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My (green) food, exercise, and everything else diary.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
32lbs lost so far... 22lbs to go.

I am starting this diary for me, not because I think anyone will be in the slightest bit interested in my life. It might be about food, it might be about weigh in, it might even be about my toddlers nearly successful attempt at eating a bauble today, but It most definitely will be about how tired I am all the time, and how I just don't get where my weight has gone from.

So, let me ramble on, read along if you like, this is my journey on SW Green plan, and this is how it goes from here on in...

It's all relevant.
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ok, so let's start today. Not the greatest start to the day when your toddler gets up at 5am. I started the day with WI, 0.5lbs lost! Great considering a blow-out 3days prior.

B-Sauteed, potatoes, baked beans, fried egg = free
L-2 Ryvitta breaks, 2dairylea triangles, lots of fruit = hexb,hexa,free
D...now this where it all went wrong... idont really remember what I ate, but it was a lot. How stupid of me... I from lunch at 12 all afternoon with no snack and was ravenous by 6:30. I have 6 days of damage control until next WI.

So POSITIVEPOSITIVEPOSITIVE!! Tomorrow is a new day.

I now finally, own some size 14 jeans, and tomorrow I will go through my clothes and get rid of all my 16's! Now that's commitment from now on, no going back to my old ways!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Day 1 damage limitation: Planning ahead:

B- 2 x Weetabix with water, sweetener, Satsuma (hexb, free)
L- Nimble, 2tsp flora light, cheese, marmite (Hexb, 2 Syns, hexa, free)
D- Curry with veg/herbs/curry powder, dried noodles (whole dinner fit in cereal bowl). (Free)
Snacks- 3 x green tea.

Up at 5am again today, so tired, note to self: go to bed earlier tonight!!!

I have been through my jeans/trousers already, and have about 6 pairs to get rid of! Meaning I don't own any 16's anymore! YES! All I have now is size 14's and some new 12's I bought recently that I want to be in at target.

Been for a good fast 1hr walk in the lovely wintery cold.

Feeling very positive today! :) xxx
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Day 2 Damage Limitation: Thursday:

B-2 boiled eggs, 2 wholemeal nimble, 2tsp flora light (free, hexb, 2 syns)
L-2 nimble, baked beans, 28g cheee, 1tbsp mayo light. (hexb, free, hexa, 2syns)
D-Butternut Squash, Carrot, Sweet Potato, Leek, Stock, Lentils ...all cooked and blended in to a soup! Mmm! (Free!)
Snacks: Satsumas

Another nice 1hr walk today. Cold, but atleast it didn't rain!
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Day 3 damage limitation: Friday:

B-Satsuma, grapes, blueberries, pineapple, fat free yog,
L-2 x nimble wholemeal, egg boiled, 2tsp flora light (hexb, free, 2syns)
D-Soup, 2 x Nimble, 2tsp spread (free, hexb, 2syns)
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
So... back to square 1 with damage limitation. I've had such a bad few days. I feel sick from all the rubbish we've eaten!

I'm nipping this in the bud before it turns into a full blown escape from SW. I'm back in the zone and ready for my Ryvita!!

So although I'm vegetarian I'm thinking of trying Extra Easy... just need to find out how it works hmm...


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Ok so I've had a quick look at EE, and it looks simple...I'll still have my free green food, but only 1hexa, 1hexb, and still have 5-15syns. Well, hopefully those 2 less hex's should help kickstart my weight loss this week!

B-hot water+lemon, bowl of raspberries, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, apple, muller light.
L-BNS, S Potato, carrot soup, 2 nimble, 2tsp flora light, 28g cheese.(hexa, hexb, 2syns)
D-bean casserole, lots of veg, stock, herbs etc.
Snack: satsuma, cherry choc muller (2syns)
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Now, I've been awake since 4am thanks to my dear child...! Lol. So lets see how much freefood I gothrough today! It's going to be a long one...

B-beans, 2xnimble (hexb)
L-BNS,carrot,S potato soup, 2 x nimble wholemeal (hexb) 42g rf cheese (hexa)
D-roast potato, peas, carrot,green beans, s'corn, sprouts, roast sweet potato, etc etc
Snacks: Muller light, Twirl (12syns)

(Green day)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
B-big bowl of fruit,Muller cherry choc (2syns)

L-2 x hovis (2xhexb) 28g cheese (hexa) baked beans

D-Roast Potato/swede/sweet potato, carrot, peas, s'corn, green beans, 2 x Veg Fingers (5syns) 1x yorkshire pudding (1.5syns?)

Snacks: Fruit, Tea x 3 large (milk hexa)

Total water: 2L+
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thursday 10th December.

B- 1 x boiled egg, 1 x Hovis Wholemeal slice (hexb), 2tsp Flora Light (2syns)

L- Apple, Satsuma, Grapes, pasta + 28g cheese (hexa)

D- Soup: BNS, sweet potato, carrot, nutmeg. 1 x Wholemeal Hovis slice (hexb)

Snacks- Fruit/veg, Highlights Dark Choc sachet (2 Syns) Cadbury hot choc 1tsp (1 Syns)

Total water: -1 x med hot choc made with water
-1 x large green tea
-1 x bottle 1L water
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Bears dont dig on dancin'
Friday 11th December

B- Boiled egg, 1 x wholemeal Hovis (hexb),1tsp spread (1syn)

L- BNS leftover soup, 1 x wholemeal Hovis (hexb), 1tsp spread (1syn)

D- Chilli (Quorn mince, passata, onion, beans, herbs/spices) 28g cheese (hexa)

Snacks- fruit