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my god, what on earth was i complaining about?

Basically, Iv lost my enthusiasm, i need that excited, brand new, newbie kind of feeling to kick me up the bum.. im very conplacent with sw. In an attempt to pluck up some enthusiasm iv researched red days, green days, the sample menus etc.. to see what takes my fancy.

anywho, after reading Suepats post about deflecting, i decided to have a look over the other diets that this forum covers. (im ashamed to say it, but i know you'l all love me all the same)

i thought i'd have a peak, and contemplated the idea of deflecting for a couple of weeks, but my god.

.. and this is no disrespect to those on any other diet.. but iv just read some food diarys.. i cannot believe what i am complaining about.. i would never cope. Never, i even looked on ww as thats the biggest well known diet next to sw, and even after reading some old sw members diarys, although they'r having fab losses.. the limited amount of food and all the effort that they'r putting in, i'd be expecting that sort of loss.. cause i'd be dying fo starvation.

In the long run, i'd much rather eat and be happy, than starve to be slim and be a miserable cow. I feel so ungratful for even contemplating leaving after all iv gained from sw.. iv become spoilt by choice and freedom!

my ass is deffinatly back on track.. seriously.. what was i thinking?!

had to share, although once i re-read this i think i'l realise how rambley this sounds LOL

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u have done so amazing that its probably only natural to have abit of a slump.give yourself a break hun
i have tried loads different diets but sw is diffinately the best
I know what you're going through. I've been sitting in class the past few weeks after gaining/losing/gaining/losing and really getting fed up. I had totally lost that new member excitement and was actually a little envious of some of our new members who had lost 5 or 6lb and were brimming with enthusiasm. BUT...I decided to try my best this week to have a 100% week and I've regained my enthusiasm.

For me, it's all about making that FIRST right choice. Once you do that then it gets easier to make the second good choice and so on and so forth.

You've done amazingly well and I KNOW you will find that spark again. Just keep trying. After all, you only fail when you stop trying and give up.

Thank you so much stacey, i actually remember reading your post about losing your mojo (then finding it again ;) ) i know i'l get there.. but as you said, as silly as it is.. im beginning to envy those newbies with all their enthusiasm and big losses.. then i have to remember they proberly hate me when my C tells them im her target member and whips out my YSOTY cert.. i know so many would kill to be at target, and im so greatful for how fast i got there, but i wish they'd share they'r enthusiasm LOL



I want to be fitter again
Fern we can all find reasons to kick ourselves but you have done SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO well and are an absolute crucial incentive for us on minimins xx


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Fern - glad you are back in the zone!

I have got my mojo back over the last 10 days, as for the entire month of Feb I was losing and gaining the same weight cos i just wasnt on plan - my heart wasnt in it.....but now, im a motivated bear!!!

I am going to look at the other diets to make me feel thankful :) haha xxx


Never gets tired of SW!
I think you've done a really intelligent thing by reading around other 'diets'! It shows that you really care about keeping that weight off and pursuing this lifestyle long term, even if it means finding some new enthusiasm from a different source- nothing wrong with that- if it works!! There's no law telling us we have to stick with SW forever more!!! However, it's really really great that you found out after doing all that research that SW is infact a really great plan and that the grass is definitely not greener over any other fence!! What you need and what has worked for you/will work for you is right here under your nose!! I know I wouldn't want to follow any other plan than SW and although I haven't had the fastest losses in the world I'm enjoying it so much I'm confident I'll get there in the end.... and with a full belly too!!! You've been a big inspiration to me Fern and I'm chuffed you've found your Mojo!!X
I'm glad that you are feeling more positive now. There's nothing wrong with researching different plans, I love reading all the other boards but I'm not tempted to change now. I've done most other diets in the past - except and bars and shakes ones because I always want real food - but I love SW.
Good luck for this week Fern xx


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I wish I could get back in the zone properly, I have one good week, the next week is mainly good but then one day I always slip up, I don't know what is wrong with me, WI is tonight and I lost 1.5 last week but reckon I have put it back on this week. I went to Sainsburys yesterday to buy some fruit & ended up walking out with 2 packs of their bakery white chocolate cookies....then I got home and ate 3 of the damn things, the OH is away until tomorrow night so these damn things will still be sat there when I get home later, I should have briught them to work and given them away but I didn't. Between this & trying to stop smoking again I am driving myself up the wall at the minute!


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You've reached target, so you know the plan inside out. Besides looking for new recipes to make, maybe it's time to focus on something else instead of food to help you stay on track. Maybe try taking up some new exercise class like Zumba or start a new sport and that should help bring your motivation back!


A sucker for a key change
I was having similar thoughts yesterday and had a look at the Cambridge Diet (out of desperation). WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew it was meal replacement regime but there is no (scuse me language ladies), no f'ing way I would fork out £49.99 a week to consume their offerings!!!! That is almost a whole weeks shopping bill for my lot (3 adults and 2 tiddlers).

I mean no offence to those that have done it BTW, I admire their determination to succeed. However, it made me realise how good I have got it on SW. I just need to find more patience from somewhere.... :flirt2:

I agree about how good we have it on SW, I was just saying to my colleague this morning that I'd spent a good while mooching around the internet looking at different plans ..... but really, just have a pop over to some of the other boards and its easy to realise just how difficult it would be to follow some of those plans (especially after the freedom of SW) .......and it really shows up how flexible and un-restrictive SW is. x
i agree bobbedazzler i new i had to loose the weight and i choose SW and was amazed at the freedom and being able to eat alot as long as its free :) and well done fern :) x


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ive known people who have done (successfully) CD and Lighter Life - they can keep going cos the weight losses are amazing - like 10lb in a week amazing!!! so its quick loss as its so strict!

I prefer SW as its suits me for life.... :D xxx I did consider a VLCD to kick start my weight losses, but decided i may as well do it the long way instead! x
i had a look at VLCD but i'm sorry, (although my mother would laugh at me for saying this) i dont have enough hours in the day to calculate how many calories iv had..

Id be much more likley to fall apart when im hungry and grumpy and my OH would proberly leave me.. im bad enough when i havnt fed myself on sw, and thats not through not being able too, pure laziness to get up and make somthing LOL.

i have deffinatly got my mojo back, and to keep the momentum going (despite the fact i dont think iv lost anything at all this week - wi tomorrow) im going to go ahead and do my first ever ever red week.. after reading about some of your losses etc. Im crapping it :O LOL just because its ever so slightly more restrictive haha, but im looking forward to lots of fresh fruit and veg, as it will replace my carbs and i will actually be getting that 1/3plate full of superfreee haha. im already missing my pots and pasta and rice and iv not even started yet.. roll on thurs! xox

Thanks for being so supportive guys, i really appriciate it!!! Love you all.. hope you find your mojos where mine was hiding for those of you that are feeling a little lost too. it'l return, im sure of it. x


Good luck with red days fern, but us red day folk can still have our intake of carbs might not be as much as EE or green but i enjoy sw chips made with 227g jacket pot or a wee portion of pasta or new pots with skin on.

So it gets a thumbs up from me :D


Trying again!!
I've been away for a week so just looking back at threads for some inspiration to get re-motivated - I did the same a few weeks ago - looked at food diaries on WW and thought I would never survive on that amount!

Starting a different class on Thursday this week as I wasn't keen on the last one so hoping for not too much of a gain whilst I was away - plan to do a big shop and thoroughly plan my meals next week to get back on track!
I have done SureSlim, very restrictive plan but does get results. Gave me a good kick start but not a plan that you can live with in my personal opinion. It so difficult to follow during holidays etc....we have a caravan so go away alot!
Sw is such a great versitile plan and so easy to fit into everyday life, hoping that our first break away at Easter will be a Sw friendly.
Good luck with getting back into the swing of things.


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