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My husbands left me :(


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Afternoon Hun,how are u doing today.U r going through such a hard emotional time but u r taking control which is so important.
In one of your posts you mentioned that ur finances were a bit low if u cant arrange for regular financial help from your husband maybe the sloicitor can advise u if you can claim some benefits to tide you over and how to go about it.
Remember we are all hear for you.
Take care and hope your cold not 2 bad tomorrow.
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You are doing the best thing by seeing a solicitor asap. They can arrange legal aid for you, you do have to pay it back eventually but it helps while things are being sorted out.

You are in the strong position as you have the children and they do need stability and as little change as possible.

All will seem like a dream to you at the moment very surreal but as time goes by you will get stronger and stronger.

You will be amazed how many people will be there for you, it wasn't until this happened to me that I found out quite a few mums at the school were in the same boat.

The teachers do need to know as sometimes children hide their feelings from their mums as they do not want to upset them when they are already upset. This then is off loaded in the playground or classroom so they will find support there.

Post on here often as amongst us I am sure many have experienced similar situations and can help you through.



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I am going through a very similar thing right now, so can totally understand how you are feeling. Its hard but, hopefully one day we will get there. :eek:


Im sorry i havent posted before now I dont get on at weekends(working)
Im so sorry for what your going through.I left my Ex-Husband 4 years ago I was with him 16 years and he was an alcholic but it was still very hard for me......we had 2 kids together.We stayed in the house living seperate lives for 10 weeks until the house sold it was terrible as he was a nutter at the time and I was advised by my solicitor not to move out as I could lose it all.
Be strong and it could help to go to relate as they help you through the hard/bleak times,I didnt get any help at the time but I wish I had.
Sorry if Ive repeated any advice anyone else has given
My thoughts are with you.


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Hi 5STL,

Everyone has given such wonderful advice and heart felt support and I would just like to add that I am thinking of you and hope everything will work out well.

Someone has already said that the best revenge is being slim and fantastic come Christmas!

You have done so well on your diet try if you can not to let what you have achieved go...remember you are worth it.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi 5STL,:)

I've just read the thread after being away for a few days and wanted to add my total support for you and your children at this crappy time. I can relate to everything you have said, and like many of us on here, can understand some of what you must be feeling.

Keep posting and just dump it all on us darling. We'll all do our very best to try and prop you up through this and keep a smile on your face. I know I couldn't have got through some of my hardest times without the back up from all these amazing people on here and on DH at the time.

lots of love and best wishes to you,



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Hi everyone, I have been to the solistors and sorted alot of things out, I'm not going to go into it on here as my sister said that one day when she popped round to mine when I wasnt in, he was looking at all the websites I had been on :eek: Anyway thats just say I happy and I'm staying put in the house!:)

As for money They said I may have to claim benefits for a while, so I have appointment with them on friday.

Not sure if I qualify for benefits but theres no way I can afford the diet this week :eek: I have spoke to my CDC and shes been great but at the end of the day she cant give things away for free, I might ask me mum :eek: to help me!! Shes really supportive of my diet and wants me to continue and she said she will help anyway she can, not sure if that ment help me pay for it :rolleyes: Anyway I will continue some how!
BIG Thanks for yours posts and messages, your all very lovelY!


Minimins gal x
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Morning hun,how r u feeling today,hope ur cold is getting a bit better now.
Well done on sorting out things at the solicitors that is def a posisitve thing to do.
If your husband refuses to give u ay financial help and u dont have access to any of his finances then i dont see why you should not be entitled to benefits.
Maybe you could ring up the local Citizens advice bureau and they would be able to most advise you on what u r entitled to benefits wise.

You may not realise this at this time but u r a strong lady to have gone through all this emotional stress and still doing cd,that is an achievement big time so be proud of yourself.

Just remember hun we are all here to support u.
Was just thinking about what u were saying about him looking at the sites u go on,could u not log of Minimins each time ,then for him to come n here and read your posts he would have to know your password,which u could easily change if he knows it or could guess it.

Take care hun,hope u have a good day xxxx


Got a life thank you!
Hi 5S2L

I have only just read this and really can't add much to what has already been said, other than I hope the transition isn't too traumatic and that you can look back on this with relief in the not too distant future.


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Yes, hun - be careful what you say on here unless you can be absolutely sure that he can't read what you're posting. I've had my fingers burned with that malarkey!

Well done on getting to see the solicitor - that's really positive and practical and the sooner things are sorted, the sooner you can get on with your life.

Good for you!!!