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My head hurts :(

You're stressed? I'm stressed for you!

Any news yet?
Nope, still no answer on the phone and no reply as yet to any of my emails/contact us form.

Everyone has previously said how fast they where to respond to them both on the phone and via email when they contacted them which has got me worried even more considering they aren't even answering the phone! :(
I really hope there's nothing to worry about, but I e-mailed a query about the AAM week on Tuesday when I started and I haven't yet had a reply. :(
Hmmm, I wonder what is happening with them :(
Is it worth asking on here if anyone else had their deliveries from Exante yesterday or today? Might help to put your mind at rest maybe.
I was hoping that if that was the case people would have allready read my posts and said so hehe. Unless they are ignoring my threads and posts because they think I'm whinging too much about nothing :(

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
memememe i read.. sorry, i am terrible at keeping up to date :D
i have messaged you xx

i tend to think oh i will read that next, then get distracted with a different thread.. its like a magpie with .. ooohhh shiny!
Right. Next brilliant idea ..... (btw you haven't got any work to do have you?!).

H L Fulfilment are the parcel people who collect from Exante. Their number is 01202 820174.

Could be worth checking if they've collected any parcels in the last couple of days.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
let me know how it goes xx i will still pop them into the post so no worries, unless you tell me otherwise
I got through to interlink express who told me without a consignment number they can't do a search for data protection reasons :(

I doubt they will be able to say much for the same reasons I imagine.
Much appreciated short and dumpy :) you've been so kind x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
no ssssusshh its a secret.. i'm all mean really ;)
Sorry only just seen this. I ordered yesterday and my order came today. I got an e mail yesterday from Exante saying my order had been received, I got another e mail yesterday from HL fulfillment confirming that the order would be received today. Then I got an e mail this morning at 7.58 confirming the time it would be delivered.

I hope you get somewhere soon and that this gives you hope that there is nothing amiss with the company.
S x


Guess who's back...?
Don't want to sound like I'm trying to make you look stoopid, but are you totally sure your order went through? Internet didn't crash etc? You got a receipt through on email? Etc.

I've done this before; kicking off that something hasn't arrived only to discover my order was never verified!

Still doesn't answer the question of no one picking up the phone though huh :(

Thinking of you x

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