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My Freaky Diary

Just found this bit and think its great to keep track :D

Been doing SW since the beginning of the year, at the moment I'm doing EE

Breakfast: Fresh pineapple (probably about half of a whole one),

later in the morning: Alpen light bar, banana and mullerlight

Lunch: Homemade vegetable and pearl barley soup. 2 kiwi fruit

Snack: Alpen light bar, Melon

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled, 2 rashers of bacon grilled with fat removed. Mushrooms and tomatoes fried in frylight. Followed by second half of pineapple.

HexA: Milk in tea and coffee
HexB: 2 x Alpen light bars

Syns: Tonight I may have a Blue Riband - 5 or 2 biscuits - 3, not using too many as I'm off out for dinner on Friday :eek:

All and any feedback is very, very welcome - thank you!!
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Breakfast: Half a melon, quarter of leftover Tortilla (delicious), Alpen light bar - spread over the morning

Lunch: Baked beans on a jacket potato, 2 x kiwi fruits

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognaise (passatta, mushrooms, onions, tinned tomatoes). Other half of melon

Snack: other Alpen light bar and tonight a curly wurly (wow I know how to live!)

HexB - 2 alpen light bars
HexA - milk in tea and coffee and some cheese on spag bol
Not been updating this - naughty Freaky!! lol!!

Can't quite remember what I've been eating which is horrendous really - can remember highlights though

Friday night - went out for dinner with some friends and had steak and salad and passed on wine and desert - still had a fabulous night.

Saturday and Sunday nights - was not on plan for dinners either of these nights but have been quite virtuous with syns through the week so I'm not dwelling on it and I'm just going to keep onwards and downwards.

Breakfast: Half a melon, Kiwi fruit, mullerlight and then bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes

Lunch: Jacket potato and baked beans, other half of the melon

Dinner: Roast chicken with salad - mmmm.... Half a pineapple

Snacks: 2 x Alpen light bars - HexB

curly wurly - 6 syns
I am rubbish at keeping a diary on here lol!

Have been good all this week, I know that - only had on average 6 syns per day even though its * week. Have been filling up on pineapple and melon instead. Feel very good.

Had a fab meal Tuesday night
Roast chicken, new potatoes, steamed brocolli and sugar snaps (I can't believe that is my meal!!) and then had some extra light french dressing over it - it was soooooooooo yummy!

Today I'm planning
Breakfast: Melon, Half tortilla, Banana
Lunch: Jacket potato and beans, Pineapple
Dinner: Chicken salad

Snacks - 2 x Alpen light bars - Hex B
Twix finger - 6 syns
Hex A - milk and cheese in tortilla

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