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My GHD's died!


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I'm on my second pair of GHDs. I couldn't live without them! (Okay that may be slightly dramatic, but I would be v upset)


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I know, I love them! (or should that be loved them) They did the same 2 years ago but i changed the fuse and they worked! that didnt work this time- away to put them in the bin.:cry:


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My last pair caught on fire while I was using them. I sent them back even though they were out of warranty and they gave me my next pair for half price :D


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I'd just like to say I feel a complete idiot as I have been trying to work our what GHD is short for; I'd come up with Grandmother's half daughter! Should i be worried?


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ah bless ... GHD (Good Hair Day) are a make of ceramic hair straighteners, and (IMO) they are the dogs if you've got un-straight hair

ive never used ghds i used kodo which are fairly similar as far as im aware and managed to get my last pair half price, i use them so much they tend to live about 18 months-2 years and the wire normally goes on them. its so sad but i dont know what id do without straightners i think id win an award for scariest hair ever


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mine are on the way out as well!!!
I think its because I wind the cord around the straightners. I've had mine about 5yrs I think. Don't really want to pay £115 for a new pair!
Ive had mine for 6 years and feel they are getting old - dont seem to heat up as well as they used to. I certainly cant afford a new pair, so hoping someone can recommend a cheap but brilliant replacement!

But they were 7 years old, pretty good going i think!!

Have just been to hairdressers to get new straighteners- Paul Mitchell ones and 1/2 the price of what my GHD's were.

Fingers crossed that I like them but Im sure its the ones that my hairdresser uses so they'll be fine.
Yikes! Check on here:

GHD Repair: Home

See if you can fix the fault first, then return your new ones if you get the GHD's working!
My last pair caught on fire while I was using them. I sent them back even though they were out of warranty and they gave me my next pair for half price :D
Exactly the same thing happened to me Guru! but luckily Dad's an Electrician, so I sweet talked him and he put a new cable on and did a few other things and now they are still going strong (fingers crossed) :cool:


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GHD's are made in my hometown. One of my friends works for them and got me my last pair for £20!! I'm on my third pair now- first ones caught fire (the 1st generation GHDs had a habit of doing that...) and my h2b stood on my next pair :( The ones I have now have lasted 3 and a half years and still going strong.
hi all, for all of you looking to buy new ghds the cheapest genuine ghds ive found are on look fantastic .co.uk website excellent service, quick delivery. beware of fakes on other sites, for confirmation of genuine sites look on ghd home page. ive treid many other brands but none compare, defo worth the extra, i think i paid £85 with heatb spray + delivery!

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