My friend has upset me, but its not her fault


Starting again...
I'm jelous!

My Goal was that when my friend mandy came down to see me in dec that I would shock her and be slim ( I have not told her about my diet she lives 200 miles away)

I was going to make that night my night !

She is tall and slim and really pretty so always got the attension when we were younger, anyway she phoned me to see how I was coping after the break up, and we got on the sudject of weight loss, she said .... " Have you heard of a diet call the cambridge diet " I replied yes I have heard about it ... she then says " I have been on it and lost 3 stone Im now a size 8 " :( She didnt need to lose weight now i feel really down, as shes almost stolen my goal, well thats how I feel, Im struggling and a size 18 and would have loved to be the size 12 she was... shes now skinnyyy and I wont even get noticed that ive lost anything then.,

I know Im totally jelous I will continue the diet but it still made me feel crap! :rolleyes:
Ahhh don't feel crap - you're doing so well - and ultimately its for you that you're doing it!

Anyway - that night will be about you - she'll be gobsmacked when she sees you as you haven't warned her!! AND there must be lots of other people and comments and compliments you get too!
Oh honey, i know how you feel. But believe me it isn't a competition and you need to do it in your own time!! You will be slim by Christmas!!!

Are you back on track now? what have you decided to do?
Awwww ((hugs)) :eek:
Its awful when that happens And I can apprieciate that you are dissapointed that she 'beat you to it' but dont worry. Its no contest on who can be slimmest first. What matters is you will also be slim in a few months too!
You can still suprise her with your magnificent weight loss. It WILL be noticeable that you have lost weight dont you worry about that!

Your time will come when the attention is all on you. You will see :D
I am being silly, :rolleyes:

These last couple of weeks have been crazy and i have eaten so from 2morrow im back on track:)
Atta girl!!!! Good luck for tomorrow sweetie.... you'll feel so much better when you're back on track. It really does make an enormous difference you know x
Ahhhhhhhh ((((HUGS)))) you are doing fab and you will still shock her having the strenght to do Cd when you have split with your husband.......dont you think that will make her think how fab you are????