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My GP wont sign!!!!

Hi all I went to my GP this morning to get the consent form sign and she refused point blank, I asked her why and she just replied that she had seen sum1 do it b4 and that it was just another faddy diet and that she would NOT under no circumstances be signing the letter. I was in tears.

I rang my CDC and she said that it is very rare that a GP doesn't sign and she's only ever had it once b4.... she said if I can lose a stone and get my BMI down to 40 she can put me on the diet without my GP's consent..
But how am I going to lose a stone quickly its never worked in the past...

Have bought some slim fast and will try it short time, although on the positive side I haven't reached for the comfort food and all I have had is my slim fast and water..

Any tips or advice please... I really need to do this.. I'm feeling so p****d off. surely me losing weight under supervision is better than me staying obese...

anyone if you can please help. I dont want to change my surgery as the other one in my area is rubbish...

Michelle x:break_diet::cry:
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Hi Michelle

Have you considered W8? Quite similar plan to CD - but because we add a meal every 4th week (or every day if you prefer) doesn't need GPs consent - just fill in medical questionnaire and if no major health issues no probs. Also, someone from CD could advise would the same thing apply to CD if you followed one of their SS+ plans until you'd lost the first stone

Good luck - must be very frustrating for you

Carol x
Hi Michelle,

I had the same problem as you when I went to see my doctor. When I spoke to the CDC she advised me to change the way in which I approached them.

First time I went to the docs I went with the mind set that I was asking for their permission - wrong.

Second time (and admittedly a different doctor but same clinic) I told them I was going to be doing this, and that the medical form was proof that I had advised them of my intentions and that they should know what I was about to embark on so they could alter any medication I was on. (As it happens I am not on any but hey ho!)

If this does not work then you can still do the CD just not the SS / SS+ until the reason why the medical form was needed has gone. (Mine was a BMI > 40 but the CDC told me I could go on a low calory diet until my BMI dropped below 40 then I could start the SS+ regardless)

Good luck.
I know you dont want to but I would definitely change my surgery. Why is the other one in your area rubbish? Could you not just change temporarily? I wouldn't want to keep seeing a GP who clearly knows nothing about CD and doesn't sound prepared to find out either! My nan's doctor actually recommended CD to her so it just shows that it is safe.

And I think it is ok to do one of the higher CD plans without GPs consent until you lose the first stone...still very good losses on these apparently. Good luck xx
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get a 2nd opinion from another dr........
I think that is awful - i am a nurse and i totally agree that it is better that you are attempting to loose the weight supervised than be obese!! Nasty DOC!!!

Why dont you try Slimming World just for 4 weeks - i have had good results on that in the past and if you stick to it and have alot to loose you should get it off in 4 weeks!!

Stay positive!! It must seem like a knock back but you can do it!! xx:eek:
Thank you, but sorry what is the W8 I just checked my BMI myself an it is 41.2 so If I lose 9lbs I can do it without GPS consent. I needed her consent because of my BMI, i did tell her I wud b doing it regardless but still no joy..

michelle x
I know you dont want to but I would definitely change my surgery. Why is the other one in your area rubbish? Could you not just change temporarily?

because I was registered here b4 and twice he diagnosed my son with just a chest infection when in actual fact it was bronchitis the 2nd time my son was kept in hosp with serious breathing difficulties.

so defo no chance of going bk to him other surgeries are outside my catchment area

michelle x
I have just made an appointment to see another doc at the same surgery, actually the reason I didnt go to this one b4 was bcos he always nagged me into losing weight so maybe fingers crossed he will sign it..

Thanks for your help and support

Michelle x


weighs a lot less
hi im on LT have you thought about that ,you dont have to see a doctor,its pharmacy lead ,they weigh you weekly and give you your packs,all you do is find a chemist near you and they ask you to fill in a health questionaire,maybe you could do this then change to cd xx


French Honey
I was in the same boat as you, my BMI was 41.9 (I think :) and I knew my GP wouldn't sign because he had been very rude about it when I floated it past him hypothetically). So I did W8 for a few weeks (yuck, yuck, yuck) and then went onto Cambridge.

W8 is basically the same as CD but 4 shakes a day (although I found them pretty vile in comparison to CD) and costs £50 per week. You don't need GP's to sign anything, and you just buy it from their website AllaboutW8. You do have to fill in a health questionnaire but if you are able to answer no to everything then they'll send you the stuff in the post.

I must warn you though, the flavours are limited and I personally found them disgusting and could only get them down if I mixed them with coffee ;) but it's an option.

Another option as already mentioned, is to start CD on a higher plan. Your GP will be informed that you are doing it but you won't have to go and see him to have any forms signed (I think that's right anyway).

When I started CD I told my CDC that my GP wouldn't sign and he just sent the form to say I was doing the plan and that was that, thanks goodness as I was so stressed at the thought of having to go and 'explain myself'.

Your other option is to go and see another GP at your practice, you might ask the receptionist who is the most 'sensitive to weight issues' or something similar as some GP's are great and others, pre-historic in their attitudes.

Good luck anyway xx


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Go for it hun - he should hopefully sign!!

CAn anyone tell me - i want to add a BMI ruler thing!!:D

It asked for a pin number - what is that??
Sorry i prob being really blonde!! xx
The pin number can be any four letters or numbers, this pin number is personal to you and you need this same pin to use when you go back each week to update your ticker once updated on ticker factory it will then automatically update your signature here without you having to go and put in a new one each week here.

Here is a link to how to set up your weight ticker with step by step pictures to show you how to do it.


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