiche (Inc mushrooms, bacon, sweetcorn, leeks, tomato and cheese (3 syns) ) with baked beans and side salad

    Again thinking of what to use my syns on is hard :confused: ive had 7 syns today. Think that should be fine!

    So now that the food bit it out the way I can have my daily rant. Firstly I cannot believe theres 6 days till xmas - 6 DAYS! time is flying, i literally cannot believe how quickly this year has gone and to be honest im quite looking forward to saying hello to 2013 (thats if were not all killed my fireballs and meteors on Friday) new year new start and hopefully my new me will start emerging. Second of all, why are ex boyfriends such a pain in the ass. I mean seriously, they f*ck up and then they get annoyed when they see me move on, i mean HELLO! Well Mr Ex, you should have realised what you had before you decided to get engaged to some other girl after being with me for 3 years - ERGH

    Ok rant over lol, I will not let the past ruin my future!

    Oh wait one more rant.. STAPLERS ARE A NIGHTMARE! ok im done

    Have a good day everyone!!

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Last edited: 19 December 2012
  4. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Good morning fellow slimmers!

    Today i woke up with a dreadful cold. Have no idea where it came from but I cannot stop sneezing. Ergh :( on a more positive note, only 5 more sleeps till christmas! Woo hoo.. I have no idea why I get so excited, it's not like I get any pressies! TBF im just looking forward to the food haha.

    Now I know my weigh in day is Monday, but I really couldn't control myself and I ended up weighing myself today only to be pleasantly surprised with a 4lb weight loss already! I was gobsmacked! Only been on the plan 4 days. Thats 1lb a day. Crazy. And I have to admit I am absolutely loving it. Whoever invented the slimming world recipe for quiche is a God, because it was absolutely deliciouss!! I stuffed it with sweetcorn, spring onions, leeks and peppers, topped with a lil cheese and my gosh I was drooling! Took a lot of restraint not to ram the whole thing in my mouth!

    This is what I have in store today:

    B: 2xWholemeal Nimble toast (HeB) with Bertolli marg (3 syns) and a cup of tetleys tea 2 sweeteners and milk (part HeA) - Had to inhale my breakfast because i was running late :| oops
    S: Mullerlight Yoghart
    L: SW Quiche with cheese (3 syns) and large salad
    S: 2 Oranges
    D: 2 LM veggie (4 syns), chilli and garlic sprouts, green beans and smash topped with gravy (1.5 syns - i think - would be greatful if someone could tell me if i've got this right :S )

    Im looking forward to dinner because i loveeee my chilli and garlic sprouts. Never made them without oil though, so we shall see how it goes using frylight. I've also never had LM sausages before, so looking forward to tasting them as ive heard soo many reviews on them! Nom Nom!!

    In total i've planned 11.5 syns - i think!

    Hope your all had a great evening, and have a good day!

    Hugs and Kisses,
  5. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member


    Who else is in that Friday spirit, because I know I am (well kinda, besides still being ill)

    So yday's dinner didn't go down as well as I had hoped, because I burnt my sprouts and over cooked the sausages. :( still tasted good though and I will definately be buying them again!! I was looking at recipes yday too, and saw a really yummy recipe for sausages rolls, I am defo making that next week! I'm also missing my curries a bit (being an indian lass and all) so may attempt to try and make my homemade curries without all the oil we use! If they are successful, i'll be posting some recipes!

    Today I was in such a rush so didnt have time to get a fantastic lunch ready, but here is what i'll be consuming today:

    B: 2 weetabix (HeB) with ssmilk (HeA) sprinkled with 2/3 tbsp sugar (2 syns) and a handful of purple grapes
    S: Mullerlight cherry + Banana + Tea with 1 sweetener and a dash of milk (100ml - 2.5 syns so a dash I'll count as 1 syn) - seriously couldnt stomach any pond water today!
    L: Lettuce, ham and cheese (3 syns) with roast chicken mugshot
    S: Orange
    D: Grilled chicken breast seasoned with peri peri chip sprinkle (the best thing in the world!!) with chargrilled corn on the cob, sw chips and a side salad

    I've saved on my syns a little today because I really want to have a hot brandy tonight so I can get some good sleep and hopefully feel better tomorrow.
    Now I know a basic shot of brandy is 2.5 syns, but my moms shots are not normal sizes so to be on the safe side im going to account for a double and make it 5 syns, which will bring me to 11 syns today.

    I cannot wait for the weekend, I can finally have a lie in and a hot breakie tomorrow! Scrambled eggs.. mmmm!!! hopefully go out and get some xmas shopping done tomorrow, I know I must be crazy to have left it so late, but I just have had no time what so ever, so i'll be braving the queues tomorrow. Thankfully I only have a few things to get, mostly food! 4 more sleeps and it is not only the end of the world today (hmm sure havnt seen any fireballs yet) but its also the shortest day of the year! So its only gonna get lighter now.. hurrah! Hate waking up and going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark.. its so depressing!!

    Hope everyones xmas plans are going well, and everyone has a fab Friday!

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Last edited: 21 December 2012
  6. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Good Afternoon my fellow chunky monkeys!!

    Hope everyone's having a good day and if your reading this you clearly survived the apocalypse! ;)

    So yesterdays dinner went down an absolute TREAT! I did tweak the chicken recipe a little, and as there was no brandy in the house i used the syns i would have for brandy on marinating the chicken with nando's sauce.

    If anyone is interested in the recipe all i did was spray some chicken breast with frylight and beat it until it was an even thickness and then sprinkled the peri peri chip sprinkle all over it. I then griddled the chicken. Once cooked on either side, i poured a tiny bit of nandos hot sauce on either side and let it chargrill. I made this for the whole family and my dad even said to me theres no need for us to ever go to nandos again which made me super happy!!

    I had a nice lie in this morning which was well and truly needed as I feel a lot better today then I have done the last couple of days. This is what I will/have been eating today:

    B: Weetabix (HeB) + ssmilk (HeA) + handful of grapes and a teaspoon of sugar (2 syns)
    L: Scrambled eggs, beans, 2 slices of grilled bacon, garlic and tomato mushrooms and potato and leek hash - This was just made up and Oh My GOSSSH it was heaven!
    S: Mandarin Mullerlight
    D: Chicken Stirfry (Noodles, Chicken, Carrots, Spring Onions, Peppers all cooked up with coriander and cumin powder, red chilli powder and salt and pepper - Mums recipe minus the oil plus the frylight!)

    Brought some Cockburns Special Reserve Port today and I cannot wait to have a glass. Normal measurements are 4 syns per 50mls, but being greedy I usually have a wine glass of it which is 125mls so im going to estimate that at 10syns for 1 glass.

    This brings me to 12 syns today. Was so tempted to have a chocolate rather than the port but thought the port was more worth it! mmmmmmmmmm port. yummy!

    So ladies and gentlemen, only a couple more days until xmas. The weathers not been amazing, in fact its just been hammering it down with rain all day. So I really doubt we'll be having a white xmas this year (go figure) but on the plus side, my sister is down for a day which is lovely as I havnt seen her in weeks now!

    Off to do some last minute xmas shopping now so I hope your all having a good day!!

    Hugs and Kisses,
  7. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Hi Peri - Welcome to minis. Your diary made me smile as its so lighthearted and open. Can I ask which LM sausages you had? As the Red Onion and Rosemary ones are FREE yes FREE, so just wondered in case you had synned them as 4 and didnt need to. Your food is looking great keep it up
  8. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Hiya Texty!!

    Unfortunately there were just the bog standard ones. But they were scrummy none the less!! Are the onion and rosemary ones nice? I need to get more so i may get them!!
    Sometimes being lighthearted is the best way to get through weight loss!

  9. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Lots eat them, I personally have only tried them once and wasnt keen, then again I love my proper meat rather than Quorn lol.
  10. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Oh gosh I know what you mean! Soo totally craving real sausages, and I know BGTY extra lean sausages from sainsburies are 1/2 a syn each, but my sainsburies told me they didnt sell them! :(
  11. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Strange!!! I dont eat a lot of sausages but when i have a cooked brekkie i have to have them lol
  12. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Mmmm sausagesssss!! I never used to like bacon before but now i love it!! Still nothing beats a barbequed sausage in a hotdog bun with lashings of ketchup!!
  13. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Evening all!

    Hope your all enjoy your Sunday! I'm back to work tomorrow, which is a bit poopey but at least its only half a day! Went into town today to do some more shopping (I'm totally addicted to shopping :rolleyes:) and it really felt like xmas as there were gospel singers in town and they just sounded amazing! Put me into such a good mood!

    Yesterday evening was a bit of a corker! First time I had been to costco, so as it was newly built we decided to have a family vacation to costco to check it out. People really wern't lying when they said everything is MASSIVE there. First i saw the biggest fluffy dog ever! It was literally bigger than my 20 year old sister. It was amazing. Then I saw an 80" TV and was gobsmacked, it was hugeeeeeeeeeeee!! THEN i mistakingly went into the food section. O. M. G. THE CAKES! They looked divine and seriously I was salivating just looking at it all. Really made me crave cake, but I was good and faught my desires, lol. Then came the biggest shock of my life. A bottle of champagne. A 6 LITRE bottle of champagne. A 6ltr bottle of champagne for £7200. THATS A CAR! And the worst thing was, I could probably drink all of that champagne myself!!

    Ahhh well that was the most excitement i had all weekend!!

    So this is what my food plan looks for today. I decided to do a green day as I can't eat meat today for religious reasons, so thought it would make sense!

    B: Weetabix (HeB) + ssmilk (HeA) + purple grapes and 1tsp sugar (1 syn)
    S: Packet of carrot sticks and a packet of Worcester Sauce French Fries (5 syns)
    L: Veggie pasta and salad (Pasta was packed with 1 leek, 1 red pepper, 1 can of sweetcorn, 6 mushrooms and about 1/8th of a cabbage cooked in a tin of chopped tomatoes and spices - was delish!)
    S: Alpen Light (1/2 2nd HeB)
    D: Smash Pizza topped with sweetcorn, onions, spicy chopped tomatos, mushrooms and a sprinkle of cheese (2nd HeA) - i'm still yet to decide whether im going to eat this as im still full on the pasta from this afternoon. May just have a mullerlight plus another alpen light for my second half of my second HeB with some milk. - will update later!

    I'm on 6 syns today but may indulge in a kitkat crumbled into the mullerlight later raising it to 11 syns for the day.

    Plans for tonight are to watch the dark knight rises. How hot is that batman. I dont even know the actors name, but he is smoking! Not as hot as Thor... oh gosh just mentioning his name (yes i know his name isnt really thor) makes me giddy! I wouldnt mind a thor for christmas, fully loaded with his hammer and all ;) Please santa please!! I promise I will not eat mince pies!!!

    Somehow doubt that'll happen, but a girl can dream!

    Right chaps and chapettes
    Have a pleasant evening!

    Hugs and Kisses,
  14. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Morning all!!

    Merry Christmas Eve! woooo!! And what a day to have my very first weigh in since I started slimming world! I stepped on the scales this morning and could not believe it.

    5LBS!! I lost 5lbs in my first week! I literally could not believe it, I must have weighed myself about 10 times before I realised I was getting late for work. I just really pray that Christmas week, I dont put it all back on. My aim for this week is to STS! Any loss would be an achievement, but I'm also going to try and stay on plan for as much as possible! I'm being strict on myself apart from actual Christmas day, so that being said this is what I am having today which will be another GREEN day:

    B: Weetabix (1st HeB) + ssmilk (1st HeA) + Grapes + 1tsp sugar (2 syns)
    S: Mullerlight + 2 Alpen Light bars (2nd HeB)
    L: Veggie pasta with large salad (leftovers from yesterday)
    S: Banana, Pear
    D: Quorn chilli (inc kidney beans, onions, 2 carrots diced, sweetcorn, baked beans, tinned tomatoes, 1 packet of quorn mince and plenty of herbs and spices) with rice and salad and some fat free yoghart and cheese (2nd HeA) on top
    S: 2 finger kitkat (5 syns)

    Total syns: 7

    Yesterday's evening meal did not go as planned as I was sooo stuffed from the pasta I had at lunch (3pm though so late lunch) that I didn't fancy having a full on dinner, so i ended up having a muller light with a kitkat crumbled into it (5 syns), 3 dairlylea light (2nd HeA) and an alpen light bar (2nd half of 2nd HeB) taking my syns for that day to 11 as predicted. Might go through my food optimising book tonight to scan out snacks I know am likely to eat during the day to use a few syns!

    Hope everyone is doing well on this miserable rainy day and looking forward to Christmas tomorrow. I know I am! And hopefully I will still get a chance to update tomorrow on what I had (and I will be brutely honest with you guys!) tomorrow evening, but if not I will write it all down and update on boxing day! :D

    Have a good day readers - if I have any :confused:

    Hugs and Kisses,
  15. GretaGrip

    GretaGrip Gold Member

    Oh I'm sure you have the odd reader or two. I don't comment very many diaries - only the ones that interest me. : )

    I'm unable to see your stats right now as on my iPhone - what's your ultimate goal?
  16. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Hiya Gretagrip,

    My goal is to lose around 3 and half stone before my birthday which is next July!! So I have around 6 months to do it in. If I can get half way there I would be happy, but I guess my goal is around half a stone a month! Not sure if thats achievable or not but I guess I'll find out!! :D
  17. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Its more than achieveable Peri - and 5lbs this week is fab. Just thought id mention (you may already know) the smash pizza isnt free? you have to syn it as if on a red day as you are not using the smash as intended.

    Anyway have a great xmas and a good week ahead
  18. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Thanks Texty! Is the smash pizza only free on Extra Easy plan then?

    Good job I didnt end up having it! lol
  19. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    Its not free at all on any plan hun - cos your adapting the mash to make a pizza base.
  20. MissPeriPeri

    MissPeriPeri Silver Member

    Really? Oh thats a poop.. I swear I had read somewhere it was. Oh well never mind, at least you told me before I inhaled a whole pizza of it! haha

    Hope you have a grand xmas Texty! :bighug:
  21. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    There was a thread somewhere about it with different opinions so i text my consultant and asked her. She told me it must be synd so i dont make them lol

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