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My hair is dissapearing!!


Finally a size 12!
Hi Guys

Been off LT for about 2 weeks and my hair is falling out! there is loads on my pillow on morning and my hair is short bit pixie - ish so dont wanna get bad patches and its really thin on the right side is there anything i can take without spending £30 on some tablets that might not work xxxxxxxxx
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sorry cant really help as i've only just started LT but didn't want to read and run? i'm sure someone who knows what they are talking about will answer soon......
Well just wanted to say that this happened to me too! After stopping TFR my hair fell out for about 2 months. (only really stopping now and now I'm restarting TFR!!!!)

But it did stop. I didn't take anything for it.....but I did have a thick mop to start with.


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Maybe just use a nice shampoo and conditioner and massage your scalp when you wash it. This helps stimulate the hair folicles and helps hair grow
They say zinc and selenium tablets. From any Boots. Shouldn't cost as much as £30. Also read on here that someone found it was just old hair that was shedding faster and the regrowth underneath was nice and shiny and healthy.
I did Lighter Life 10yrs ago and this happened to me after I stopped it.
Don't worry, they talked us through it and said it's old hair that didn't fall out during the programme (but no hair GROWS during it either) so you end up really thin of hair, then new hair starts to grow. Just hang on, it'll all come good again. Distressing, I know, when you think you'll go bald! but soon it'll be back to normal to go with your lovely slim body! xx


Finally a size 12!
i hope so guys!! My hair is short as it is ha ha bought some hair supplements from holland and barrett wont do me any harm i suppose xx
eeek sorry hun thank god I have thick hair
Me too! Since I've gone on to maintenance mines falling out in handfuls - scared to brush it. Someone else recommended zinc - so I've started taking a combined zinc and vit c tablet from Tesco (figured I couldn't OD on Vit C unlike some of the other vits) and I'm also using a spray-in extra conditioner as well as my normal shampoo/conditioner. Don't know whether it will work.

As others have said apparently when you are on TFR you don't shed any hair, then when you stop you lose all the hair you wouldv'e lost naturally whilst you were on the diet. It just looks a lot because its coming out quicker than normal. I have also heard that regrowth is stronger and healthier too.

Fingers crossed for us all

Carol x


Finally a size 12!
Ha ha ha ha i agree Carol be happy with that ha ha ha. Yeah im not worrying anymore ha ha my boyf says he cant tell and i compared pics of my hair and it looks same really just worrying to see it all on the pillow and in the shower x
I'm losing hair on TFR - I stopped a couple of weeks ago because I was scared of the amount of hair that was coming out after I washed it.
But when I wasn't on the programme it didn't come out as bad as being on it... but since being back on it on Thursday I have noticed sooo much hair has come out - it's pretty scary.
I normally have really beautiful thick hair but I'm panicking that it'll look awful in a couple of weeks.

Here's hoping we don't go bald!


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On my Counselling training course, they were saying that hair loss because of the diet, doesn't actually happen until about 3 months into it (if it's going to happen that is). They went on to say that if hairloss happens before, there's probably another cause.

Just thought I'd share that as I thought it was really interesting. Hope you find a remedy for it soon. Can be quite distressing can't it.

Oh...they do say that when it starts to grow back, it grows back even better...if that's any consolation ;)
on the LT Video it says that hair will only fall out to make way for the new hair that is coming through.. so when u notice the hair falling out the process of loosing it will be over :D

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