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My giving up smoking diary!

Ok so I smoke anywhere from 5-25 cigarettes a day. Usually 5 but if I drink there is no stopping me. My main problem is that I suffer with mild asthma (stooopid I know) and normally after a night of smoking, I have a few squirts of my asthma pump and I'm usually ok - if a bit weazy! Well anyway, Saturday nigth was a little different; After a night out of smoking and drinking even with my asthma pump my chest was in a terrible state! I felt like a heavy weight was pressing down on my chest and could not stop coughing and weazing. So I decided enough is enough and have not smoked since. I've tried to give up about 6 times, usually I last about two weeks and the cravings get too much or if I'm drunk I can't resist and think it's a one off but it's not - doing that is just the slippery slope back into smoking daily for me.

So far so good - 2nd day and no real cravings as yet but I know they're coming. I'm just hoping this diary will keep me on track - I really need to give up smoking and would appreciate any help....

Good luck to anyone in the same position as me - let's do this!
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Day 2.

Last nigth was tough - Partners birthday, we had his parents around and had wine with dinner. I had really bad cravings on and off for about two hours until I exhausted myself and fell asleep!

Day 3

Woke up this morning and on walking down stairs noticed that my house smealt a lot fresher than usual! Even though, I always used to empty the ashtray before bed.

So far so good but it's only 11.34am..

3pm. Have had cravings since lunch, not enough to want to have one but enough to feel frustrated by anybody who dares speak to me :(

Later in the evening I really struggled again around the time of making tea and then for an hour or so afterwards I had the most awful cravings and turned into a monster, so I had a couple of nicotine chewing gums which seemed to take the edge off. I'm pleased to report that I got through the entire day and am now looking forward to getting through another day...

Day 4

The cravings have started a lot earlier today - when I smoked, I never felt the need to smoke until after mid day but today my cravings started about 10am and now at 12.30pm I'm still having them. It's not too bad though, I can get through this.

I'm slightly worried about this evening as I'm going for a curry with the girls....

The evening was the pits! I didn't go out with my friends instead I lay in bed all night feeling so sorry for myself - I actually cried. It may sound dramatic but the cravings were so intense and it was also as though the lack of nicotine was messing with my emotions. Oh yeah and each tv programme I watched seemed to feature somebody having a really enjoyable cigarette which did not help matters. Anyway regardless of how miserable I have become I got through it. The only problem is I'm starting to wonder is it worth it!
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Day 5

11.06 - no real cravings as yet - still feel a touch emotional, don't know if that's connected to being a woman and approaching that certain time of month or the lack of nicotine. I think when I start to feel the benefits I may feel better ie. not so bad breathing at night, healthier looking skin and whatever else. Luckily I'm not having a night out this weekend so I should manage ok. My partner had also given up so it's nice to have each other to lean on, don't think I could do it without him!
Well done on getting to day 5...you're doing great!

I'm on day 11 of quitting but I'm taking Champix. They are a miracle drug...I've smoked for over 40 years, at least 20 a day and I've had virtually no cravings...just the usual thought of having one at certain times of the day...after lunch, dinner etc.

They say after 3 weeks it gets soooo much easier so keep it up!
Thanks and Congratulations on getting to 11 days - keep me updated on how you get on?!

Just another 16 days of hell before it starts to get easier then ;(

I'm having a new sensation; I have a tingly feeling underneath my skin and I keep doing this sucking in breath weird thing(looks like I'm whistling but sucking in not blowing out) - hope my colleagues don't think I'm too strange!

Last night was the worst yet! Partner and I played squash to keep us busy for an hour then made tea but from about 7 onwards was hell. We were really grumpy towards eachother and well just plain miserable. I predict my partner my cave tonight as he is having the boys around for beers and computer games. He doesn't seem as focused as I am - this morning he was talking about how he can't imagine life without ever smoking again and how he enjoys the social aspect so we shall see. I'm not going to put any pressure on him, if he decides to carry on in a social way then that's his choice as he doesn't struggle with chest problems - only problem is; if he has one it's going to be so much harder for me!
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Day 6

Feel wonderful today! Barely a craving so far and it's 3pm. I'm leaving work shortly for the weekend eeek; biggest challenge so far I reckon. Will update Monday!
Day 9

Got through the weekend all ok - I had my wedding dress fitting and wasn't as small as I hoped so felt the urge for the nicotine really bad after leaving the shop. My partner caved on Friday and had just a couple of drags (so he tells me anyway - which probably means he had at least one) He did buy me cigarette's from Holland & Barrett made with no nicotine or tobacco, like a harbal smokable ciggie. They helped when having a few glasses of wine on Sat but apart from that haven't used them. Yesterday was my best day yet - I barely had a craving hooray.

Day 10

All going great - I got annoyed with a friend of mine who has turned into a bridezilla earlier and felt like I needed one but since that initial- I need a cigarette rage- I've calmed down and feel fine again. The night's are what's hard but I must admit they are getting easier already. I have two meals out with drinks on the weekend, so I guess that will be the real tester. x
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Baby got Back!
Well done on getting to day 5...you're doing great!

I'm on day 11 of quitting but I'm taking Champix. They are a miracle drug...I've smoked for over 40 years, at least 20 a day and I've had virtually no cravings...just the usual thought of having one at certain times of the day...after lunch, dinner etc.

They say after 3 weeks it gets soooo much easier so keep it up!

Congratulations to you both! Well done!! It's not easy is it? I too stopped smoking on Champix and I have to say that it was so easy! All you need is a teaspoon of willpower and the Champix does the rest. It will be a year on 3rd of November since I stopped and I don't miss it one little bit. I rarely think about fags now if I'm honest. Stopping smoking must be one of the most emotional traumatic things I've ever encountered despite it being relatively easy. I'm glad I can say I don't smoke now and though I've gained a stone, I'm back on Minimins to kick it ass too....pity they don't do a Miracle Drug for fat bums.....I'd be sorted!

Good luck to you both and keep it up! xx


That mars bar aint love..
Hey whats champix?? im on my 2nd week of non smoking...going suprisingly well :S only had a few cravings its weird! x


Baby got Back!
Champix is a tablet you can get from your doctor! Absolutely amazing and would recommend. I stopped smoking for two years and started again (donut I know!!) and it took me 9 years to stop again. Champix made it so easy. There were a few side effects but it's only a 12 week course. I only took mine for about 9 weeks but they worked a treat for me. Dad smoked 60 a day and both he and my sister both stopped on Champix and been off fags for 9 months. They really are great! Different to patches, you don't really crave as they are a brain drug. You just don't want one. Ask your GP - he/she will keep ya right. Good luck.
Day 12 - I think!

It must be a good sign when I start to lose track of the days! Actually last night was a tough night but luckily I had sky plused some good telly so that was a little bit of a distraction! I have a wonderful weekend planned with friends but am dreading it as I know I'll find the non smoking aspect of it rough!

Oh well - I'll make sure I have my nicotine gum and pretend cigs at the ready!

Day 13

Major cravings for most of the day so far! I'm getting them as I'm excited to be going out tonight. Also nervous about having a few drinks tonight as normally all of my inhibitions fly out the window and I don't care about whether cave. I'm so hoping it doesn't happen! I'm going to chew lots of gum before I go out - I'm just hoping that not smoking doesn't ruin a night I've been looking forward to for a few weeks.
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2 weeks and 1 day - Hooray!

I managed to get through the weekend - two three course meals and drinks and I managed not to smoke - so proud of myself haha!

It wasn't too easy though and after our meal and drinks on Fri our friends continued drinking well in to the night but we went home as the desire for a smoke was getting a bit much. I'm just so pleased we managed it even though it was a bit of a nitemare.

I'm going to try and have a weekend in this weekend and perhaps go out the following one. See if I can manage to stay out a bit later and enjoy myself some more next time!
Had friends for dinner and some wine last night - Had a few of my non nicotine and tobacco ciggies and it really wasn't that painfull. Things are looking up :) :) :) :)

Still at it - will be a month on Wednesday
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Well done on the month...that's fantastic! I'm nearly 6 weeks now...feels great doesn't it?

How about a facial and massage? It has to be a bit of pampering as you've done so well!

I had a scale and polish yesterday as well...my electric toothbrush kept alot of the stains at bay but there was a bit at the back of the bottom teeth but that has all gone now..can you see? :D So that might be something to do for yourself.

The one thing I don't want to do is treat myself with chocolate...I've only put on 5lbs which apparently is quite normal. It went on in the first couple of weeks but that will be easily dealt with....have you put any on?

Once again, well done and keep it up!
Hey thanks and congratulations to you on doing it so well. Did you use anything like Champix or was it all willpower?

Still going thank god, think I'm over 5 weeks now although losing track. I'm still having major cravings here and there but get through them fairly easy now.

I haven't put any weight on - I've given up smoking and started running etc quite a lot as well as eating healthily. Perhaps I've taken on too much at once but I get married on May 3rd and I have to lose 2inches from my bum and waist to get into my dress so haven't any choice.

Keep up the good work thunderthighs!
Well done on the 2 months! :D

I'm coming up to 3 months shortly....and the diet starts today!!! I've found I'm rather manic at the moment with mood swings but apart from that all is good...well it is if OH hides the knives :D

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