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My forever and a day Food-n-Exercise diary


Thought id start off my spanking new Food-n-Exercise diary today.

Been meaning to start one for weeks just so i can look back at it when i need a bit of inspiration.

Saturday 26th March 2011

Up fairly early this morning, well 8.30 which is early for a saturday as i do like my lie-ins at the weekend.

Breakfast - was a full english.
3 lean bacon slices
mushrooms dry fried
scrambled eggs
baked beans
cup a tea

Decided i need a new pair of shoes for work, so off to do a bit of shopping. Think of it as good exercise all that walking around the shopping mall.No luck on the shoe shopping all i want is a pair of plain black court shoes with a decent heal and a nice shaped toe:confused:, but did buy a couple of things from the Next 2 day sale, one was only £3:D. From there we went straight to the gym (me & hubby).

Lunch - was a large mixed fruit salad & a bottle of water.

Our 4th week of being members at the gym and so far loving it.

Did 40mins on the treadmill, alternating between fast walking & jogging.
then some weight's (30mins) usually use 20 - 30kg for arms and legs.
Powerplates just 5-10mins as they give me a headache if i use them for any longer.
Then 12 (25mtr) lengths in the swimming pool before having a nice soak in the jaccuzzi:). 2 bottles of water.

After working up an appetite decided to go food shopping armed with my menu's for the week, this works well for us as i hate not knowing what im going to be eating for my next meal, this is when id just grab something for quickness and its not always a good choice.

Shared a bag of chicken fridge raiders and some grapes on the way back home - SW consultant did say last week that they are free on EE or Red days.

Tea - Salmon, with cheesey mash, cauliflower & broccolli. Diet Coke.

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Sunday 27th March 2011

Dont you just hate loosing that hour on a Sunday morning when we put the clocks forward?

Breakfast - 2 weetabix, 1tsp sugar, skimmed milk, 1 bannana.
1 cuppa tea

Started the day off with a trip to the gym.
1hr hard boxercise,
1hr in the gym, treadmill, weights, floor exercise.
1hr in the pool, 14 lenghts, steam room and jaccuzzi:)
2 bottles of water

Lunch - chicken casserole with carrots, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower & 4 new potatoes.
1 pear. 2 diet pepsi.

Made SW moose for later, suger free jelly mixed with a fat free yoghurt.

Tea - 2 ryvita spread with 1 dairylea light triangle, 2 crabsticks.
SW moose and this was soooooo yummy with some stewed rhubarb and a crumbled alpen light bar on the top:drool:.

Thats it for today, gunna go catch-up on my lost hrs sleep.:zz:

Oh, by the way i checked on the SW website the syn value of the Fridge Raiders as my C said they were free.
their not :mad: turns out they are 2.5 syns per pack.


is gonna do it!!
Hi Urbancookie, goodluck with your diet and exercise plan, you've been going for it at the gym havent you! well done, i am toying with the idea of joining one, but they are so expensive round my way.
Thanks moti17, yes your right i thought if i cant do it now then i never will and although ive been doing the excersice for a couple of weeks now the weight isnt moving any quicker. actually put on 1/2lb last week but i have to admit i do feel much better for it so thats half the battle. Agree gyms can be expensive and im determined to get my moneys worth

Monday 28th March 2011

Breakfast - Bacon, poached egg, beans, mushrooms & tomatoes.
Cuppa tea.

Someones 40th birthday at work and i think they brought in every sort of Mr Kipling & cadburys cake there is but i resisted them all, took some doing but no i didnt have one im so pleased with myself. Funny how you can get more pleasure resisting than taking part some times.:angel09:

Lunch - Large mixed salad, cucumber, tomato, onion, beetroot, pickles, 1/2 bag of fridge raiders, and a pear.
bottle of water.

Heard a lot about the Diet coke chicken lately so thought id give that a go.

Tea - Diet coke chicken with batchelors savory rice, salad, and the rest of the SW moose from yesterday for pudding.

Chicken was ok but cant say id have it to often, was a bit sweet for me.

Off to the gym after tea, done my 1st Zumba lesson:banana dancer: Phew, it was hard but i put everything i had into it and lasted till the end, its quite a big class all shapes and sizes, young and old, and everyone really seams to enjoy it too. Had 15 mins rest then off to the pool to do 1hr of aquafit, thought i might struggle with Aquafit this week after doing zumba but it was fine. Steam room and jaquzzi to finish off.
1 bottle of water.

Starving when i got back so had 3 crabstix, beetroot & pickles.


is gonna do it!!
Are you taking measurements too? As sometimes you will get inch loss and no actual weight loss, If u know what I mean.
Hi moti17,
Yes i took my measurements the day after my weigh-in and re-took them again yesterday, ive lost 1in off my boobs 1.5 off my waist and 1 off my hips no change on my thighs though. weigh in was tonight and id lost 1lb so not to happy but its a 1lb in the right direction i suppose :sigh: i do a food diary every day so going to take it in for my C to have a look at to see if im missing something.

How are you doing? (ill have a look @ your page if you dont mind:))

Tuesday 29th March 2011

Breakfast - 2 weetabix, 1 bannana,
sk-milk, 1tsp sugar.
cuppa tea.

Still got loads of cakes in the office from yesterday's birthday boy and looks like they will be there for the rest of the week. Resisted again though but may get weaker by the end of the week.

Lunch - large mixed salad, beetroot, pickles and the rest of the diet coke chicken. 1 large orange.
bottle of water.

SW weigh-in tonight so having tea later than usual. 1lb loss so now 12-5lbs.

Alpen light bar after weigh-in while at meeting.

Tea - SW chips, 1 poached egg, baked beans, mushy peas.
SW moose (sugar free jelly - FF yoghurt)
pineapple. 2 x diet coke.

No gym tonight as dont get back from SW till 7-45. No gym tomorrow either as its family tea night luckly were all on the SW plan so going to cook the Mediterranean Tray Bake from this months SW Magazine.

Wednesday 30th March 2011

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix, 1 sugar, sk milk
cuppa tea.

Birthday cakes still hanging around at work but hopefully they will be gone tomorrow.

Lunch - Large mixed salad, same as yesterday. 1 big jaffa orange. 1 bottle of water.

Popped into sainsburys to get stuff for tonights tea. Allways takes me longer than it should to get round as usually meet someone who i have'nt seen for ages.

Tea - Mediterranean Chicken Bake, from out of this months SW magazine had it with broccoli, savory rice, and roasted pepper. It was really nice and every one enjoyed it.
Pudding was lots of strawberry's with SW moose, Meringues sprinkled on the top and drizzled with a strawberry muller light.

No gym tonight.

Thursday 31st March 2011

Breakfast - 1 bannana, 1 sugar, sk milk.
cuppa tea.

Lunch - 3 ryvita, 3 slices ham, 2 dairylea light, cherry tomato's, pear, mullerlight. bottle of water.

Gym straight after work. 1hr in the gym doing the treadmill and some weights, then thought id have a change and do 40mins on the tonning tables.
Bottle of water.

Tea - Chicken soaked in soy sauce and chilli flakes and cooked in the wok with onions, red yellow & green peppers, brocolli, carrots and mixed with noodles.
2xdiet coke.

Out with friends tomorrow for a very nice meal. Hopefully i will make good choices and will deffo have a pudding as i have'nt had many syns this week, will also swop glasses of wine for bacardi & diet coke.


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